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December 19, 2008

Suspend Him

Clearly useless  Stephen Harper should step down as prime minister of Canada especially if he cannot  reach an accord with other federal leaders,  The Canadian economy lost a much greater than feared 71,000 jobs in November, the worst monthly loss in more than a quarter century, and a taste of what’s to come .. “With today’s dismal employment reports, there is no doubt that the Canadian economy is in recession and the U.S. contraction is accelerating,” said BMO Capital Markets chief economist Sherry Cooper.  The news underscores the view that the recession that began a year ago is going to be “long and drawn out,” she said, noting that there were major upward revisions to previous months’ job losses as well.

Using the  time-honoured way of Canadian western conservative governments , they continue to declare war on the East and democracy in Canada. And instead of  keeping their past  promises to become the more decent parties, the Federal Tories and their bad leader clearly  now learned how to lie big, how to slander the others.. “They use the “big lie” technique: make the distortion big enough and inevitably some of it will stick.” lies like the  Liberals, the NDP and the evil Coalition have become the villains.” The socialist, Left, separatist menace now immediately has miraculously re-appeared in Canada . Where any,  all of the ”  “Communist” and “socialist” have been the standard fare of political vilification on this continent for more than 50 years. They now have acquired an aura of instant evil. It’s socialistic. End argument” .The word “socialist” is misconstrued by the Tories and  takes on a new negative meaning… a meaning equivalent to being a communist.. But irrationally and Hypocritical the Tories seem Cleary not to mind providing social welfare to big business still, the Banks, the Corporations, telecommunication firms, and automotive makers,themselves The Liberals and the others have become the socialists, the nation-wreckers for getting into bed with the separatists,  in spite of the Conservatives doing much the same only a short time ago. After all, we all had elected a Conservative government, didn’t we? The fact that the Conservatives only  got a second-in-a-row minority win and that more than 60 per cent of the Canadians had voted against them has somehow become next a convincing Conservative win. We are also being told we were going to have a coalition government of socialists and separatists, which we all had specifically voted against? Such big lies still show to us all what the Conservatives wrongfully  are really like still too.  
“Stephen Harper used bullying tactics and it did not work. Harper seems to have believed that he could have his way because the opposition parties would be too afraid to risk another election. He did not anticipate that he could lose, nor that this could be accomplished without an election. So he turned around and played the victim, as if the naughty opposition parties had ganged up on him. Things went over the edge when he provided a covert recording of an NDP conference call. This is just a step away from Watergate, and will earn him no respect back home. Harper was the aggressor. Canadians may not want another election, but they are not blind to the person responsible for causing this situation in the first place. ”  ”  In November 71,000 Canadians lost their jobs. For those families, their economic heart has stopped. Rather than do anything to prevent fatal economic heart-attacks, Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s team was busy wiretapping his opposition. He suspended Parliament to avoid Parliament. The Prime Minister’s economic plan was to, “invest in the stock market.”    ”

 And some dumb people want to associate the Tory  leader and the Tories as a supposedly Christian evangelical person? They are really the fools rather. They are not fooling the rest of the wise persons, and  the greatest   great ray of sunshine in the past weeks of real political upheaval is that at last, Canadians are getting to see what sort of a Prime Minister we really have.” A bully, pervert, a liar and a fool for a start.

“The Governor General Appeased Harper – Now She Must Suspend Him 
Date Posted: 12/18/08

Under Article V of the Letters Patent of the Governor General, she has the powers to “upon sufficient cause to him appearing, to remove from his office, or to suspend from the exercise of the same.” There is sufficient cause to remove and suspend Stephen Harper. Under Article VI of the Letters Patent of the Governor General, there is a provision not only to dissolve, and prorogue Parliament but also summon. The time has come to remove and suspend Harper, and to Summon Parliament.

Governor General Michaelle Jean erred in permitting the dissolution of parliament when outstanding unresolved accusations against Harper existed. Prior to the calling of the 2008 election, the Conservative Party, under Stephen Harper, was being investigated by the Parliamentary Committee on Ethics, Access to Information and Privacy, for violation of the Elections Act, in the 2006 election.

The Chief Electoral Officer appeared before the Committee and stated that the practice, which was described as an “in-and out” funding scheme, was in violation of the Elections Act. During the 2006 Election, the Conservatives appeared to be exceeding the spending limit at the Federal level.

To circumvent this Federal limit, the Conservative administration transferred funds into 65 ridings where it was anticipated that the candidate would not arrive at the allotted riding spending limit. These funds were recorded in the candidates’ income, returned to the Federal party to be spent at the national level, but the expenses were recorded not at the national level, but as a local expense which was contrary to the Election Act.

It was the assigning of national expenses at the Federal level at the riding level that was in violation of the Act. When the Parliamentary Committee was investigating this practice, the candidates were going to be required to appear before the Parliamentary Committee. The Conservative Party administration, under the guidance of Stephen Harper, indicated to the candidates in 65 ridings that they did not have to appear before the Committee. When 27 subpoenas were issued, only three appeared before the Committee.

While the Committee was attempting to fully address the inquiry, Stephen Harper stepped down and asked the Governor General to dissolve Parliament and call and election, which she did.

An election should never have been called while there was still an investigation into fraudulent practices in the previous election.

As a result of the election being called, the Parliamentary Committee was dissolved. The Governor General erred at this time.

The governor general erred in proroging parliament. Through permitting the prorogation of Parliament, set a dangerous precedent in allowing a Prime Minister when facing an imminent non-confidence vote, to be permitted to evade a vote that was destined to pass. She also failed to acknowledge that there was a credible coalition of opposition parties, representing over 60% of the Electorate that was willing to govern.

There is sufficent cause to remove and suspend Stephen Harper. Under Article V of the Letters Patent of the Governor General, there is the following provision:

  • And We do further authorize and empower Our Governor General, so far as We lawfully may, upon sufficient cause to him appearing, to remove from his office, or to suspend from the exercise of the same, any person exercising any office within Canada, under or by virtue of any Commission or Warrant granted, or which may be granted, by Us in Our name or under Our authority.

There has been “sufficient cause” to remove Stephen Harper from office and suspend him from exercising his powers. Apart from the outstanding accusations of fraudulent election funding practices, there have been numerous cases where Stephen Harper, by failing to acknowledge the will of the majority of members of Parliament, has almost irreversibly damage Canada’s international reputation related to human rights, and the environment.


Hey I admit it I hate crooks, the bad guys

– I dislike the bad cops and Bad RCMP in Canada
– I dislke all bad Professionals, bad civil and public servants and their too often poor managers now too
– I really dislike Bad Politicians, especialy ex PM Paul Martin, Stephen Harper
– I dislke rightfully bad Pastors, and all alcoholics now too
– I have always disliked bad, crooked computer dealers too..
– I really also dislke Bell Canada rightfully as well and the CRTC..

The first biggest unacceptable bad culprits still who need to be fired ASAP are those rather toothless, pretentious, federal and provincial consumer Ministers and their mostly bad subordinates. Healthy Competition was supposedly a good way to decreases the prices and increase the services, but instead we get price fixings, unfair and restrictive trade practices.. which still all reminds me of the bad immoral Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper trying to murder all of the opposition out of existence too.. for he himself is no better as a leader, example of ethics, morality too.

PS: A little over three weeks ago, federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty stood up in the House of Commons and predicted a budget surplus, albeit a small one, for the next two years.  He announced no significant spending measures to stimulate the failing economy; in fact, he said his government would reduce expenditures by $4.3 billion with “effective management of government spending.”  He has now moved so far off these positions that his credibility is subject to serious challenge.  There was going to be no major financial stimulus. That will now apparently reach into the area of $15 billion-$25 billion.  Flaherty has worn out his welcome.


December 17, 2008

the mostly big liars, the Conservative leaders and supporters,

The Immoral persons, the liars, clearly the  western Conservative voters, supporters  now falsely accusing the ‘eastern elites’ of ‘stealing their vote’ by threatening to topple Mr. Harper’s government, not only truly show who they are but they also still do lie by  falsely even  suggesting  that only Conservative votes count, which clearly always isn’t the case in a clear minority parliament.

It is abundantly clearly that the ostrich federal Conservatives supporters, which seems to mainly come from a minority part of Canada, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba too, they too clearly   like their leaders are themselves now also big liars, even when they falsely lie and charge that there is a false attempt at subversion of their democratically elected conservative government and leaders. Firstly all Canadians clearly have elected solely minority parliaments in the last three elections because there is no majority consensus in the country around a particular political program, agenda, party. FOR THEY ALL FALSELY SEEM TO BE SELF SERVING CLEARLY TOO AND NOT SERVING THE  CITIZENS GOOD WELFARE .

Also all Canadians never do now do not elect directly any prime minister as well. All Canadians vote solely for a local representative in Parliament; and it is still  only the voters in a Calgary riding  who even do see our present prime minister Stephen Harper’s name on a ballot. The Governor-General, as the Queen’s representative in Canada, next invites the leader of the party with the most representatives elected to form a government. If that party does not hold the majority of seats in Parliament, it must still earn the confidence of at least enough other majority forming parliamentarians to allow any house bills to pass in House of Commons. At any point where the main government cannot do this, then parliamentary business cannot be done. The Governor-General, who is obliged to make sure Parliament does work, so it also may ask another party or group of parties to form the government, or dissolve Parliament and an election is held. In a case where Canadians have only recently elected a Parliament, it is next this very reasonable for the GG to offer the opportunity to govern to another party which can demonstrate the confidence of a majority of parliamentarians. Even if the Conservatives do not like to admit this truth or like this act.

Secondly the lying Conservatives wrongfully it seems still do not want to face the negative realties, they do not want to admit it was clearly the undeniable  immoral acts of their own proud, unrepentant,  lying still  still Conservative leader Stephen Harper that caused the big,  main  problem  now too of a coalition government proposition. alternative.

Healthy opposition parties are absolutely essential to democracy. Whether or not they are effective in opposition should not depend on whether they can fundraise from private interests, a prospect which is much more difficult for opposition parties than the governing party for obvious reasons,” the governing party’s influence peddling and patronistic hiring included.

Also the same lying no good Conservatives clearly do  lie about another important issue that  of the public financing of political parties which as been legitimately and democratically  necessitated because of the past undeniable  tarnished image of all of the  past political parties,  the result of a long tradition,  of the political parties being unduly influenced by private financing and patronage the lying Conservatives now have characterized this falsely as private vested interests illegitimately dipping into the public purse. Which was not the case.

All as simple as that too.

December 16, 2008

But first..

We are still getting the  free all talk, just cheap  talk, but  no real, concrete, positive actions on the matter.
We all do hear warnings, we see signs of the impending doom, recession, falling economy….  but first our watchdogs, our taxpayer’s paid federal and provincial ministers, politicians, civil and public servants in Canada, will all first wait for a long time  to do something good about it, and  they will also go for their Christmas holidays first too, even while many people will be laid off before Christmas..

It is time we first all  started to lay off our bad politicians, civil and public servants. Especially all of their partronistic hiring..


OTTAWA – An occasional look at the Dec. 4 proroguing of Parliament, by the numbers:Number of days until Parliament resumes: 40

Number of days the 40th Parliament of Canada sat: 12

Canadian jobs lost in November 2008, according Statistics Canada: 70,600

Number of months since 1982 where job losses in Canada were worse: 0

Number of jobs at stake if Canada’s auto sector allowed to die, according to Ontario Economic Development Minister Michael Bryant: 580,000

Lowest possible federal funds rate after the U.S. Federal Reserve decision Dec. 16 to introduce a “range” rather than a fixed percentage: 0

Number of times in history the rate has been that low: 0

Number of senators Prime Minister Stephen Harper plans to appoint before Christmas: 18

Close of the S&P/TSX composite index Nov. 18, the first day of the 40th Parliament: 8,835.73

Close of the TSX Dec. 4, the day Parliament was prorogued: 8,057.82

Percentage decline: 8.8 per cent

Salary earned by Members of Parliament between Dec. 4 and Jan. 26: $22,114.90

Salary earned during the same period by Prime Minister Stephen Harper: $44,229.80

Salary earned during the same period by Opposition Leader Stephane Dion: $32,702.45

December 12, 2008

Canada’s ex PM Jean Chretien, Paul Martin Found Guilty

Canadian Press  OTTAWA – The Supreme Court of Canada says the federal government broke the law in financing the employment insurance system by transforming premiums paid by workers and employers into an unconstitutional tax.  In a 7-0 judgment, the court ruled Thursday the former Liberal governments of Jean Chretien and Paul Martin collected EI contributions illegally in 2002, 2003 and 2005.  In those years, EI rates were set directly by cabinet without proper authorization from Parliament, violating the ancient constitutional principle of no taxation without representation.  However, the court said Ottawa legitimately collected premiums in all other years since 1996 and rejected claims by organized labour that the Liberals deliberately ran up massive surpluses in the EI fund, then diverted the money to balance the federal budget and fund other initiatives.  The Confederation des Syndicats Nationaux, one of Quebec’s leading labour organizations, had demanded that $54 billion in allegedly diverted premiums be returned to the EI system and used to fund future benefits to jobless workers.  The court issued no order for repayment and suspended the effect of its judgment for one year in order to give the federal government time to sort out the legislative tangle.

