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December 1, 2010

Weird judge overturns a man’s last will and testament

BC court overturns man’s last will and testament  A BC Supreme Court judge overturned a man’s last will and testament Tuesday because he says a will must be based on “contemporary moral standards. Will that cut out daughters overturned. Court overturns will of man who left everything to his son
Contemporary moral values and who decides now what they are? The NDP, Conservatives, Liberal, BQ? a Judge or Parliament?
 You can read about many, many persons, daughters left out of the father’s will in the old testament even for thousands of years now too. 
 I too may sympathize with the daughters left out of the will but my sympathy does not make it a Law.
But now  what happen to the long accepted moral standard a man is the head of his castle.
A MAN’S HOME IS HIS CASTLE – “This saying is as old as the basic concepts of English common law.,”A proverbial expression that illustrates the principle of individual privacy, which is fundamental to the privacy, justice system as well. “You are the boss in your own house and nobody can tell you what to do there. No one can enter your home without your permission. The proverb has been traced back ‘Stage of Popish Toys’ . In 1644, English jurist Sir Edward Coke (1552-1634) was quoted as saying: ‘For a man’s house is his castle, et domus sua cuique tutissimum refugium’ (‘One’s home is the safest refuge for all’).
 The principle of a MAN’S  individual rights and privacy,   is fundamental to the North American system of governments where it also it prohibits “unreasonable searches and seizures.”  And what the judge did not know this too? Or did not care?
 It has been a legal precept in England, since at least the 17th century, that no one may enter a home, which would typically then have been in male ownership, unless by invitation. This was established as common law by the lawyer and politician Sir Edward Coke  in The Institutes of the Laws of England, 1628:”For a man’s house is his castle, et domus sua cuique est tutissimum refugium [and each man’s home is his safest refuge].” In England, the word ‘Englishman’ often replaces man.”‘An Englishman’s home (or occasionally, house) is his castle’ is most often cited these days in articles in the right-wing press that bemoan the apparent undermining of the perceived principle that a man can do as he pleases in his own house, which they hold up as an ancient right.
The judge is guilty of theft, a false sesizure, privacy invasion!

Where did they even  get the weird feminist  judge?


March 23, 2010

PM Harper’s better Conservative government hits another low point



Alberta ATCO unit got an  untendered Haiti project. New aid project in Haiti will be carried out by a company with ties to the Conservative Party after being awarded the multimillion-dollar contract without a public bidding process. Naturally a subsidiary of Calgary-based ATCO Ltd., which has three Conservative donors on its board of directors, was handed the $12-million contract to build temporary offices in Port-au-Prince for the Haitian government. The project was  announced by Prime Minister Stephen Harper.  The immoral federal government opted to bypass procurement guidelines that usually require government contracts of more than $25,000 to be submitted to a public tendering process. It also chose not to post an advance contract award notice, which in cases where there is no tendering process normally gives rival businesses an opportunity to submit counter-proposals. And this is what the Conservatives meant when they said they would provide a visibly better, more responsible, uncorrupted  government now unlike all the others. Hard to see any difference.

“I thought that with a Tory government this kind of thing would NEVER happen again. Mr. Harper promised to bring transparency to government and that there would never be any more” short cuts” How very disappointing! The payoffs just keep coming for the fortunate ones. there is an unpleasant odor attached to this one.”
 Read more:
It seems you cannot trust a Conservative MP

March 22, 2010

More Canadians on the Internet even abusing others too


Many experts say that  Canada needs the existing  laws enforced in reality by the Police to protect others from Internet Abusers.  Bad persons, firms, companies  they now need to  taken to Federal Courts. Police need to  monitor all the site content, and the related internet crime would quickly grind to a halt. Now we all already do know that even under the Conservative law and order supposedly government  CANADA NOW AGAIN IS STILL BECOMING A LEADER IS SCAMMING MANY AMERICANS WITH FALSE -MISLEADING  INTERNET ADDS, FALSE SERVICES AND AS USUAL THE POLICE IN CANADA, RCMP INLUDED  WILL CLAIM INCOMPETENCE TO DEAL WITH THE ISSUES AND THEY WILL EVEN ASK FOR MORE MONEY AND PERSONNEL. JUST WHAT WE NEED MORE ABUSE BY THE POLICE IN CANADA  NOW AS WELL.  
Too many Bad persons, Internet companies also do exist, whose apparent “business model” is the exploitation of consumer trust and ignorance, are sneaking their spyware, virus systems into other’s machines for their own purposes. A German company Lavasoft  furthered the OptOut concept, creating the excellent and completely FREE “Ad-Aware” spyware detection and removal utility. And  if you don’t yet know about the free Ad-Aware spyware detection and removal utility be sure to check out Lavasoft’s Ad-Aware. Now with all the security software too you have a good excuse to buy  a faster computer with more memory.
More Canadians on the Internet than watch TV each week, says Ipsos-Reid poll

