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October 7, 2011

Follow the Money trail

Look at Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s  political and economic management skills, for when we hear for decades of vast political, economic corruptions in many provinces, cities going on for decades like the previous Liberal giving out taxpayers money on infrastructure projects that lacked adequate accountability and they even lack falsely project managements divisions.

We also know how the various local conferences such as the G8 were mismanaged , had a high costly expenditures wasting millions of dollars, the RCMP itself now is not known to be cost effective for fully honest.

OTTAWA – Parliament was “poorly informed” about the funding of the G8 and G20 summits last summer, and proper controls were missing from a $50-million legacy fund that showered money on Treasury Board President Tony Clement’s riding, according to the auditor general.A report tabled in Parliament Thursday revealed there is no paper trail documenting how the 32 projects were chosen to receive money from the Legacy Fund, which itself was buried in an $83-million request to Parliament for funds to reduce congestion at the Canada-U.S. Border, some 300 km away.The report also confirmed the G8 and G20 summits only cost $664 million, not the $1.1 billion originally budgeted, because the government departments overestimated what they would need. Opposition parties accused the government Thursday of secretly shuffling money to a profligate pork-barrel fund to secure Clement’s re-election.  Conservatives as bad as the bad Liberals

Peter MacKay, then foreign minister, approved a $16,800 hospitality bill on March 2, 2007, to buy lunches for 400 Passport Canada employees doing weekend shifts. .

Defence Minister Peter MacKay outranks almost all his cabinet colleagues when it comes to using federal government executive jets, racking up more than $2.9-million in flights on the Challenger planes in the past four years.In 2008, Mr. MacKay ranked second only to Maxime Bernier, former foreign affairs minister, in terms of hours flown by government jets dispatched to fly him.

Follow the Money trail.. One of the oldest rule of journalism and why is that? Well according to Jesus himself now the love of money is the root of all evil.. and so it seems many of the politicians have entered into politics not to serve the good citizens but rather to try to get rich..

Now it also is clearly not just the politicians who are guilty of abusing the taxpayers money as we can can readily know by even the more recent revelations of corruptions related to the awarding of Montreal, Quebec city hall contracts.. and likley in many other places..

Jacques Duchesneau’s anti-collusion squad report concludes that “a large number of Quebec companies in the construction domain have links with organized crime.” The report says that while drug trafficking is the main source of income for organized crime in Quebec, construction, where there are many cash transactions, offers a channel to launder drug profits.

A public inquiry into corruption, collusion and mafia infiltration in the Quebec construction industry would serve as a powerful deterrent to criminal activity, says Jacques Duchesneau, the head of the Transport Ministry’s anti-collusion unit.

None of the abuse of the taxpayers money is ever acceptable and any major abuse should not be only grounds for one’s dismisal from one’s job but it should also be a criminal, jailing offence always too….


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