Critics have long maintained the strategy of Jean Chretien and Paul Martin  amounted to balancing the federal books on the backs of the unemployed.  The Liberals brought in legislation in 1996 that tightened eligibility rules for EI benefits but simultaneously opened the door to new training, education, placement and other programs.  Critics say the government then went on to set the premiums charged to workers and employers at higher rates than were necessary to fund the reduced benefits and new programs.  The result was a ballooning surplus in the EI fund – a revenue windfall critics said could be used first to balance the budget and later to support other Liberal initiatives that had no connection to EI. 


December 11, 2008

It is still Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper who is undemocratic


The Coalition had really rightfully unnerved, scared Conservative Stephen Harper and he has not been the same since, he is been running scared, doing things in desperation.. Harper he is not the leader of a democratic elected party cause he did not get 51 percent of the seats firstly.. he is a bully, dictator appointed by a bad  Governor General.
Incompetent, pretentious Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper maintains that his minority governments right to CONTINUE existence is about the fundamental principle of democracy.. the liar has forgotten wrongfully the citizens rights to accountability, specially how the prime Minister Stephen Harper has been wasting, basing the taxpayer’s money on his unholy wars against the opposition parties, and now our parliament has been  become ineffective and falsely shut down even by the PM Stephen Harper as a direct result too.. in a real democracy he would have been fired, removed from office immediately too… and his bad party removed forever too.

(Est 7:10 KJV)  So they hanged Haman on the gallows that he had prepared for Mordecai. Then was the king’s wrath pacified.

” The tale of our prime minister, the cowardly bully.   The bully elbows another kid in the head, but instead of taking the abuse, the kid fights back. The scrap is stopped by the teacher. The bully lies, saying it’s the other kid’s fault. The teacher ducks responsibility and reprimands them both. The bully wins and the good kid learns that it’s easier to take abuse than to stand up for what is right. In the recent government crisis, Stephen Harper threw the first elbow and the Liberals, NDP and Bloc Québécois stood up and fought back. Harper started it and he deserves to be punished. Zero tolerance for bullies in my Canada.
Fact No. 1: Harper’s Conservatives failed to win a majority mandate.
Fact No. 2: The opposition, duly elected by Canadians, are in the majority.
Fact No. 3: In order for a minority government to do the country’s business and pass legislation, they must co-operate with the majority opposition.
Fact No. 4: If the minority government fails to co-operate and is defeated, we have an election or the Governor General asks the opposition to form a government.
This is the no-spin reality. The Conservatives are duty bound to govern this country in co-operation with the opposition. Instead of upholding this solemn trust, Harper dared the opposition to force another election by introducing right-wing measures that would undermine them — and the country. He proposed to eliminate subsidy support for political parties and the right to strike for public-sector workers.  Worst of all, in a worldwide crisis, he failed to introduce economic stimulus that the G20 are insisting on. A majority of Canadian voters — 62 per cent — voted for the opposition. The opposition are the majority. If you were in their position, what would you do? Would you bow down to a proposal that would weaken party democracy, worker’s rights, and the entire economy? Would you throw the country into another indecisive, expensive election? Or would you be brave, throw partisan divisions aside, and co-operate with other opposition members to band together and get the work done? Here’s the scene. The cowardly bully not only blocks the path, he demands that three students humiliate themselves by eating their homework — while the whole school watches.  To everyone’s surprise, the three band together and threaten to take him down. The bully, true to his cowardly nature, runs home to his mama (the Governor General) and begs to stay home. He then continues his abusive reign by spreading lies about that awful “gang of three.” We do not tolerate this in schools and we cannot tolerate it from the prime minister of Canada. My research indicates that Harper is a self-righteous, untrusting loner who demands control and obedience by manipulation, force — and screaming profanity.. “the prime minister rules by fear.”  This is abuse. It is abuse in a marriage, in the workplace, or in the schoolyard.  Harper is the tyrannical father of the Canadian national family and we are the victims. We must snap out of our denial and stop enabling this bully.  As in all abusive families, the future of our children is at stake.”

Canadians have twice voted to award Stephen Harper a minority government. It is clearly still Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper himself who is undemocratic when he tries to run his government as a majority government, when he is an minority government and when he lies. Opposition,  Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff pointed to Harper’s decision to abruptly shut down Parliament against the will of its members. “I don’t take lessons in legitimacy from Stephen Harper,” Ignatieff said . “I don’t take lessons in legitimacy from someone who lost the confidence of the House and seems to misunderstand the co-operation that minority Parliament requires.”  Harper should refrain from attacking opponents that he needs to work with in order to remain in power.  Harper is wrongfully gambling that Canadians are not ready for an unstable coalition government or another election. So his budget has to pass his way.  The Prime Minister’s   hilarious suggestion that “I’m not there to play political games” is more indication of what a big liar he still is.  

Opposition,  Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff     rightfully  warned Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper  that the Conservatives will be defeated if the Prime Minister doesn’t shelve partisan attacks or if he fails to compromise on the budget. Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff  also had said he’d be willing to meet with the Prime Minister. “I made it clear I don’t want to get into secret negotiations or backdoor deals,” Mr. Ignatieff said. “I’m there to listen to the Prime Minister because he’s the Prime Minister of Canada. And then we’ll decide what we have to do from there.” Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff   maintained that the coalition option is still viable while also criticizing the Prime Minister for raising national tensions in a fall economic statement that, among other things, proposed to remove voter subsidies from political parties. “I am prepared to vote non-confidence in this government. And I am prepared to enter into a coalition government with our partners if that is what the Governor-General asks me to do,” Mr. Ignatieff said.  “But I also made it clear to the caucus this morning that no party can have the confidence of the country if it decides to vote now against a budget it hasn’t even read.” Mr. Ignatieff told his caucus he was committed to the coalition but also wanted to make sure that Liberals take care of Canadians’ concerns about their jobs.  Mr. Ignatieff took a standoffish approach to meeting Mr. Harper, first suggesting he has no plans to negotiate with the Prime Minister, but ultimately leaving the door open. “I think that after having lost the confidence of the House, after having triggered a national crisis, after having raised tensions between groups in Canada, it’s not up to me to reach out a hand. It’s more up to the Prime Minister,” he said.  “But I want to add something: I’m a responsible elected official, and I want to do the best for my country. I will do all that I can to get my country out of this crisis.” He also called the Prime Minister’s earlier actions “divisive, spiteful and unproductive.” Mr. Ignatieff warned Mr. Harper not to run a negative ad campaign, as the Tories did when Mr. Dion was elected party leader two years ago. “It would seem to me … a very, very serious mistake to engage in partisan attacks against a party leader at this moment. I hope I make myself clear,” he said.  “We’re in the middle of a parliamentary crisis. It’s not conducive to engage in partisan political attacks against me or any other member of the House of Commons. Look where it’s got him.” Mr. Ignatieff said he believes the recent crisis, and the Prime Minister’s strong attack on the Bloc Québécois may have opened the door for the Liberals in Quebec.   “I am convinced that after last week, we have become the credible federalist option in Quebec. Mr. Harper has lost a lot of credibility with Quebec voters in recent weeks, and recent months,” he said.

Newly appointed interim Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff said he had a “short” and “businesslike” conversation with Stephen Harper on Wednesday night, adding he would be willing to meet with the prime minister ahead of next month’s federal budget being tabled. “I’ve made it clear to the caucus and to the country that if Mr. Harper has put us in this situation, he’s lost the confidence of the House of Commons, and it’s up to him to find a way to regain that confidence, and we’ve seen no evidence that he can or will,” Ignatieff said Ignatieff also said it is “essential” that the government “comes clean” with its budget estimates, so Canadians can understand the true picture of the country’s fiscal position in the wake of the global economic crisis.  “I don’t want to torque up the rhetoric here, but the prime minister, I think, has a problem with truthfulness,” he said.  “During the election campaign, he said, you know, no deficit. During the election campaign, he said no recession. Now we’ve got both a recession and a deficit. It’s time to level. It’s time to talk turkey together.” “I think it’s right for me to listen,” Ignatieff said.  “I think the Canadian people are sending us all a message that it’s time for us to listen. Mr. Harper didn’t listen to the opposition, he lost the confidence of the House of Commons, he’s unable to govern without the confidence of the House of Commons, so it’s time that he sat down.” However, he added, “I haven’t seen him do much listening so it will be interesting to see if he starts now.” The East and the left wants Mr. Harper out of office and rightly so. We know that he would have unleashed shock capitalism on Canada had the Canadian people been foolish enough to give him a majority. We all know that self motivated, greedy shock capitalism wants to beat up on the poor, the vulnerable, trade unionists, and academics.    The difference between left and right is that the left are more humane and more motivated by moral principle. Just because Left wing conspiracies fit with Harper and many of his supporters world view do not make them real. The right, Conservatives, Harper  have clearly  lost it and sound  ridiculous. They should really list to what they are trying to say to others, it would be an eye opener now for them as well. 

“I think what Canadians want us to do is to have a budget at the end of January that protects the most vulnerable in our society,” Ignatieff said.

Dreamer, loser Harper wants still to run to on his real platform:

– remove all opposition

– reinstate the death penalty

– abolish the CBC, all anti conservative news media

– end equalization

– sentence children as adults

– end bilingualism

– cut of funding to the poor people, seniors and only to support the rich..

Items that have already rightfully made Harper a clear despicable loser in the east, amongst the left too

On Thursday Prime Minister Stephen Harper convinced Governor- General Michaelle Jean that he could keep his job as prime minister by perouging Parliament until Jan. 26, 2009. On Friday the national news headlines screamed that 71,000 Canadians – three times the expected number – lost their jobs in November. Is there any wonder there is a growing chorus demanding Prime Minister Harper to step aside?  The PM and his Conservative cohorts then added to the uproar by chastising the Bloc Quebecois support for the Liberal-NDP coalition, claiming “Canadian governments don’t do business with separatists”. That distorted Conservative mantra was echoed by almost every Tory MP, wrongfully insulting millions of Quebecers who vote . Unrealistic Albertans are so out of touch with Quebecers who can out vote  the Albertans anytime they want too. Like it or not, the Bloc Quebecois message resonates with many Quebecers, who rejected the Liberals and Conservatives just six weeks ago. These elected MPs have every right to sit in the House of Commons and oppose the Conservatives. The PM never complained when the Bloc supported his government in previous votes; nor did Harper mind wooing the “separatist vote” as an opposition leader trying to wrestle power from Paul Martin’s Liberals. Harper’s missteps and hypocrisy do not deserve support. He should step down as Conservative leader and PM.

“The shift in valid political thinking has moved west just like the economy of the nation.  The Liberals in the Canada, East, Quebec, Ontario are a rump of hardened socialists,  leftists  and out of touch”? Rather in reality the Albertans have been  looking at their own navels too long time clearly need to look up and face the reality,that  they are and will always be   minority Canadians. Plus the western Conservatives they add slander to the equation by calling someone a ‘leftard’ or a conspiracists  as if that is adding credence to their point. By doing so they show to all  not personally truly Canadian, but rather still retards themselves. True Canadians have opinions, but they do also respect someone else’s rights, values, even if they are from Quebec, the east..  Conspiracy!!!   Useless Harper spent his first term falsely pointing fingers at the Libs for all the problems in government, and he’s still pointing fingers.  But when is this man going to be honest now and full accountiable, responsible for his own actions??? Majority of the Canadians want real, honest leadership right now. The economic situation is getting worse by the day in this state, and this is what the PM had to say.  Each one of the  Conservative buffoons should start by being responsible for their clear visible ignorance, stupidity, starting even with Harper. Harper has  been really irresponsible since Harper has been  in charge, and the bad things  are all  happening on his watch, he firstly should be dealing and cleaning up his own mess.  Period. Conservatives should ask themselves if Harper’s bully tactics and lack of cooperation with the opposition, who hold the majority of the seats, is really in the party’s best interest. Harper should resign and the Conservatives can start the new session, like the Liberals, with a new leader. Now what has Harper done to deserve our support? If the Conservative leader is so entrenched that he cannot put aside his ideological and personal differences to work for all Canadians, he does not deserve to be PM.

Get rid of those no good Conservatives again now, like you did with Brian Mulroney before.
Due to the fallen oil prices too the Bank of Canada already warns of possible mass home foreclosures if conditions worsen  The Bank of Canada is warning of severe economic turmoil, including the risk of many Canadians, Westerners  losing their homes, if the financial-market crisis worsens. It already happened in the mid 80’s in Alberta, when in major cities about 1/8 of the homes went into foreclosure, and Banks, Lenders even suffered heavily as a result.
 Reality today is that  besides cheap words, more likely broken promises, useless   Canada’s  pretentious Ostrich Conservative Finance Minister  Flaherty still presently offers no viable, real, effective solutions to help the thousands already laid off, and Canada’s present economic meltdown, the people also who will lose their homes due to foreclosures too.
Who will replace Stephen Harper? With a critical vote in January, whispers are turning to open conversation among Conservatives about who will replace Stephen Harper if the Prime Minister falls.


Here is a look at the proposed candidates.

Jim Prentice , A pretender, Showed clear indifference to citizens ,consumers, disliked by many for allowing internet capping

Stockwell Day, Another pretender, proven loser too,  Showed indifference to citizens ,consumers, unable to manage the bad RCMP

Peter MacKay, Another loser, even his girl friend dumped him, for the liberals too, seems to like to drink too much..