MONTREAL – The Ipsos Reid polling company says that for the first time ever, Canadians are spending more time each week online than watching television.Monday’s finding comes from the Inter(at)ctive Reid Report, an Ipsos Reid study that tracks online Canadians usage of the Internet. The report finds that overall, Canadians are now spending more than 18 hours a week online, compared with 16.9 hours watching television.Internet usage is up from 14.9 hours last year. The number of hours watching television also rose in the last year, from 15.8 hours in 2009. And  younger Canadians generally spend more time online than those over 55. 

 Some industry watchers have noted that the cost of watching TV is rising as cable TV companies and satellite operators raise the monthly cost of service. As that happens more people are watching TV online for free. In breaking down its survey, Ipsos-Reid noted that males are spending significantly more time online than females – 20 hours compared with 16. In addition, 18-34 year olds are spending 20 hours a week online on average, compared with 18 hours for those over 35. ‘The data indicates that not only are people of all ages spending more and more time online, but it also points to a shift in how online Canadians are consuming media and where they are spending their free time.’Today, online Canadians are finding a myriad of entertainment options available to them within the walls of their homes. While some entertainment content has simply shifted from television to online, the Internet is also providing new content to Canadians.”

It is only all common sense and was predicted to happen many years ago.. VALID good reasons that TV, radio, Newspapers now even have lost loads of advertisers to Google now as well, and Google  in the process has gotten bigger and rich too. 

 Quebecers least susceptible to cyber crime, Burlington, Ont., worst: study  In terms of the cities with the highest incidents of actual cyber crimes, Burlington and Victoria were followed by Langley, Port Coquitlam, Kelowna, Kitchener, Thunder Bay, Ont., Fredericton, Vancouver and Windsor, Ont.

Burlington had the worst rates of: computers infected by malware programs, attempted infections, and rates of computers being hijacked to send out spam. Burlington was second worst behind Victoria, B.C., in the fourth category: having a computer co-opted into a so-called botnet, a global network of computers that carries out attacks.

and many of my bad relatives seem to live in that Burlington area too..

Clearly now I got really tired of being lied to and abused by much too many professional bullies, perverts that I encounter too often in life now still,  so I next started to openly, personally expose them and to make them reap real personal negative consequences rightfully here too..  Here is another simple fact of undeniable truth of life.. All of us seem to spend a lot of time trying to find our personal happiness in life, and many seem to fail at it, so we then tend to try to blame our failure here next on being the fault of others..  The problem firstly now here often starts with one’s false definition of happiness. Happiness generally, firstly is doing a job well that you like to do and so  many people are unhappy cause they are also unrealistic, and lazy.  Most persons also next do not become deliberately despots or perverts in life from birth, it is a decision they generally do on their own make later in life.. Our self-worth, self esteem is a direct result of the good things you do , have done.. do the bad things and you will have a low self worth, poor self acceptance, and it is a waste of time thus to blame it mostly on the others.
(Isa 54:17 KJV)  No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their righteousness is of me, saith the LORD.
There are still much too many persons with a big bad mouth even  in my own related families, who got so used to wagging  their big bad  tongues, telling their lies about others, that next  they had falsely started to think they can and will get away with it for ever.. and they are next shocked when they are rightfully not only rebuked, but fully exposed to all as to who they are really .. slanderers, liars and human rights abusers..

