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September 12, 2008

>> Killing babies (abortion) is a horrific sin that must stop. 

This is a very impressive speech by Sarah Palin to all Americans and thus it really show why it is no surprise now that the Democrats they to falsely abuse her, bash her now.

Sarah Palin and the Deborah Anointing

After 49 million abortions since 1973, America needs a bold, Holy Ghost-filled woman to model pro-life values in the White House.

>> Killing babies (abortion) is a horrific sin that must stop.

whenever I read such one sided, pretentious hypocritical statements being made by any professing Christian now I am clearly reminded that often the very same persons wrongfully tend not to object or preach against marital divorce that God equally hates… 30 percent of professing evangelicals practice divorce, adultery.. thus such real unacceptable hypocrisy here too.  


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