Tony Clement , Another imposter, pretender now too, has not done much visible good  lately while in office

James Moore , A definite loser who wrongfully thinks he is hot, abuses others like his bad Boss Harper

Mostly losers still are being proposed.. Now Get real!

Most of us can remember when the new Conservatives first ran for the federal government they had said elect us, because will will be different, we will be moral, honest, transparent, responsible, accountable,  we will not be like the other bad parties.. too bad it was really all mere words, mirrors and  smokescreens, lies.. because we seem to  find out the hard way these things never happened and the new Conservatives put plenty of  their Conservatives friends into good governmental jobs too, especially even in a time of recession. such big liars and hypocrites. Keep all of their names and fire the whole bunch.

Slew of patronage appointments made after economic statement  OTTAWA – The Harper government approved 25 appointments to federal pension tribunals and employment insurance boards a day after it tabled an economic statement that nearly led to its defeat in the House of Commons.  Government records show the appointments, all to agencies that are used as traditional patronage rewards for party faithful, went through cabinet on Friday, Nov. 28, as opposition outrage over the Conservative plan began building.  At least two of the appointments appear to have gone to known Conservatives – one to a party member who lost a Nova Scotia nomination for the October federal election and another to an Ottawa resident the NDP identifies as a well-known Conservative from New Brunswick.  A spokesman for Prime Minister Stephen Harper denies the government rushed the postings through because it feared it would be toppled in a confidence vote the Liberals had already threatened for the following Monday.  “These were not rushed in any way,” said Kory Teaneck, Harper’s director of communications.  Teaneck also rejected suggestions from opposition MPs that the round of appointments was a last-minute measure to ensure Conservatives who were in line for rewards received them before the government was ousted.  “We make appointments on the basis of merit,” said Teaneck. “Involvement in the Conservative party is clearly not a requirement for appointees, nor does it prevent one from being considered.”  One of the Canada Pension Plan tribunal posts appears to have gone to Gilles Robichaud of South Ohio, Nova Scotia, who lost the party’s election nomination for West Nova riding to a former Conservative finance minister for the province who went on to defeat Liberal Robert Thibault.  A New Democrat MP from New Brunswick, Yvon Godin, said another appointee, John Hazen of Ottawa, was a well-known Conservative in Bathurst, N.B.  Godin said there’s little doubt Harper rushed the appointments through because he feared his government was about to be toppled.  “It looks like it,” he said, adding the latest round of appointments contradicts Harper’s 2006 election campaign pledge to open up the government appointment system to scrutiny by MPs with more competitions for federal positions.  He compared it to Harper’s recent announcement he intends to quickly fill the 18 vacancies in the Senate with appointments, rather than waiting for passage of a law that would allow citizen plebiscites to guide his Senate nominations.  “They should post the jobs and allow the public to compete for them,” said Godin.

A Conservative loser is still a big loser!

December 8, 2008

Unacceptable Medical Care

1 : Our Canadian healthcare system is fraught with non managed  personnel waste as well.
I have many times for a decade and more have written that “Our healthcare system is fraught with non managed  personnel waste,”  That is because Doctors, Nurses, medical professionals, staff in Hospitals are still  not managed adequately. I can often see proof of this merely by visting a Hospital and counting the number of staff merely walking the floors repeatedly..
The other day at 2. pm in the afternoon I was visiting, the Pointe Claire Hospital, in Quebec, the  medical records office.. I there next could not help but notice plenty of internal offices, plenty of additional  tables and chairs but still I saw only one person there present , a janitor who was empting the waste paper baskets. When she saw me standing there she went to the first  office to talk to someone and next a young lady came out of it. At the same time four other persons came behind me also to the records office. Because the staff’s conversation with me it all was taking a long  time next one by one many young ladies, about 9 of them next left that same internal  office and excused themselves to the staff receptionist  from the office and they next left the records office.. the internal office gathering of young ladies was obviously TGIF party, a gathering going on in that office. Now I have often seen the same thing occur in provincial, federal, municipal   offices now too.. why is that?
Have you not also notice how often the Hospital’s cafeteria, coffee shops are mostly filled with staff during the day as well , and much more.
2:  For over 30 years, we’ve known of striking differences in the amount of care patients receive and resulting costs depending on where they live. Often, health care is still not based on the best/adequate  clinical, medical  evidence, medical tests and so it does not lead to the most cost-effective outcome. Many of the tests are pretentious, false charge card excuses. Why is that still acceptable?
3: We also may have the most expensive system in the world per capita, but we lag behind many developed countries on virtually every health statistic you can name. We’re doing a better job than most on reducing smoking rates, but our obesity epidemic is out of control, our death rate from prostate cancer is only slightly lower  and  our  heart attack patients did no better than Swedish patients, even though the we  got twice as many high-tech treatments
4:  The vast majority of medical problems in this country are still due to obesity, poor eating habits, unresolved negative stress,  lack of exercise, smoking and drug abuse, including alcohol. Until we address these, we’re just putting  only more expensive bandaids. Most experts seem to agree the health care inefficiency results from a healthcare industry that’s focused more on cure than prevention. It strives to treat heart and artery disease, doing little to discourage smoking, encourage healthful diets, exercise and blood pressure maintenance. Hypertension is out of control, is under appreciated by the public as a health problem and is under managed in the current medical system.  Of course this is true. Good health maintenance saves extraordinary amounts of money and reduces demand on limited healthcare resources. Just as reducing demand on oil lowers the price of oil, reducing demand for health care services would reduce the cost of health care. The whole idea should not be    to treat  cancer, diabtes and heart attacks, sickness  in the first place but help to  prevent it.
5: In reality  there now are still to many patients every day who are still seeing 5 specialists, are even on up to 12 daily medications and are next doing poorly because no one is directing their own adequate medical  care education, plan, and a dietician too. The emphasis on specialty care has become so great that too few medical students are pursuing careers in primary care to meet our needs. There already is a shortage of money allotted and a shortage of  primary care physicians medical personnel  in many communities and it next  will only get worse over time. Adequate Doctors are only a very small part of the solutions.
6: Clearly eliminate the health care fringes that the politicians, celebrities too often do get. They should stand in the same lines that we are going to be in. If they are treated as special, the rest of us will continue to suffer.
7: I too now do believe by cutting bureaucratic waste at every level, stopping provincial and insurance company greed and their bait and switch game, eliminating ineffective treatments and standardizing effective ones and instituting early preventative care for all, we can create a system we can all live with.
8: Drug producers are far more cancerous in their impact on the costly dysfunctions of the rapidly failing Medical Care system now in place. High cost for one often means high profit for another. Whose pockets are getting overly filled from those high prices? Many good doctors  will probably end up in pharmaceutical sales where the big money is. You need to reign in the overwhelming greed driving medical costs, fees. Stop letting them charge what they want. Make them accept fair payments
9: Positive Health care Change are required and the persons who fear change are doomed to join the ever increasing bankruptcy lines.
Why did the visits to the emergency  clinic visit double  in the last year? Or why does one pay  for for a 10 minute visit with a local doctor who too often doesn’t know anything about you and couldn’t care less? Gives you very little help?
Reality, more cops = fewer robbers. Medicare &  billing fraud are a huge drain on the precious resources. A relatively small investment in auditors/investigators would be a valuable Return On the Investments AND increase public/political faith in the system.
There still also appears to be no competitive connection between how much the government spends on patients, even  in different parts of the country and the actual quality of the care the patients receive. It turns out that servcie quality is all over the map, and it isn’t necessarily better in the places we might expect, such as academic medical centers or the main, large cities. A ongoing review of the actual medical care and related costs , actual effectives is always required.
Medical administrative costs are not only necessary but often really beneficial. For one example -Tracking the rate of heart attacks from drugs such as Avandia, or cough syrups for instance, are key to ensuring safe, better pharmaceuticals.
There still appears to be no connection between how much money spend on patients, or Medicine in different parts of the country and the quality  , the actual costs of the products  the patients receive next. Pharmacies, pharmaceutical firms are guilty too often still of price fixings even. You are no more likely to pay more for a beta blocker or aspirin in a big city over a small town , even though the purchased volumes are much greater. 
The Government almost always over pays for it’s often poor services still. Free health care is a basic human right. And so is the management of it, as well as Prosecution of the wasteful, fraudulent, guilty persons;
What we have in medical care are a bunch of parts that have been thrown together with no initial thought to the greater whole. It’s a a real unacceptable mess, to be sure.
All this is basically Why do  I still give a grade of “failure” to our too often lousy medical care system?
The Canadian Institute Health Information survey on hospital mortality rates, HSMR trends, released Friday, includes four years of results from across the country. The Director of Indicator and Performance Measurement, Dr. Indra Pulcins says the survey is a measure of the actual number of hospital deaths as compared to what should be the average figure. Dr. Pulcins says the province’s eastern regional health division is improving. The Eastern Health region has improved and is in line with the national average. Dr. Pulcins says that is not the case for the central and western areas. She says the central data for the last four years is steady but mortality is significantly higher than the average. And Dr. Pulcins says the trend is different in the western region. She says here, in the Western Health region, the mortality rate has gone up significantly higher over the last two year period. You can tell which province and provincial leaders only pretend they care about the good welfare of the citizens clearly now as a result too. I also had found it amazing that province of Saskatchewan had the lowest mortaility rate now too. 

December 6, 2008

The Laws still do need to be enforced in reality.



 Even Conservatives now clearly stands for immoral con artists! Stephen Harper especially.

“For the Conservatives, the most damage in the past week seems to have come from the province of Quebec, where a plurality believe Mr. Harper should resign as leader of the party and a majority blame the Conservatives more than anyone else for the parliamentary crisis.” Dumb Harper was foolish enough to attack the coalition government blame on  Quebecers and he is now continuing to pay the price for it.   He Harper cannot win without the support of  Quebec, east.. nor can the Liberals

”  Let’s be honest folks, if Harper the Coward could have gotten a handful of Bloc MPs to vote for his non-budget to keep his non-government alive, he would have welcomed them with open arms.  Whatever spin is available, that spin will be spun. Here we are perpetuating the debate like little puppets, when the real travesty is Harper the Coward’s incompetence and intransigence. ‘  

“The Cons have a minority and in Harper the Coward’s own words, a minority govt’s mandate is to work with the other parties, to consult with them, in order to ensure the confidence of Parliament. Harper the Coward’s minority non-budget has made a mockery of Canadian democracy and has betrayed Canadian voters in two ways:
1) It was purely partisan, self-interested, and opportunistic legislation that if anything was destructive of the Canadian consensus on which this country was built.
2) It was, for any other purpose, completely inadequate to address any of the domestic and global challenges Canada is currently facing. In other words, for any constructive purpose, it was useless.

Harper the Coward can hide back in his tar pit for a time. Cancel federal funding for political parties and you let the voice from the oil pit ($Alberta$) speak louder than all the others. In today’s media-dominated world, that is hardly democratic.”

  ”  Gen. Michaelle Jean has done the Canadian political left a great service by agreeing with Stephen Harper’s request to prorogue Parliament. The coalition is politically unworkable. Four days in and they are already having trouble putting forth a united front. The best thing for the Liberals is to choose a new leader (my choice would be Dominic LeBlanc) while Harper is forced to deal with a worsening economic situation. Because of the recent economic update and its poison pills, Harper is the sole reason why Canada has a political crisis overshadowing a dire economic situation. His original miscalculation (the Liberals, in the middle of a leadership campaign, would not be in a position to oppose him) has been magnified by having to plead with the GG to save his political skin. He has managed not only to unite the left, but royally annoy a great many of his caucus, party members and supporters for placing his government at risk. He has fatally blundered.” Kevin Powell, Calgary

30 percent of the persons are real crooks in Canada too, they do too often abuse others, cheat, lie , steal, likely commit tax evasions, are drug addicts, drunks.. and they do thus oppose the application of justice, law and order.. Now what about the other 70 percent who do not do this.. and they do want the laws applied fairly and justly do they get heard too? acted upon rather? The Laws still do need to be enforced in reality.

Open the barn door a little and next it tends to be wide open. Allow a politician like Harper wrongfully a little vice and he tends to dramatically escalate it as well.

Stephen Harper does a good job by putting the Liberals on the defense by being able to readily point out  the Liberal’s own main weakness and the Liberals in return are not as effective and why is that?

Now while Harper can see things in back and white, and he does see all Liberals as being bad, the Liberals themselves cannot see the Conservatives and their Conservative values in black and white, nor can they see see all conservatives as being bad. And being conservative by the definition of the word Conservative is very unlikely to change on his own, he tends to be conservative in his or her values, does not vary from them very easily is ironic but it is actually having liberal values that impede the Liberals significantly to deal effectively with Stephen Harper, being able to recognize what he is like and why too.. Actually a very bad Conservative will not behave very differently from a very bad Liberal and that is the first thing even a Liberal should understand, the difference between a clearly good and bad person. Any liberal Hypocrite is still as bad as a Conservative Hypocrite now too.

The people who work for the citizens firstly even in the governments, even persons now like Stephen Harper, the politicians, civil and public servants. especially also the bad cops too, bad pastors, bad lawyers, bad judges love to quote or to enforce the rules and regulations, the letter of the law upon others, for they themselves want others to play by the false one sided enforced rules but they timeless themselves often do not keep them.. such unacceptable hypocrisy rightfully neither God nor I do not go along with… but instead we demand their own rightful prosecutions too.