March 19, 2010



All civil and public servants Leaders must be allowed to face scrutiny from press and the citizens 


AND  NO Judge has no right to decide what parliamentarians can see Judge has no right to decide what parliamentarians can see ALSO ALL Leaders must face scrutiny from press The “Conservative war against the media is ultimately an assault on democracy. In order for government to be held accountable, its leaders and actions must face scrutiny from the press. When a fascist or communist government comes to power, it will take control of the media to suppress criticism and opposition. The Conservative plot against the media, although indirect, appears to have the same goal. ”  ” This Conservative war against the media is ultimately an assault on democracy. In order for government to be held accountable, its leaders and actions must face scrutiny from the press. When a fascist or communist government comes to power, it will take control of the media to suppress criticism and opposition. The Conservative plot against the media, although indirect, appears to have the same goal. The end result is the negation of open, transparent and accountable government that Harper promised.”

Many people openly tell me that I am to be personally  commended for trying to clean about the much too many pretentious , bad doctors, bad nurses, medical care givers, really bad social workers now too  in Montreal.. they encourage me to keep up the good work. 

I rightfully assume the bad guys and their supporters do not appreciate it and that is why they do not get back to me.
Here is the sad reality, when you confront the wicked unrepentant abusers, they do too often play dead, hard to get, they try to hide like ostriches, hoping that by ignoring you and me that the matter will go away.. but they can dream on. I am persistent.. relentless.. I do not allow abusers to get away.. all it takes for the wicked to keep on doing bad things is for the good person to do nothing about it.
Just when I thought I had seen it all, I by now seen all of life’s perversities and corruptions  I now this week do discover what I am also now often told by many people, nurses, medical workers, the common attempt of monetary theft   when any person is near death, by the relatives who do come out of the wood work to fight over the money never mind   now even waiting first for him to die.
And sadly in the process now  many other feminist supporters of her falsely had supported her in doing this here including  social workers, a head nurse, a local bank manager now too. And true to form, they are all being RIGHTFULLY full exposed embarrassingly by me in the process too.
Full public exposure and prosecution of the guilty still does serve  everyone best interest.
It all next makes very interesting reading on the internet for the whole world now to read about it as well..

Sent: Saturday, March 27, 2010
Subject: Re Your letter to me dated March 18, 2010
 Get it very clear that I am no doctor so I can freely too complain very loudly to all persons, anyone I want too about anything I want to, even about any of the bad professionals, bad doctors and nurses, and hospital administrators, bad social services, and I do that and I continue will do that do the good of us all too. Better act properly on the matter before it gets worse and I escalate my complaints to all too.. and really you should have known that by now even too.
Does this below all meet your prior approvals? Well I got news for you it does not matter to me, I still can rightfully  write for myself to anyone I want too. No matter how embarrassing it is now for your so called professionals now too.


March 17, 2010

The public is also invited to share with the police anything they know about corruptions, abuses


QUEBEC – The Quebec elections chief wants to hear from a former justice minister who claims to have embarrassing information about fundraising within Premier Jean Charest’s Liberal party.  Marc Bellemare, who served in the Charest cabinet, has declared in media interviews that the governing party received generous donations from construction companies.  Corporate donations are illegal in Quebec, the construction industry has been inundated with allegations of corruption, and demands for a public inquiry are rampant.  But Charest has repeatedly refused requests for an inquiry.    Bellemare has declared in separate interviews that construction companies made major donations to the Liberals, and that he had information that could embarrass the government.  He has refused to elaborate further.  The office of Quebec’s director general of elections now says it will invite the former justice minister to share additional details. Premier Jean Charest rightfully denies any corruptions

The public is also invited to share with the police anything they know about corruptions, abuses. Now as you and your loved ones get older you too will spend more time in Doctor’s offices, Hospitals, and convalescent, old age homes and will have wished that you and I had done something more about it all before too..