(1 Tim 5:20 KJV) “Them that sin rebuke before all, that others also may fear. 21 I charge thee before God, and the Lord Jesus Christ, and the elect angels, that thou observe these things without preferring one before another, doing nothing by partiality. 22 Lay hands suddenly on no man, neither be partaker of other men’s sins: keep thyself pure.” and that is what I do now too.

The Conservative Minister also who emphasizes and says he or she believes in a “democracy”, democratic government, also clearly does not even believe in the same thing I do, for apparently they do think that democracy means now they can now do whatever they wants without any personal restraints, inhibitions, consequences, good or bad things as well.. sounds also to me more like a Libertarian or Liberal in behavior now too.

In for an inch often means in for a mile.. the applies to habitual drunks, alcoholics and Drug addicts too who like the alcoholics start often unintentionally to be habitual with the basic drugs like marijuana firstly, still getting out of next using them is rarely easy, and often not possible even.. they all seem to tend to get really worse addicts.. I clearly have observed here also that there was in reality now, next no such thing as a little bit pregnant.. a little bit vice and it applied to the usage of alcohol, and drugs now as well.. and it includes next even their personal increase of theft, tax evasions, usage of pornography too, even among the social welfare recipients now too. Most alcoholics too next would not admit they are alcoholics.. but someone who cannot put the beer, alcoholic bottle down and his first priority was to double the number of liquor stores in Alberta by privatizing them too qualifies as an Alcoholic and his drinking buddy now as well.

and do note this becoming a scrooge, becoming a bully, a selfish self centered person, having a lack of consideration for the good welfare of others, escalates in the case of an alcoholic.

The WRONGFULLY STILL Unrepentant bully’s problem is that he or she is one of those bad persons who only feels truly alive when voicing hostility and contempt for his “enemies.” Without that, he or she starts gasping for air. It’s his nature.. self-destructive” .. clearly these immoral Bully, Basher of others, Abusers of others has a disappointed, deflated ego, negative self worth, most likely related to past unresolved guilt, as a result of that the bully, he or she, tries falsely to build their ego up by bashing, hating others, by being an antagonists against his proclaimed enemies, which too often also is most people , for he or she no longer trust anyone, and Abusers this is a common very typical approach, fact in the character build up of Bullies, Bashers, but their approach is futile, the subsequent feeling of self worth dissipates too quickly, are actually replaced by guilt, and his ego, self worth likely needs to be recharged with new hate.. and is replaced with more and larger hatred of the others. I have seen this type of wrong behavior not just in bad managers, bad politicians, bad persons, but in alcoholics, and most often in Albertan rednecks ,but also in religious fundamentals evangelicals who promote hated towards Pentecostal Christians as well, and now as well as the crooked pastor wrongfully fighting for control over others.

Public exposure and prosecution of these bad persons here too services everyone’s best interest.

Now no one really wants me to foolishly believe that Alcoholics and drugs addicts can be cured simply, merely by giving them any kind of probationary or warning notice.. what they do still think we are all that stupid now too? where have they been in the closet all of their life.. I had once talked to the president of a major alcoholic anonymous organization firsthand what was really so bad about booze and drugs to start of with.. he said to me that the biggest problem was that it cause permanent brain damage.. that next leaves the users useless to change..

Now I have myself lived about 18 months in one of the worst drug, drunk infested neighborhood.. and note this not one of them ever changed rather they all, all got worse next.. all…. and it was in a federal justice Minister’s ridding too. Like it or not the sin issue has to be dealt with, admitted.. it is still a real a sin against God and one’s body to get drunk, to take bad drugs… and unless you do personally admit that you will be hooked on the very same continual sin as your punishment even next too.. reality. So physical real punishment of a jail is what the other people do need and why a zero drug usage policy is the only thing that will really work now for all too as a real cure..

I have met, lived with alcoholics half of my life and almost none of them next had given up drinking.. none of them.. It is a fact that the people who turn a new leaf and give up drugs, alcohol firstly and do note this Mel Gibson included find religion now to do this they admit that they had sinned, were wrong in what they did, they admit their need for help, they ask God directly to help them. This effective Alcoholic anonymous or Teen Haven approach is the sole one that works. The rest of the alcoholic, drug addict people do need to spend real time. in jail.

In for an inch next often still means in for a mile.. I clearly have observed here also that there was in reality now, next no such thing as a little bit pregnant.. a little bit vice and it applied to the usage of alcohol, and drugs now as well.. and it includes next even their personal increase of theft, tax evasions, usage of pornography too, even among the social welfare recipients now too. All you have to do is wait to the pay day and you will see most of these same person predictably and actively drunk, taking drugs too. Because of the lax applications of the laws by the police to these supposed minor offenses these days clearly Marijuana and prescription drug abuse now have also dramatically and predictably too still increased over the usage of heroin, etc.

The main problem still also with these same persons who go to a supposedly good rehabilitation center is that the individuals in there as well too often do share how to get more ready access, alternatives for prescription drugs abuses now as well.. these programs tend to be never ending requiring continual tax payers funding as well because unless in reality religion plays the critical part in any drug rehabilitation program all other programs still tend to fail, sooner or later in reality. Not one person in my witness of about 18 months reduced their drugs, alcoholic consumption.. even of those who had attended the drug rehabilitation programs. So incorporating and having more liberal laws against the drugs users and alcoholics really does not do any one any good except insuring the continuation jobs of the doctors and the social workers, the bad persons to remain on social aid too, and not to seek effective treatment.

Some people do need to spend real jail time to change, cops included too.. Jail makes a person think.. at least for some of them.. and that is why many persons do find God in jail… having good reading material helps them to do this too there in jail.. thus many person there still do not too..


Sources predict early Dion departure OTTAWA – Federal Liberals say that Stéphane Dion’s leadership role could be coming to an early end as the party gears up for the next round of political conflict with Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government. Dion, who stayed on as interim chief after the Liberals suffered a disappointing loss in the October election, is under pressure from his caucus to rethink his current commitment to remain at the helm until a leadership convention to replace him is held in May. Liberals’ lack of confidence in Dion peaked this week when his videotaped statement on national television regarding the showdown in Parliament arrived late and appeared amateurish and unprofessional. In a closed-door Liberal caucus meeting on Thursday, MPs made their impatience with Dion’s performance as leader clear. “There’s a good possibility that he will step down early” as leader, said one well-placed Liberal insider. CTV News reported this afternoon that Dion would likely be resigning his position as interim chief before Christmas. But there was no immediate statement from Dion’s office on his future. Many Liberals have expressed concerns about going into another election with Dion heading the party if they join with the New Democrats and Bloc Quebecois to vote down the Jan. 27 federal budget and defeat the government. The question of leadership is a key question mark as the Liberals plot strategy in the wake of Gov.-Gen. Michaelle Jean’s decision to allow Harper to suspend Parliament rather than face a confidence vote on Monday that was virtually certain to bring down the minority Conservative government. Unless Harper’s Jan. 27 budget includes important concessions to the opposition parties, particularly a major economic stimulus package, the Liberal-New Democrat coalition (supported by the Bloc Quebecois) is committed to voting down the Harper Conservatives at that time. If that happened, Jean might ask the Liberal-NDP coalition to take power or dissolve Parliament for another election. This prospect has led some Liberals to look for ways to install a new leader – possibly an interim head such as former cabinet ministers John McCallum or Ralph Goodale – as soon as possible so the party does not wind up fighting another election under Dion.

My own real Canadian personal experiences has been that when politicians too are wrongfully hesitant to prosecute the crooks, they personally tend to be firstly protecting themselves, they are likely committing the same crimes, or their close friends, relatives now are.. sound familiar? and that is why they wrongfully hesitate to prosecute the others and this is still really unacceptable.. it next still makes me and many others take a closer look as to why the politicians now are hesitating to prosecute drunk drivers, drug users and pushers, bad cops , tax evaders, etc.,, and instead wrongfully firstly abuse the homeless, social welfare recipients, the poor persons, those most least able to speak out against it, to defend themselves

Some of the most immoral professionals I dealt with as an adult in my life in the last 35 years were pastors, lawyers and cops, accountants, politicians.. The police bar used to be be next door to the Calgary church that I went to for many years.. on Wednesday night the bar was full of drunken police officers.. how many drive home still drunk.. do we have a special police patrol outside of the police bars now too insure this law of no drunk driving now is being observed as well? By the way I am an abstainer. not that it matters. I never have touched the stuff..

Want to find out how really really crooked, abusive even many of the cops are do write a letter of complaints about the cops and they will visit you.. I only have had about 6 visits to my home so far from them in regard to my past letters of complaints to news editors, others, the police and others obstructing justice, and objecting to my letters and me next writing about their further unlawful use of their authority to try to suppress my freedom of speech firstly too. Never mind the pretentious police complaints board reviews. But I never accept their bad acts quietly next still.. I still let us all know the whole truth even on the radio, in public too. I rightfully do not accept even any the bad acts of bad cops as well.

The Laws need to be enforced in reality. Exemplary public exposure and prosecution of all of the guilty persons serves everyone’s best interest still now includes the so called Professionals now too., Exemplary public prosecution of all the guilty persons, be they terrorists, tax evaders, drug users, drug pushers, human rights abusers, drunk drivers, tax payers money abusers, even bad cabinet ministers too now, is still basic common sense and need in Canada too .. and so is the well known fact that the RCMP are poorly managed, very much cost ineffective, and too often incompetent,.. plus the well known he fact that all police complaints need to be dealt with by honest, external, fully independent, citizen based review boards.. and not by masturbating police biased groups. It is the well known he fact that all police complaints need rather still to be dealt with by honest, external, fully independent, citizen based review boards.. and not by masturbating police biased groups. One thing that has now rightfully upset me for about 25 years even was the too often crooked, self serving cops in Canada and in the US, including those immoral quota oriented cops, RCMP now too who give out revenue generating traffic by law enforcement tickets to hopefully get a reward, a pay raise, promotion, and are really not serving the good welfare of the public now too, and which is becoming more common of a perverse practice by too many municipalities across Canada and I rightfully also am not about to stop writing on this too but I have already now seen changes by provincial justice ministers across Canada in this area due to my past writing on this too.. but still not enough.

While the governments save money by not prosecuting the bad guys with their slap on the wrist programs they thus won’t cure anyone of anything.. but it is still the tax payers in one way or the other, through thefts, taxes, increase of insurance costs who end up paying for it all still mostly, an increasing costs now too.

Like I have said Impounding the cars, economic fines , compulsory rehabilitation programs too, and not just for drunks but for the bad drug users now too.. are all part of great start but so is real jail time which is still needed as well.. unless some people are faced with reality of losing their jobs they will really continue to drink.. now I have lived with Alcoholic and drug users neighbors even the last 10 years and none stopped drinking, they all become worse drunks.. and many of them do still drive while drunk too.. and none really stopped taking bad drugs too the police only catch a very small handful of them too.. such is reality.

The best solution also to the unrepentant alcoholics, drug addicts , and those persons stealing, tax payer’s money abuses even for those working in the governments, civil and public services is to fire them ASAP for experience shows that addicts, all persons value their jobs above all else, so this type punishment is effective. More drug injection centers and/or more gambling facilities, and/or more liquor stores is certainly not the right answer anywhere too .Exemplary prosecution of the guilty and public exposure would next seriously also reduce the unacceptable tax payer’s money wastage’s at the federal, provincial, municipal levels and is still much needed. In this case it also clearly means firing the bad person of Stephen Harper.

Dave the 45 year old social welfare recipient, alcoholic in Paul Martin’s own riding now too, 3 blocks from his riding office is the same persons who used to work at a Montreal Hotel serving alcoholic beverages, Martini’s to some of Canada’s most famous Politicians at the tax payer’s expenses ( who oftend did get drunk at lunch time – an ex Calgary Centre MP too) now too, before he ( Dave) got fired for being a drunk, but it really seems no one has really fired the too often drunken Canadian politicians or cops too now wrongfully still. What about you? Do you wrongfully tolerate them still at the tax payer’s expense.. or you merely lay them of and still give them a big too generous ( Liberal) severance pay

Unacceptable behaviors- The general citizens of Canada, the tax payers, do now still become really horrified when it is confirmed to them that while they are going to work, working hard, and are paying high taxes, up to 30 percent of their incomes, that meanwhile some of the really bad politicians and bad welfare recipients are getting drunk at the tax payer’s expense, some of them living high on the high hog now too, at the federal, provincial and the municipal levels still now too, and they are really also next disgusted, shocked also now to find out that the politicians do not do more about the drunk drivers, drunks in the civil and public services, politics, still too. They all tend to agree with me writing these letters to you as well. Such is reality.

There are good and bad politicians, but where are the good ones and what are they now also visibly really now doing about all of this too? They are cutting back on the programs, services available to the poor an needy persons, the good, decent citizens still instead?

Let’s all be clear about it I rightfully also do not put up quietly with any abuse, bullshit, lying , incompetent pretentious politicians, police, or justice ministers now as well, no where in Canada too. I have always automatically in the past it seems wrongfully assumed that the Prime Ministers, the Canadian federal Justice Ministers and the Solicitor Generals were the most honest, truthful, fair, exemplary Ministers themselves not rather themselves being cheat, liars, abusers, and associating with and being supported by immoral persons .

I still can clearly tell how lying, immoral the federal justice Ministers are directly by their mostly continual failure to acknowledge and to deal with my letter’s contents to them. For by now we all know I tend to be a moral person, opposing immorality especially where I have seen, witnessed it in the Queen’s courts, Crown corporations, civil and public services, RCMP included.

I really now have got tired, fed up with the too often mostly liars, bad guys we have in the Canadian politics and I try also to do something good about it now too. All it takes for evil to prosper is for the good people not to do anything about it.

Public exposure of the guilty persons, not the innocent, the complainer, serves everyone best now as well. The lying Governments still claiming they are here to serve the citizens good welfare but mostly serving themselves is still also really unacceptable.

We really do still need better justice Ministers, Social welfare and even better Consumer Protection Ministers in Canada.

And  it is also now very visible that many citizens also still do think that the Liberal governments too  are still some of the most immoral one themselves  and that is why they seem clearly wrongfully fail to adequately deal with all of these still unacceptable complaints, immoralities.


December 4, 2008

a very sick Canadian PM Stephen Harper! Power Hungry Bully, Basher

(Prov 22:1 KJV)  A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches, and loving favour rather than silver and gold. (Eccl 7:1 KJV)  A good name is better than precious ointment; and the day of death than the day of one’s birth.   
“Few people in Quebec expect any Conservative win, and when a Conservative representative came to my home door before the Federal  Election he was totally unprepared, unrealistically ignorant of the reality of how much his Conservative party was really disliked in Quebec, by many, seniors, and  Anglophones as well. Even I knew all that and so being dumbfounded I really wanted to know how Harper be so totally ignorant of that reality, missed out on all this as a supposed great leader too.. and what many other things  can he Harper still not actually see, realize  to be able to lead, govern effectively? and why?” Harper lost the election in my riding next..
Mr. Harper’s party got 37 per cent of the vote in the last election. The ‘coalition’ got 63 per cent of the vote in the last election.. he Harper does not act like it . He rather falsely wants us to believe he got 63 percent it seems. Not satisfied again with the minority government that Canadians gave him, Harper tried to orchestrate his own defeat in a self-serving attempt to take another shot at a majority. The move backfired, as the opposition parties united and threatened to form a coalition and overtake the government. “Harper and company only gained a temporary stay of execution now too, and there can be no question that Harper has suffered serious political damage. The prosecution’s  public exposure of his unacceptable sins are undeniably increasing still too.
30 percent of the people I meet daily in real life are the bad guys that jails exist for still too.. and they should be put in there often too. Now in Canada even  I am very used to   the much too many Bullies who  try to falsely dominate you, and these bullies go overboard in their reactions when you expose the truth about them and others  especially when their pet idols, or careers are threatened.  Me I am still rightfully actively resistant  to all of the  abusers, bullies, liars, even to the Church, GOVERNMENTAL, CORPORATE, POLICE  oppressions still too.     And  it has been very clear to me that the longer   Stephen Harper does take  to repent, the more his sins will be detailed in public by many persons now too.. “ 
The Prime Minister has no one to blame but himself for the crisis he finds himself in. The cowardly, immoral , dictatorial  Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, battling falsely  to stay in power, the Unrepentant “Stephen Harper’s problem is that he’s one of those people who only feels truly alive when voicing hostility and contempt for his “enemies.” Without that, he starts gasping for air. It’s his nature.. self-destructive .. “   clearly he Stephen Harper has a disappointed, deflated ego, self worth  that  he builds up by bashing, hating, by being an antagonists against  his proclaimed enemies, which often is most people too, for  he no longer trust anyone, this is a common very typical approach, fact in the character build up of Bullies, Bashers, but their approach is futile, the subsequent feeling of self worth dissipates too quickly, are actually replaced by guilt,  and his ego, self worth likely needs to be recharged with new hate.. and is replaced with more and larger hatred of the others. (  I have seen this TYPE OF BEHAVIOR IN ALCOHOLICS, and most often in Alberta, with their rednecks and in RELIGIOUS EVANGELICAL  fundamentals who promote hated towards Pentecostal Christians as well, as well as crooked pastors fighting for control over others)
The new Conservative party was elected cause they said they were going to be better than the other political parties, more honest, decent, etc, and in this regard they became the biggest liars themselves,  they next became the bullies, thugs, oppressors, promise breakers and much more, showing to us all that they were really wolves in sheep clothing,  their clearly apparent bad acts do  not deny who they really are still too… bad people.
You cannot hide for long what you really are, Stephen Harper and his thugs included..
Merely let is think back to the final days of the election campaign, when Prime Minister Stephen Harper declared that the government had already done what was needed, that Canada was better off than the United States and that deficit financing was out of the question. And after the lection the same government   uses words such as “recession,” and will run a deficit. Mr. Harper even warns about remembering the lessons of the Great Depression. How the  same liar sings a different tune before and after the election, but that has been so common of him. And  much more…
Law and order enforcement  starts firstly in the leaders own life. Exemplary Public exposure and prosecution of these real bad guys serves as a best deterrent to all too. Free speech and whistle blowers hell to make this happen too and bad guys wrongfully do not like this.. to bad for the bad guys.. and doing nothing about bad guys helps to makes it all worse.. so do something, write to the news editors, elected officials now too even if the bad guys do not like this. I am not only transparently honest, straight forward, and rightfully too,  but I rightfully do still judge any of our leaders. civil and public servants, PROFESSIONALS. managers, executives too  NOW  not only per their past words, promises, acts,  but also by a higher exemplary standard, BEHAVIOR now as well especially when they profess to be Christians, or rather as often in reality so called “Christian alcoholics”, or hypocrites .. which is rather an UNACCEPTABLE oxymoron.

 “Most of us seem to have a really bad habit of electing liars, electing the people who tell us what we want to hear, AND MANY OF THEM ARE LIARS WHO TELL US WHAT THEY THINK WE WANT TO HEAR SO THEY CAN BE ELECTED.” and any limits on the ability of women to sue for pay equity is a moral absurdity when the cost of living for a women is the same as for a man now too. 

I have written many times, even before the last election that we will continue to have problems with our leaders if we continue to elect liars, and alcoholics. Would you allow a known alcoholic, liar medical surgeon to operate on you if you were seriously ill? Generally certainly not! So why would you then hire  a lying alcoholic for any governmental position? Stephen Harper is a definite unrepentant, undeniable  liar, for now already we have seen the unrepentant liar lie to keep his job even again recently. He has lied, distorted the facts about the Bloq Quebecois as being next a main part of the  proposed coalition government. He has lied that the coalition replacement of him was an undemocratic action now as well when it is clearly legitimate. He has mislead us by saying he has the sole elected mandate to rule when that is not the case as well in a minority government. He Harper has long been rightfully accused of hidden agendas, and even recently has  lied about what his election mandate was, it certainly was not a right to kill  all of the opposition parties, all of  liberals, Socialists, Communists, or whatever  and  his election mandate now it clearly is  not a right for him to do what he wants, to do his own thing.  He has now lied about so many other things too. Now I again ask why do we elect and support liars? when nothing good next can really come from a liar still too.
Beware always of men and women, bullies, tormentors, control freaks,  persons, civil and public servants,  politicians, pastors, leaders, elders, who falsely do, will try to enslave you, oppress you, exploit you even while they claim they are proclaiming the truth, democracy, trying to help you, etc.,
Is 51:23 ..your tormentors {and} oppressors, those who said to you, Bow down, that we may ride {or} tread over you; and you have made your back like the ground and like the street for them to pass over. 
Here also is what I know for sure, the older the person is the more extreme, more severe, the more difficult the punishment has  to be on them to cause them to personally to change in their own  negative ways, for they are too set in them now too.
Sent: Thursday, December 04, 2008
To: ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;
 Subject: a very sick Harper!
“Half of Canadians think Stephen Harper should step down if the Conservatives are defeated in the House of Commons.
But that seemingly bleak number in a new Leger Marketing poll doesn’t tell the entire story.
About 37 per cent of those asked said Harper should stay, and this mirrors the approximate support Canadians gave the Tories and their leader in the Oct. 14 election, says Leger vice-president Dave Scholz.
In other words, support or condemnation of Harper breaks down along party lines, with Tory supporters generally content while those who don’t normally vote for him say he should get his pink slip if the Tories lose power.
In fact, among identified Conservative voters, only 16 per cent feel he should step down in the event of his party’s defeat, the poll shows.
Seventy-six per cent of Tory supporters would prefer Harper to stay, with eight per cent undecided.
The fact that all three coalition leaders were born in Quebec may factor into the West’s disenchantment with Ottawa.
Bloc Quebecois Leader Gilles Duceppe was born and raised in Montreal, while Liberal Leader Stephane Dion was born and raised in Quebec City. NDP Leader Jack Layton, the sole Anglophone of the three, was born and raised in Hudson, Quebec, although he is currently the MP for the riding of Toronto-Danforth.
– An exclusive Sun Media-Leger Marketing poll finds that if the Tories are toppled in a non-confidence vote, 43% would prefer to return to the polls while 40% would opt for a coalition.
Other results:
– In B.C., 54% prefer to go to an election while 29% support a coalition.
– 71% of Albertans oppose coalition, preferring election.
– Those in the east and central Canada are more open to a coalition, especially in Quebec where 58% want it.
– Ontarians are the most deeply divided in the land, with 43% picking an election and 39% preferring a coalition.”
Definitely money hungry, despises the poor persons, a JUNGLE FIGHTER, a BULLY, a control freak, negative behavior, irrational,   INDULGING IN ALCOHOL..   Now don’t tell me you have not seen  alcoholics with that type of SIMILAR, common negative behaviors?
  CP MONTREAL – Quebec doesn’t need anti-sovereigntist rhetoric from the federal government while it copes with the global economic crisis, Premier Jean Charest said late Wednesday after hearing Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s televised address to the nation.  Charest’s reaction followed an earlier warning to federal politicians against attacking the Bloc Quebecois and engaging in Quebec bashing as they verbally slug it out in the political clash on Parliament Hill  “We must respect the choice that was made democratically by all citizens and all Quebecers,” Charest said as he left a rally in Ste-Marie. “And there are, economically, things to settle. We should focus on that. It is the No. 1 priority. Quebec does not need political instability and rhetoric that divides people.”  Charest,  appealed for calm late Wednesday afternoon and condemned the attacks against the Bloc.  “I live in a society where people can be federalist or sovereigntist but they respect each other,” Charest said in Quebec City. “The same should be true in the federal Parliament.”  Charest pointed out that 1.4 million Quebec voters had cast ballots for the Bloc in the Oct. 14 federal election and it has the political legitimacy to allow it to sit in Parliament.  Without identifying anyone, Charest said he found it regrettable that the opponents of the coalition had engaged in an argument tainted by “Quebec bashing.”
 I have been posting on the net for years now that Stephen Harper is a deceptive professing evangelical who is a pretender, imposter so nothing else he does immorally should surprise us.. 
Incidentally I also used my  latest mail out as a good test to see how Canada’s MP’s actually will response, acknowledge my letters as a measure of their sincerity, commitment to their office..  I wrote to all of the MP’s   the prime Minister and so far and only 4 MP’s acknowledged my letter..  they way they do treat me is typically the way they do treat all others too, in office or elsewhere.. The Prime Minister’s office itself did acknowledge my concerns, comments.. My own local Liberal MP  did not. WHY?
thus it is no wonder so many are unhappy with all of the politicians of all parties these  days..
OTTAWA The cowardly, immoral , dictatorial  Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, battling falsely  to stay in power, predictably persuaded the country’s acting head of state , one of his own choice too, on Thursday to suspend Parliament so he could avoid being ousted democratically  by opposition parties next week.
Harper has now again clearly  fallen short of his goal of winning more seats in Quebec despite supporting the province being declared as a nation. 
Prime Minister Stephen Harper as a “con man”. Harper went on national television on December 3 and falsely claimed that the Liberals and NDP formed a coalition with the Bloc Quebecois. That’s not true. The Bloc has only promised to support the coalition if there is a confidence vote in Parliament. The Bloc can vote against any legislation brought forward by the coalition. Harper declined to mention this in his televised address.
Harper took advantage of global economic uncertainty to try to drive a stake through Canadian democracy by eliminating public financing of political parties. He backed off in the face of intense opposition, but he’ll probably try again if he gets a majority.

 Harper had plans to control all RCMP external and internal communications by appointing an assistant deputy minister who would vet everything. This plan has been put on hold, likely until Harper gets a majority.