It is clearly absurd to say all Canadian  doctors are bad or they are all good. “Complaints about Alberta MDs jumped in 2009  according to the province’s College of Physicians and Surgeons. About 41 per cent of complaints were about the quality of care and another 37 per cent arose from how doctors manage their practices. Most complaints are handled by what the college calls an informal resolution process.Of these, last year 34 per cent were remedied through resolution and 61 per cent were closed because the doctor was found to be right or there wasn’t enough information to continue. The remaining complaints were either withdrawn by the patients or referred to others. ”  “Am I the only one that can smell ‘white-wash’ “the college then determines if the complaint merits more investigation.” Does anyone else see a problem with the profession investigating itself??! Have we learned anything from the recent incidents involving the RCMP?  It sounds to me that patients with valid complaints need an organization dedicated to representing them rather than relying on ‘self policing’ by physicians and their colleagues.    “Doctors in ALBERTA? I thought they were Dentists. SHEEESH !” Most people complain about an MD because they are incompetent, rude, impatient, and do not listen to people..  people complain about certain doctors because they are bad doctors and they become WORSE as a result of improper resources and the situation is made worse by improper resources but even in the best of times, some MDs need an attitude adjustment….not all, some, and seemingly more and more everyday….
Again let me be clear I have my own   father’s  undeniable and full consent,  permissions to expose, demand the full prosecution of any, all of my father’s past, present abusers, even in Hospitals, Social services, Convalescent homes, Banks, etc.  I also do have the support of Quebec’s Premier Jean Charest as well here, and also the good staff of my Local Quebec Liberal MLA, as well as even the support of a local news media reporter.. all who do say to me keep up the good work, do continue to deal with all those bad persons..
In reality we all do know there are good and bad people in real life, sadly too many bad persons, that includes bad professionals, the bad lawyers, bad doctors, bad nurses, bad hospital administrators, bad cops., bad RCMP., bad  corporations and bad business persons now too and not just too many bad, unacceptable Politicians, ministers too now. and bad hospitals even ..  I am really rightfully disgusted as to how too many of the so called Canadian Professionals such as cops, RCMP officers, doctors, nurses, pastors tend to be bullies, abusers of others and too often now… they seem to falsely think they are above the law cause they hold an important job. I also do rightfully  not hesitate to talk often also with the news media and to use my right of free speech about any abuses I encounter such as the false abuses of patients is see in Hospitals too often these days too.


I am still awaiting the full reply, actions,  services towards my father and also towards me. And not replying, dealing  adequately to my email, demands does not make my complaints go away and you  already by now know that .

None of the allegations of the Medical wrong doings by me in wrting now too  have been denied in court or by the accused persons.

March 9, 2010

Ex-Alberta MP Jaffer’s drug, Impaired driving charges dropped


Public should know more about Jaffer: Nicholson  Globe and Mail  Mr. Jaffer is a former Conservative MP from Edmonton. He is married to Harper”s cabinet minister Helena Guergis.
Political stereotypes, joined at the hip National Post  What we think is this: that these people enter public life booming their concern for the little guy, the average Joe, the set-upon taxpayer, but as soon as they clip on their MP wings they can’t wait to shake off the dust of where they came from, parade their special status and go full prima donna as a matter of right.  Stephen Harper, we all remember, came out of Reform, a populist political movement that very particularly made a point of reminding Canadians how politicians, “once they got to Ottawa,” forgot the people, lost touch with their roots, ignored their constituents.  

Guergis, Jaffer at height of hypocrisy  IT’S NO WONDER that many young people don’t pay attention to politics. It is a dreary parade of lumpy middle-aged people in suits reading misleading and evasive talking points to one another, projecting emotions they don’t feel as they defend their parties, attack other parties and attempt to attract the attention of tuned-out voters with dim-witted propaganda. Thank goodness, then, for Helena Guergis and Rahim Jaffer, the Tory poster couple for bad behaviour, for offering young people a bit of titillation this week. It has been pretty good theatre — a farce in two acts — wherein they behave badly, with no consequences to themselves beyond public scorn, and we all get to enjoy the spectacle. The Tories look like they are coddling a couple of spoiled brats, and they look like hypocrites. Much of the Tories’ electoral success was based on a simple-minded anti-crime message. They promise to get tough, and pass laws requiring mandatory sentences. They self-righteously and dishonestly bleat at the opposition for obstructing those bills, and then kill those bills by proroguing. The Jaffer case still points to the reality of our criminal justice system. A lot of people get light sentences because of plea bargains.Sad..

Jaffer and Guergis have done us all a favour for drawing attention to the limits of the Conservatives’ crime agenda. Their farcical support of it too.. When it came to appealing the light sentence given to one of their own the Conservatives shut up.