By vilifying the Bloc’s involvement in the proposed Liberal-NDP coalition, Harper has branded millions of ordinary voters in Quebec—a province with nearly a quarter of Canada’s population—as little more than a bunch of nation wreckers. Good luck winning a majority with that kind of rhetoric.
 Notice what I had written before about the last federal election too.
“It is historical fact, reinforced again this week, that Quebeckers have always voted for a party led by a Quebecker when confronted with a choice between such a party and one led by someone from outside the province.
“The Bloc got another break when Stephen Harper made a statement pushing for teens who commit serious crimes to serve jail sentences in adult prisons. Mr. Duceppe slammed the Prime Minister for delivering “fresh meat” to prison pedophiles and sending young criminals to “the university of crime.””
Now really How can a now Alberta, redneck that was personally now even raised in Montreal, Quebec,  now get it so wrong, did he accidently offend the people of Quebec or did he do so knowingly because he not care if it did cause he was trying to please so hard his hypocritical, Conservative rednecks of Alberta, who do emphasize now wrongfully now the letter of   the law over the  spirit of the law.. for now when there is an increase of  problem children, juvenile delinquents,  it is the parents firstly who have to take the majority of the blame and not the children. Surely the self professing Christian evangelical, Alliance church,  Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper knows this from his own personal Bible readings? (Prov  22:6 KJV)  Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”



Sources predict early Dion departure    OTTAWA – Federal Liberals say that Stéphane Dion’s leadership role could be coming to an early end as the party gears up for the next round of political conflict with Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government. Dion, who stayed on as interim chief after the Liberals suffered a disappointing loss in the October election, is under pressure from his caucus to rethink his current commitment to remain at the helm until a leadership convention to replace him is held in May. Liberals’ lack of confidence in Dion peaked this week when his videotaped statement on national television regarding the showdown in Parliament arrived late and appeared amateurish and unprofessional. In a closed-door Liberal caucus meeting on Thursday, MPs made their impatience with Dion’s performance as leader clear. “There’s a good possibility that he will step down early” as leader, said one well-placed Liberal insider. CTV News reported this afternoon that Dion would likely be resigning his position as interim chief before Christmas. But there was no immediate statement from Dion’s office on his future. Many Liberals have expressed concerns about going into another election with Dion heading the party if they join with the New Democrats and Bloc Quebecois to vote down the Jan. 27 federal budget and defeat the government. The question of leadership is a key question mark as the Liberals plot strategy in the wake of Gov.-Gen. Michaelle Jean’s decision to allow Harper to suspend Parliament rather than face a confidence vote on Monday that was virtually certain to bring down the minority Conservative government. Unless Harper’s Jan. 27 budget includes important concessions to the opposition parties, particularly a major economic stimulus package, the Liberal-New Democrat coalition (supported by the Bloc Quebecois) is committed to voting down the Harper Conservatives at that time. If that happened, Jean might ask the Liberal-NDP coalition to take power or dissolve Parliament for another election. This prospect has led some Liberals to look for ways to install a new leader – possibly an interim head such as former cabinet ministers John McCallum or Ralph Goodale – as soon as possible so the party does not wind up fighting another election under Dion. 


From: “Prime Minister/Premier ministre” <>
Sent: Friday, December 05, 2008 11:12 AM
Subject: Office of the Prime Minister / Cabinet du Premier ministre
> Please know that your e-mail message has been received in the Prime Minister’s Office and that your comments have been noted.  Our office always welcomes hearing from correspondents and being made aware of their views.
> Thank you for writing.

>  I have written many times, even before the last election that we will continue to have problems with our leaders if we continue to elect liars, and alcoholics. Would you allow a known alcoholic, liar medical surgeon to operate on you if you were seriously ill? Generally certainly not! So why would you then hire  a lying alcoholic for any governmental position? Stephen Harper is a definite unrepentant, undeniable  liar, for now already we have seen the unrepentant liar lie to keep his job even again recently. He has lied, distorted the facts about the Bloq Quebecois as being next a main part of the  proposed coalition government. He has lied that the coalition replacement of him was an undemocratic action now as well when it is clearly legitimate. He has mislead us by saying he has the sole elected mandate to rule when that is not the case as well in a minority government. He Harper has long been rightfully accused of hidden agendas, and even recently has   lied about what his election mandate was, it certainly was not a right to kill  all of the opposition parties, all of  liberals, Socialists, Communists, or whatever  and  his election mandate now clearly  not a right for him to do what he wants, to do his own thing.  He has now lied about so many other things too. Now I again ask why do we elect and support liars? when nothing Good can really come from a liar still too

Now PM Stephen Harper has acknowledged my concerns but what about all of the other MPs?



I found it hilarious that some Con men now blame NDP Jack Layton as being the instigator of the supposedly undemocratic process of a Coalition Government, in reality the credit if to any one it should go  to   Premier Williams Newfoundland, Labrador, who had come out with the ABC program, vote for anything but Conservative..  The original campaign was established by Newfoundland and Labrador premier Danny Williams and was targeted particularly within that province. The campaign was a response to what Williams has termed a broken promise by Conservative prime minister Stephen Harper regarding equalization payments to the province.  Williams, Calling Prime Minister Stephen Harper a “fraud,”  had launched an “Anything but Conservative” campaign to defeat Harper’s MPs, warned Canadians of “dire consequences” if they give the Conservative leader a majority government. He was right it seems too. Williams clearly gave the rest of us a good idea.




And he told voters the opposition is trying to take power “without your say, without your consent, and without your vote.”  He lies for  I approve the takeover.

OTTAWA — Stephen Harper made a televised appeal to Canadians Wednesday night to save his government, saying the opposition coalition is a threat to the economy — and to democracy.

  The prime minister dropped the angry tone of recent days as he asked for the support of voters and justified his bid to hold on to power.  He repeated his vow to use “every legal means at our disposal” to stop opposition plans to bring down his minority Conservative government in a confidence vote Monday.  But he admitted no errors in political judgment and offered no hint of what new measures he will take. Harper is expected to follow up the speech with a visit to Gov. Gen. Michaelle Jean on Thursday morning, likely to ask that she suspend Parliament until late January when he can present a budget.  Harper condemned the Liberal-NDP coalition, which is backed by the Bloc Quebecois, as a power grab by the separatists.  

Opposition MPs have assailed Harper for what they called a HYPOCRITICAL desperate ploy to cling to power despite the fact that proroguing Parliament would preclude any major spending at a time of economic crisis.

1: They point out that Harper signed a letter with the Bloc in 2004 advising the Governor General to consider letting the opposition govern should the Liberal government of Paul Martin fall.

2: HARPER HIMSELF BEFORE HAD CONSIDERED A COALITION WITH THE BQ, it was Stephen Harper who first brought the option of vaulting to power from the benches of the official Opposition to the fore in the early days of Paul Martin’s 2004 minority regime. Even before the presentation of Martin’s Speech from the Throne, Harper had sought out his two opposition rivals to lay the groundwork of an alliance to unseat the Liberals. He would not have entered a formal coalition, but he was willing to advance key priorities of his opposition partners (starting with Gilles Duceppe) in exchange for their support for a Conservative government.

I think it’s clear that the present government does not understand two things: That we’re in the middle of an economic crisis and that democracy operates when the majority of member of the House support whoever is prepared to govern.” Former Progressive Conservative cabinet minister David Macdonald WHO endorses the coalition.

Harper’s attack on Bloc risks alienating Quebec  where he now has lost significant popularity, voters..

Loser Harper does not care to win Ontario and Quebec..  Stephen Harper should no longer count on these provinces if he hopes to get a majority government. Tories aren’t likely to make any further inroads in Quebec despite efforts to do so over the last two elections. Conservatives  focus on winning over the West and Ontario at the expense of Quebec cause they count on getting more donations in the west that hopefully will allow the Torites  with paid adds  to buy a majority government?
“In a bid to save their government from defeat and prevent its replacement by a Liberal-NDP coalition with the support of the Bloc, Stephen Harper and his operatives are trying to sell the public a false view of how our system of government works.

It begins with the bogus proposition that Stephen Harper and the Conservatives “won” the recent election and have a mandate to govern.

In fact, in the recent election, the Conservatives won a minority of seats in the House of Commons, 143 out of 308.

Our system of government, known as “responsible government,” holds that for a ministry to hold office it must enjoy the confidence of the House of Commons, i.e. the support of the majority of the members of the House.

In Canada, we do not directly elect our prime minister. The prime minister is an elected member of the House of Commons (in theory, he or she could be a senator, but this has happened only twice, the last time under Mackenzie Bowell from 1894 to 1896.) The Governor General asks the leader of the political party that commands the support of the majority in the House to form a government. In the case of a minority government, the critical issue is which party or combination of parties can command the support of the majority in the House.

On Monday, when the leaders of the Liberals, NDP and the Bloc, whose parties hold the majority of seats in the House announced their intention to defeat the Harper government and replace it with a Liberal-NDP coalition government with the support of the Bloc, they were playing out their roles with the system of responsible government.

Former governor general says coalition is legitimate  WINNIPEG – The Liberal-NDP coalition should get a chance to govern if the Conservatives are defeated in the House of Commons, former governor general Ed Schreyer said Wednesday.

And since this move comes early in the new parliament and holds out the promise of stable government for at least the next 18 months, it is almost certain that the Governor General will call on the coalition to form a government once the Conservatives have been defeated. (The Governor General does have some discretion here, under the rubric of royal prerogative, but considering how recent the election was, it is highly unlikely that she would accede to a request by Stephen Harper to dissolve Parliament to call another election.)

The Conservatives are appearing on news shows, talk shows and are organizing rallies putting out the word that what is happening in Ottawa is an attempted “coup.” At the centre of this inane claim is the proposition that Canadians just re-elected Stephen Harper as prime minister and that he has a mandate to govern.

It is true that the Americans directly elect their president and therein lies much of the confusion that is being stirred up by furious Conservatives over their punch bowls. The American constitution (in my view grounded on a poor understanding of Montesquieu and the British constitution following the Glorious Revolution of 1688) rests on the notion of “separation of powers.” The executive branch, the legislative branch (Congress) and the judicial branch each occupy their own hermetically sealed space and are protected from undue interference with each other much the way Vestal Virgins were protected in Ancient Rome. To their credit, the Americans have managed to make this ungainly system work with only one Civil War marring its record to date.

The Canadian prime minister is not a quasi-king in the manner of the American president. He or she rises or falls depending on the votes of the majority in the House of Commons. That is what is going on here. What is coming to an end is the rule of a prime minister who thought he was a king. What is coming is a government that actually represents the views of the majority of the members of the House, and for that matter the majority of voters in the recent election.”

James Laxer is a professor of political science at York University.

Do see also
 (Gal 5:19 KJV)  Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which are these; Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness, 20   Idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies, 21   Envyings, murders, drunkenness, revellings, and such like: of the which I tell you before, as I have also told you in time past, that they which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God.  (Col 3:5 KJV)  Mortify therefore your members which are upon the earth; fornication, uncleanness, inordinate affection, evil concupiscence, and covetousness, which is idolatry: 6   For which things’ sake the wrath of God cometh on the children of disobedience:

December 3, 2008

Another real bad Conservative Brian Mulroney




“CBC- A 1993 fax from Air Canada’s manager of investor relations to Fred Doucet, a close friend of former prime minister Brian Mulroney, Fred Doucet, former chief of staff for Brian Mulroney, calls into question Doucet’s sworn testimony before the House of Commons ethics committee in February of this year.

“I want to say I have no knowledge at all about anything involving Airbus,” Doucet told the committee under oath on Feb. 12, 2008.

However, a CBC News investigation has learned that on the same day Mulroney received his first envelope of cash from German-Canadian businessman Karlheinz Schreiber at a hotel in Mirabel airport, Doucet, who had arranged the meeting between the two men, received a fax from Air Canada outlining the delivery schedule of Airbus airplanes to Air Canada.

The Aug. 27, 1993, fax from Air Canada’s manager of investor relations, Denis Biro, itemized the delivery of 34 Airbus planes between 1990 and 1993.

That was important to Doucet because he was interested in determining how much money was left in the secret 1988 deal between Airbus Industrie and a Liechtenstein shell company, International Aircraft Leasing, or IAL.

The fax and other documents that Schreiber has provided to CBC News and the upcoming Oliphant Commission looking into aspects of the Airbus affair appear to contradict Doucet’s testimony before the ethics committee.

In fact, letters and correspondence among Schreiber, Doucet, and lobbyist and former Newfoundland premier Frank Moores reveal that Doucet was involved in an in-depth effort to determine how much money was available from the Airbus deal. ”

Few Canadians were fooled about what ex PM Brian Mulroney too was really like..



the monarchy Minority government of the the Harper Tories

The Tory Prime Minister Stephen Harper has no one to blame but himself for the crisis he finds himself in. Clearly the monarchy Minority government of the the Tories showed  they have no interest cooperating, working with Canada’s Parliament
McThoughts – “Script writers probably couldn’t create a more improbable (embarrassing?) plot than the one being played out in Ottawa of late about Stephen Harper”.. .
The ironic thing is that Evangelical Stephen Harper should have already read this historical Biblical script.. and should have been pre-warned, not  rather acted foolishly  instead, plus Harper he made a  false idol of the Conservative Party too and was pulled down for this too..
King Rehoboam Acts Foolishly 

1 Kings 12 New American Standard Bible ©

1 Then Rehoboam went to Shechem, for all Israel had come to Shechem to make him king. 2 Now when Jeroboam the son of Nebat heard of it, he was living in Egypt (for he was yet in Egypt, where he had fled from the presence of King Solomon). 3 Then they sent and called him, and Jeroboam and all the assembly of Israel came and spoke to Rehoboam, saying, 4 “Your father made our yoke hard; now therefore lighten the hard service of your father and his heavy yoke which he put on us, and we will serve you.” 5 Then he said to them, “Depart for three days, then return to me.” So the people departed.

6 King Rehoboam consulted with the elders who had served his father Solomon while he was still alive, saying, “How do you counsel me to answer this people?” 7 Then they spoke to him, saying, “If you will be a servant to this people today, and will serve them and grant them their petition, and speak good words to them, then they will be your servants forever.”

8 But he forsook the counsel of the elders which they had given him, and consulted with the young men who grew up with him and served him. 9 So he said to them, “What counsel do you give that we may answer this people who have spoken to me, saying, ‘Lighten the yoke which your father put on us’?” 10 The young men who grew up with him spoke to him, saying, “Thus you shall say to this people who spoke to you, saying, ‘Your father made our yoke heavy, now you make it lighter for us!’ But you shall speak to them, ‘My little finger is thicker than my father’s loins! 11 ‘Whereas my father loaded you with a heavy yoke, I will add to your yoke; my father disciplined you with whips, but I will discipline you with scorpions.’” 12 Then Jeroboam and all the people came to Rehoboam on the third day as the king had directed, saying, “Return to me on the third day.” 13 The king answered the people harshly, for he forsook the advice of the elders which they had given him, 14 and he spoke to them according to the advice of the young men, saying, “My father made your yoke heavy, but I will add to your yoke; my father disciplined you with whips, but I will discipline you with scorpions.” 15 So the king did not listen to the people; for it was a turn of events from the LORD, that He might establish His word, which the LORD spoke through Ahijah the Shilonite to Jeroboam the son of Nebat.

The Kingdom Divided; Jeroboam Rules Israel

16 When all Israel saw that the king did not listen to them, the people answered the king, saying,
“What portion do we have in David?
We have no inheritance in the son of Jesse;
To your tents, O Israel!
Now look after your own house, David!”
So Israel departed to their tents.
17 But as for the sons of Israel who lived in the cities of Judah, Rehoboam reigned over them. 18 Then King Rehoboam sent Adoram, who was over the forced labor, and all Israel stoned him to death. And King Rehoboam made haste to mount his chariot to flee to Jerusalem.

19 So Israel has been in rebellion against the house of David to this day.

20 It came about when all Israel heard that Jeroboam had returned, that they sent and called him to the assembly and made him king over all Israel. None but the tribe of Judah followed the house of David.  21 Now when Rehoboam had come to Jerusalem, he assembled all the house of Judah and the tribe of Benjamin, 180,000 chosen men who were warriors, to fight against the house of Israel to restore the kingdom to Rehoboam the son of Solomon. 22 But the word of God came to Shemaiah the man of God, saying, 23 “Speak to Rehoboam the son of Solomon, king of Judah, and to all the house of Judah and Benjamin and to the rest of the people, saying, 24 ‘Thus says the LORD, “You must not go up and fight against your relatives the sons of Israel; return every man to his house, for this thing has come from Me.”’” So they listened to the word of the LORD, and returned and went their way according to the word of the LORD.

Jeroboam’s Idolatry

25 Then Jeroboam built Shechem in the hill country of Ephraim, and lived there. And he went out from there and built Penuel. 26 Jeroboam said in his heart, “Now the kingdom will return to the house of David. 27 “If this people go up to offer sacrifices in the house of the LORD at Jerusalem, then the heart of this people will return to their lord, even to Rehoboam king of Judah; and they will kill me and return to Rehoboam king of Judah.” 28 So the king consulted, and made two golden calves, and he said to them, “It is too much for you to go up to Jerusalem; behold your gods, O Israel, that brought you up from the land of Egypt.” 29 He set one in Bethel, and the other he put in Dan. 30 Now this thing became a sin, for the people went to worship before the one as far as Dan. 31 And he made houses on high places, and made priests from among all the people who were not of the sons of Levi. 32 Jeroboam instituted a feast in the eighth month on the fifteenth day of the month, like the feast which is in Judah, and he went up to the altar; thus he did in Bethel, sacrificing to the calves which he had made. And he stationed in Bethel the priests of the high places which he had made. 33 Then he went up to the altar which he had made in Bethel on the fifteenth day in the eighth month, even in the month which he had devised in his own heart; and he instituted a feast for the sons of Israel and went up to the altar to burn incense.

 “Editorial minds at National Post have adhered to the Neocon lying point that because the separatist Bloc Quebecois is backing the pending coalition government likely to replace the Tories, there’s something illegitimate about the pact.   That is pure baloney.   We are thankful that the Stephen Harper regime is being brought to an end and that the “democracy” the Tories claim is being violated by the coalition scheme is going to be better represented.   After all, despite another Tory lying point, most voters didn’t select Harper. More voters opted for a progressive government, not for the Bush-esque Harperites.   And so, if they can get it together, having a government that is sensitive to the needs of Canadians rather than the lusts of big corporations is a very appealing prospect.   ”

November 29, 2008

The Harper demon who clearly made it all worse

The misplaced values,  lack of decency, lack of morality, lack of street sense ,lack of common sense,  out-of-touch, revengeful Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper has not only cleary degenerated in the eyes of many but faces to lose his office now too. Do not make a Mistake he is no professing Christian person as he rather opposes Christianity.
As Canadians face the most difficult economic times in 80 yearsNot a time to play politicsChess-loving PM body checked by opponentsOpposition parties threaten to bring down minority government and Bad time to play political games 

It was and is the Prime Minister Harper himself who is the main insult to democracy. Harper miscalculated and lost the last election and did not become a majority government even again but now he made it all worse by showing us all what he is really like still too.. I had already written immediately after the last federal lection too that “And all persons are merely dreaming that the new Parliament will next usher in an era of co-operation between both the governing party and its opponents as long as Stephen Harper is around. That is not his style for he clearly and wrongfully loves to be a bully, to body check others.  And Harper now will clearly have to endure the successes and failures of minority government again by his own poor contributions to it .”


Up until now, the Canadian Conservative  Prime Minister Stephen Harper had basically  been able to get away with his strong-arm tactics, his autocratic tactics, his disrespecting others, his  “Nixonian tactics,” his power-monger politics in the midst of a global economic crisis last week clearly had also showed to all that there was little change in his negative behaviors.  All Rules of decency and order  apply only to all the others but not to Stephen Harper it seems still . “It was like to hell with the rules. I do what I want.”   “How can Canadians trust this government to get our economy back on track when it’s all over the map?” Liberal House leader Ralph Goodale So Canada’s opposition parties have agreed in principle to form a coalition that would topple Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Conservative government.
Public confidence of Stephen Harper  and his leadership  has been badly shaken by the events of the past few days. As the Conservatives continue their pattern of negative behavior, setting aside the country’s interests in pursuit of their own, “Mr. Harper has poisoned the well for this Parliament, and has contributed to the political destabilization of Canada during a great economic crisis.”

The Liberals said they are considering introducing a motion declaring no confidence in the minority Conservative government. A Harper defeat on such a vote could set the stage for another election or give the opposition a chance to form a government.


The Liberals and New Democrats have also agreed to a coalition government structure that would give them a majority of seats, a New Democrat party official said Sunday. In the new government, the Liberals would have 19 Cabinet ministers and the New Democrats will have six. A spokesman for the Bloc agreed, noting the existing Conservative government is still refusing to provide a stimulus plan for the economy. The third member of the proposed coalition, Bloc Quebecois, would hold no Cabinet seats under the deal. Bloc leader Gilles Duceppe has said the party has no interest in governing Canada but will back the coalition.  Together, the three parties hold 163 parliamentary seats compared to the Conservatives’ 143 seats. Independents hold the two remaining seats. Liberals and New Democrats disagree on Canada’s involvement in the war in Afghanistan but it won’t prevent them from governing together. The New Democrats oppose the war, while the Liberals support it. 
Prime minister, Stephen Harper,  his cabinet and senior officials in repose scrambled all weekend to derail opposition negotiations to supplant the Conservatives with a Liberal-NDP coalition supported by the Bloc. The Tories are also using the crisis to issue an “emergency” funding appeal to their donorship base. As well as setting forth their smear campaigns. The Conservative’s claim that a coalition government would have no legitimacy does not accord with Harper’s own position on the matter just four years ago in September 2004, Harper wrote to then-governor general Adrienne Clarkson to argue that she should “consider all your options” if the Liberal minority of Paul Martin was to fall on a confidence vote. “We respectfully point out that the opposition parties, who together constitute a majority in the House, have been in close consultation,” Harper wrote. Harper co-signed the letter with Layton and Bloc Quebecois Leader Gilles Duceppe. 

As Canadians face the most difficult economic times in 80 years this was, is Not a time to play politics. It was, is Bad time to play political games  So the  Chess-loving PM was  body checked by opponents. Opposition parties threaten to bring down minority government altogether or replace it. 


“Just weeks ago Harper spoke of the need for a more nonpartisan approach to governing in the financial crisis. This week’s events prove that was mere lip service. Harper is more concerned about crippling political opponents and is willing to do so on the backs of Canadians frightened for their very future. It’s shameful.  ” He clearly  is a demon obsessed with getting more power.
Economic crisis is no time for political games  What is wrong with Stephen Harper? Days after talking about the need to put partisanship aside to deal with the economic crisis, the prime minister unleashes an undemocratic — even thuggish — attack on the opposition parties. His actions come at the expense of Canadians, introducing more uncertainty, including the threat of an election, at the most damaging time. And it is oddly self-destructive. At a point when many moderate voters were prepared to give the Conservatives a chance to demonstrate their ability to govern in the interests of all Canadians, Harper acted as a partisan bully, reinforcing concerns about his judgment. The classic way for a government to stimulate a flagging economy is to pump money into infrastructure. Road-building and government-funded construction can create jobs through one-time projects that increase spending on local materials and provide the country with something it actually needs, without creating a long-term spending problem. That’s the way Ottawa should go, economists say. In its Throne Speech a few weeks ago, the government promised infrastructure spending to pump money into the economy. It would appear that Minister Flaherty has forgotten that promise.  What planet do Canada’s Minister of Finance Jim Flaherty and Prime Minister Harper live on?



Stephen Harper, the supposedly competent political strategist,  who still could  not even unwisely foresee twice that he would only get a minority government, from the start of his election as PM, now desperately still again wants to achieve and to get have political power,  clearly figures his Conservative party based on the past received political donations alone has enough cash reserves for another future election that he intends to shortly force on us, wants to put the opposition parties at an economic, political disadvantage for the next foreseeable federal election.   Sadly too  Many Conservatives had been gleefully supportive of  the “poison pill”  the Conservative plan to slash $30 billion in taxpayer subsidies for political parties. The slash in a dictatorial, undemocratic, poorly calculated approach for any minority government especially now. And as  political fallout expands , Harper’s move is rightfully widely seen as a terrible political miscalculation putting Canada’s Conservative government is in peril, just five weeks after the last federal election, and Canada’s stability, in jeopardy at a time of economic crisis.  “A Conservative government source said yesterday the idea was Harper’s. Sources said “most” of the Conservative caucus is perplexed why the government moved to put such controversial measures in now. “It makes no sense,” said one.  To date, Harper has been a partial master at dividing and conquering his opponents but now he Harper rather has succeed instead  rather uniting them  predictable even. ” by moving to end the subsidy to all political parties, he has given the three opposition parties unity and purpose. It is a rare strategic blunder for Harper and a miscalculation not seen since (former PC prime minister Joe) Clark toppled himself in 1979.  Wiser Conservative insiders across the country are  flabbergasted.” Thus this Conservative government next will clearly fall without even them even being reassured of a re-election majority again. it would be constitutionally correct for the federal opposition parties to topple the Conservatives too. Harper as a result is now scrambling  to retain his political power against the coalition government. 

 Prime Minister Stephen Harper called an election to secure a majority, and failed to get one. Continues with his one step forward two step backyards leadership approach too. Mr. Harper now and all of us should reflect on where his cynical, bullying, combative, unChristlike approach has gotten him, the Conservative government’s apparent death wish , and how it has further destabilized our country during uncertain times. ” Thursday’s economic statement was an economic lame duck and a political boner. It revealed, among other things, the kind of Conservative Party that all but its core supporters suspected would eventually be outed: a group of ideologues, led by a Prime Minister who discarded his campaign sweater to reveal an economist with a tin heart and a politician who looks everywhere for political advantage. “ 


 Stephen Harper has to wear this political mess himself now too. He had thought he had set a deadly trap for his opponents but he himself undeniably fell into it now. That is what a Bully, ego manic deserves. Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s clearly SELF CENTERED, SELFISH, crude political brinksmanship has taken an now finally admitted Canadian economic crisis and made it into a political crisis. The substance of the VALID opposition claims that is that the Conservative government had wrongfully failed to recognize the seriousness of Canada’s present economic situation and so to date it has not credibly presented a plan to stimulate the economy. Rather it has played indecent, dirty party politics instead, the Conservatives fearlessly and foolishly approach to try to bait their opponents has made all of the matters worse, for the Conservatives even had directly poked the opposition in the eye with a proposal to end public subsidies to political parties by trying to cut of funding to the opposition parties.  


So how stupid was the government in doing this. The cause of all this lunacy is the Conservatives themselves now too, and “the Conservatives never once mentioned cutting political subsidies during last month’s election campaign; the Prime Minister never raised it during his consultations with rival party leaders three weeks ago”. What were they now falsely thinking the political parties would take this false abuse lying down in a democracy? Rightfully the opposition’s reaction has ranged from outrage to a positive reaction. This is a political mess solely of Mr. Harper’s own making. Canada’s minority Conservative government, re-elected less than two months ago, could be toppled in the next few days .Two of the three Canadian opposition parties are seriously now negotiating to form a coalition government, which the third has agreed to support, if the government is defeated in a confidence vote in the House of Commons on the government’s updated budget forecast, which the opposition parties said doesn’t address the financial crisis. If the opposition effort is successful, it will mark the first time in Canadian history that a formal coalition has taken power from a sitting government. 


Naively Mr. Harper next still sounded unrealistic, and characteristically indifferent, in his televised address even attacking his his valid opposition opponents and falsely pronouncing that a coalition government is not an option. It is a realistic, real option in any democracy for Stephen Hamper’s present government is not a majority one but only a Minority one still and  as EVEN STEPHEN HARPER KNOWS AND THIS IS WHY HE STARTED TO FLINCH. Evident by Stephen Harper new time out to hopefully give his government another week to avert the full blown self doing crisis with his new submissive plan to push back the confidence motion a week, until Dec. 8, which he naively thinks next will buy him time to clean his own mess. But his juvenile partisan games has been reveled, and shows to all how untrustworthy now he still realy is, not any kind of competent, mature, or serious politician too. He also now should shift his focus to a serious plan to stimulate the Canadian economy if he hopes to wishfully survive even when he in arrogance  had a choice between responsible governance and partisan warfare, he chose the latter. That’s a betrayal of public trust, plain and simple.

The new Conservative party was elected cause they said they were going to be better than the other political parties, more honest, decent, etc, and in this regard they became the biggest liars themselves,  they next became the bullies, thugs, oppressors, promise breakers and much more, showing to us all that they were really wolves in sheep clothing,  their clearly apparent bad acts do  not deny who they really are still too… bad people.
No one in his right mind  can ever think, believe thse are the acts of a genuine professing Christian , more likely  acts typical of the Christian Missionary Alliance church, but not those of Jesus Christ. Jesus would have shown consideration for the poor people firstly, humbly too,  now too and not be self centered, boastful, proud like the Conservatives.
You cannot hide for long what you really are, Stephen Harper and his thugs included..

Merely let is think back to the final days of the election campaign, when Prime Minister Stephen Harper declared that the government had already done what was needed, that Canada was better off than the United States and that deficit financing was out of the question. And after the lection the same government   uses words such as “recession,” and will run a deficit. Mr. Harper even warns about remembering the lessons of the Great Depression. How the  same liar sings a different tune before and after the election, but that has been so common of him. And  much more…


“The PMO issued detailed marching orders to Conservative MPs for a weekend blitz to shift public opinion.


In an e-mail obtained by the Globe and Mail, Guy Giorno, Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Chief of Staff, set out a strategy to shift public debate ahead of a potential confidence vote in the House of Commons next week.


On Friday, Stephen Harper articulated the general theme of the e-mail, stating that while the Opposition has the right to bring down the government on matters of confidence, he said they had no right to “take power without an election.”


The memo urges MPs to fan out to their ridings this weekend and sell the government’s message through forums such as talk radio. Mr. Giorno’s e-mail stated that MPs must show that the current dispute with opposition parties is merely about the Liberals, NDP and Bloc trying to protect their share of the $27-million in public subsidies and steal power that they failed to win legitimately in the last federal election.

Mr. Giorno’s message also includes very detailed scripts MPS are expected to follow while delivering radio interviews that include the following lines:

  • We’re not even two months removed from the last election, and a group of backroom politicians are going to pick who the Prime Minister is. Canadians didn’t vote for this person. We don’t even know who this person will be.
  • Not a single voter voted for a Liberal-NDP coalition. Certainly not a single voter voted for the Liberals to form a coalition with the separatists in the Bloc.
  • This is what bothers me the most. The Conservatives won the election. The Opposition keeps saying that the Conservatives have to respect the will of the voters that this is a minority and so on.
  • …how about Liberals, NDP and Bloc respecting the will of the voters when they said “YOU LOSE”.
  • And what’s this going to do to the economy. I’m sorry, I don’t care how desperate the Liberals are — giving socialists (Jack Layton) and separatists (Gilles Duceppe) a veto over every decision in government — that is a recipe for total economic disaster.
  • But how more phony could these guys be?
  • I mean, I follow the news, virtually every single day you have Harper or Flaherty out there telegraphing exactly what they plan to do with the economy. And not once did you hear the Liberals, NDP or separatists talking about toppling the government in response.
  • No — do you know what set this off. When Flaherty said he was going to take taxpayer-funded subsidies away from the opposition. Now there is a reason to try and overturn an election— because the Conservatives the audacity to say “Hey, it’s a recession, maybe you should take your nose out of the trough.”
  • And I wish the media would be more clear on this point — the opposition aren’t being singled out by this fact the Conservatives stand to lose the most money of all. The only difference is that Canadians are voluntarily giving money the Conservatives, so they don’t need taxpayer handouts. The only reason the opposition would be hurt more is because nobody wants to donate to them. They should be putting their efforts towards fixing that problem.
  • I don’t want another election. But what I want even less is a surprise backroom Prime Minister whom I never even had the opportunity to vote for or against. What an insult to democracy.
The decision to attempt to strangle the three opposition parties by removing public financing of parties has obviously backfired. The government is now withdrawing the idea.

But is it now too late to stop the consequences?


It was and is the Prime Minister Harper himself who is the main insult to democracy. And who can believe a too often lying, manipualtive, deceptive Conservative anymore anway? Kick him still rightfully out of office.
Government reverses itself on political funding decision The Canadian Press, OTTAWA –  OTTAWA — After 24 hours of peering into a yawning political abyss, the Harper government stepped back from the brink Saturday, dropping a plan to kill public subsidies for political parties.” When it comes to the funding and subsidies that political parties get, we just don’t think it’s worth getting into an election on that issue,” Transport Minister John Baird said in an interview.
The bad Conservatives still do think they can buy an election with Money now do not seem to be able to reach the poor people or to get their support of Canada still, which seem to be a majority of people of Canada, those who rightfully despise the money hungry Conservatives.

Supposedly astute Conservative Stephen Harper Harper was a fool not to realize, see this already too. No wonder he got a big shock, shot this weekend..  His False Pride comes before the big fall. History lessons repeat themselves too.


Now as to the unprecedented take back, repossession by the east, by the Liberals, NDP and the Bloc supported by the majority of easterners now too this is something the west has also already experienced even when the oil and gas industry was nationalized by liberal Pierre Trudeau and was why he was and remains so popular in the east.


Wake up Conservatives the reality is you behave badly the east does not mind sending the police to your home to arrest you… Mr. Harper and Joe Clark included… the law, justice now works both ways.. in the east as well as in the west


and how long will your so called oil wealth even help you now that the oil prices have drastically dropped again too.. you may need a bailout from the east again Alberta too?


The often Lying Conservatives, and their manipulators, spin doctors  can spin, distort the truth all they want, but they will not get the majority support, for they were really stupid to firstly see that no one would support cutting anyone’s salary to start of with.. otherwise they never have even suggested that dumb idea in the first place  and an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, but it is too late to even take it all back now as well ,Conservatives they did their own permanent damage, foolishly hurt themselves, and who thinks Harper now was, is so smart of a person? Not many!


Conservatives use talk of coalition to appeal for ’emergency’ donations OTTAWA – The cash-flush Conservative party is using opposition threats of taking over government to issue an emergency plea for political donations.
Imagine that unrepentant Harper still believes that acquiring more money can, will buy him back a government.. Stephen Harper sadly still fails to see that more money will not deny, cover up his own immoral acts of hijacking the federal government to suit his  own personal  agendas, ambitions and still still fails to see what a bad creep he really looks like rightfully now in the eyes of many Canadians.


So Stephen Harper and his bad CON party are asking for more donations to overcome all the bad publicity they are getting mostly Perhaps if he was  a real  good leader they wouldn’t have to worry about Him always  stepping on mines. More money to undo the vast mount of damage already done will not help.. what Harper did not learn that from his last 2 attempts in forming a majority government too? He really is an bad leader and a bad learner
How ironic that the person  the PM Stephen Harper named as incompetent was chosen now to replace him. Harper’s fall from grace came with startling speed. Canadian PM Damaged Badly By Crisis He Provoked The crisis also shows Harper had a very poor reading of the mood inside Parliament, in particular among the opposition parties he had so often pushed into a corner..  A botched attempt by Canadian Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper to cripple opposition parties has backfired so badly that even if he survives what is now the worst crisis of his career, he has been wounded badly.” For the Liberals, the threat of the financing clause meant the Conservatives wanted total annihilation. It was for me a flight or fight instinct and it’s a prime motivator behind dumping them,”   Now the opposition parties — who control a majority of seats in Parliament and whose support he needs to govern — say they want to have nothing to do with Harper.  “For the Liberals, the threat of the financing clause meant the Conservatives wanted total annihilation. It was for me a flight or fight instinct and it’s a prime motivator behind dumping them,”  “Right now, we do not believe him, and I think he has earned the right for us not to believe him,” said senior Liberal legislator John McCallum. Liberal Leader Stephane Dion would be prime minister in a coalition government with the NDP, his caucus decided Monday afternoon.  Meanwhile, Conservatives were fighting a desperate public relations war trying to convince Canadians that a government with Stephane Dion as prime minister would have little legitimacy. Conservative sympathizers were organizing cross-country, anti-coalition protests. Liberals and NDP have agreed to govern together for 30 months and will soon send a letter to the Governor General saying there is a “government-in-waiting.” Potential candidates to take over from Harper include well-respected Environment Minister Jim Prentice. A new website, supposedly set up by Prentice supporters, appeared over the weekend and called on party members to back him. Prentice denies any association with the site. NDP elder statesman Ed Broadbent says the plan – supported by the Bloc Quebecois – would be directed at the beleaguered auto and forestry sectors and at an infrastructure rebuilding program.
Quebeckers support a coalition with Bloc ministers  Globe and Mail, Canada –   76 per cent of Quebeckers support a coalition if the Conservatives are defeated, while only 9 per cent want another election. 

As to what some of the others have said about Harper recently too.. bad publicity like this freely available for all to read too.

“A FRATEHAULER from Canada writes: It is so obvious that the Conservatives are the most hypcritcial and fear mongering party in Canada to day. They keep saying that the Opposition’s possible Coalition is undemocratic. Well that’s Hogwash and they know it … The Opposition can defeat the sitting minority ( the Stephen Harper Conservatives) if they pass a non confidence resolution. The way the Conservatives have been acting lately they deserve to be defeated and the Coalition should run the Country during this dire economic time… Harper has no long term vision of the Country with the exception of his misguided ideological extreme right wing tactics. … Harper is a very secretive Prime Minister and is not to be trusted… his main and only aim is to bankrupt the entire opposition and become more of a Dictator than he is now.

The Conservative government is clearly attempting to abuse its privileged position of power…

Harper could have done that, but thus far he has shown his inability to truly lead. Time for him to get out of the way then…


After preaching about the need for minority governments to work with the other parties when he sat in the Opposition benches, Harper has completely failed as a leader of one himself…


You need to educate yourself on how Parliament works. The first obligation of any government is to earn and maintain the confidence of the House. In the absence of that confidence, it has no legal right to govern. Should an Opposition party or group of parties gain the confidence of the House, it then DOES have the right to govern. In a minority situation, it is incumbent upon the government to take into consideration the wishes of the Opposition. Failure to do so invites a loss of confidence. The minority is precisely what Canadians elected. Had we wanted a majority Reform government, we would have elected one. We did not. Seems to me that Mr. Harper is once again showing his ignorance of the Canadian Constitution, and for that matter, practical politics. ..

In 2004 when Paul Martin was the Prime Minister stephen harper conspired with the NDP and the Bloc to defeat the government in Parliament and to form a coalition to take over the government with harper at the helm. Here is a portion of the letter he sent ot the Governor General on Sept 9, 2004.
“As leaders of the opposition parties, we are well aware that, given the Liberal minority government, you could be asked by the Prime Minister to dissolve the 38th Parliament at any time should the House of Commons fail to support some part of the government’s program. We respectfully point out that the opposition parties, who together constitute a majority in the House, have been in close consultation. We believe that, should a request for dissolution arise this should give you cause, as constitutional practice has determined, to consult the opposition leaders and consider all of your options before exercising your constitutional authority. Your attention to this matter is appreciated.”
-From a letter to then-Governor General Adrienne Clarkson signed by all three opposition leaders: Gilles Duceppe, Jack Layton and Stephen Harper
(September 9, 2004)
Seems strange eh now the COns think a coalition isn’t such a good idea !!! ..


It’s too bad Harper is not a good leader. He has brought all this on himself and can blame nobody but himself for the outcome. Any of you die hard Cons who refuse to see logic are just who you are .. be at peace with yourselves.


Harper wrote a letter to the Govenor General when Martins government was failing informing that he was ready to form and lead a coalition government … funny thing isn’t it.

To make matters worse STEPHEN NIXON has been caught recording an NDP strategy meeting …. yes maybe it was by accident they stumbled on it … but to record it and use it are tantamount to treason.

Which is exactly why we need to get rid of Harper and Flaherty. who have been mismanaging our economy for several years now. They are clearly poor judges of winners and losers and have distributed tax monies ineffectively


see also  Cons sleeping with the enemy

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