The Canadian Press

Conservative minister Helena Guergis, minister of state for the status of women, was recently forced to apologize for an angry outburst against airport and Air Canada staff in Charlottetown. She allegedly seethed at being put through airline procedures as she arrived minutes before a scheduled flight, calling the city a “hellhole” and uttering a profanity.  Guergis   is also dealing with the fallout from husband Rahim Jaffer’s careless-driving charge. Jaffer, a former Conservative MP, saw charges of impaired driving and drug possession dropped – a “break” in the words of the judge who heard his case.

This is the same new Political party that had promised to be good, different from all the others firstly but basically still are the same.

Too many Canadians  consider  the apparent incompetence, favouritism and indifference exhibited by the Crown in withdrawing the more serious charges, including impaired driving, laid against Jaffer as unacceptable. The former Reform and Conservative MP Rahim Jaffer gets a slap on the wrist. He received what even the judge in the case conceded was a “break”. Next the  Law and order Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper, federal Justice Minister, and the federal security minister are not demanding a retrial cause they are happy one of their own got off scott free?  Considering Jaffer’s own tough-on-crime messages and the Conservative government’s dim view of lenient sentencing by judges, this all smells  of real hypocrisy now to all..

The $500 fine given to former Conservative MP Rahim Jaffer for careless driving by an Ontario judge on March 9, after he was initially charged with cocaine possession, impaired driving and speeding, hardly sends a message as a deterrent. This case raises the question, Can influence, money and a good lawyer sway the course of justice? Most Canadians will consider the penalty handed out to Jaffer to be unreasonable.

Former Conservative MP Rahim Jafferwas stopped for speeding north of Toronto last September. Provincial police from the Caledon detachment arrested him after he admitted to having consumed two bottles of beer and he failed a breath test.Police laid three charges against Jaffer – possession of cocaine, drunk driving and speeding – for doing 90 kilometres an hour in a 50 km/h zone. The advocacy group Mothers Against Drunk Driving has written to Ontario’s attorney general, demanding to know why the drunk driving case against Jaffer fell apart. “It is critical that answers be provided as to why the case did not proceed with the original charges, given that the evidence appeared to warrant and support the charges,” wrote MADD Canada’s National President Margaret Miller in the letter. The NDP’s justice critic, Joe Comartin,  said he wants both the provincial attorney general and Justice Minister Rob Nicholson to explain to Canadians why very serious charges against Jaffer were dropped, because there’s a “perception” of a double-standard.

Former Conservative MP Rahim Jaffer pleaded guilty today in Orangeville, Ont., to careless driving.  Charges of cocaine possession and drunk driving were withdrawn. Jaffer, who is married to junior federal cabinet minister Helena Guergis, was fined $500. Jaffer, 38, was arrested last Sept. 10 after police stopped him for speeding in Palgrave, Ont., north of Toronto.  The judge said he hoped the former politician recognized the break he was getting. Jaffer was first elected as an Alberta Conservative MP in 1997 but lost in his riding in 2008.

“WHAT?!!!  What a joke. How in the hell do you plead coke possession and impaired driving down to careless driving?  This slimeball should be in jail. THIS IS AN OUTRAGE.”

Sadly  this is a crappy judgment.. a poor ordinary fellow would get no breaks like this.. Our Conservative government law and order, accountability falsely does not apply to one of their own..

 The decision drew howls of outrage from government critics, who accused the Conservatives of gross hypocrisy for promoting an aggressive “tough-on-crime” agenda but remaining silent when the mantra was not applied to one of their own. Conservatives, up to and including the prime minister, have publicly criticized judges for sentences they deemed too light. Harper, unsolicited, publicly questioned the sentence handed to a Toronto terrorism convict in January.  But on Tuesday several Conservative MPs stressed that the Jaffer court proceedings were in Ontario jurisdiction and had nothing to do with the federal government. Yet political intervention is precisely what the Conservatives are pushing when they enact mandatory minimum sentencing laws, said several experts. “Prosecutors and judges strike deals to preserve proportionality. But because they can’t do it in public, they do it behind closed doors.” And a well-recorded history of increased plea bargains in areas of mandatory minimum sentences suggests it is people like Jaffer – connected, educated, wealthy – who benefit most, said criminologist Neil Boyd of Simon Fraser University in Burnaby. B.C.

Judge gives former Tory MP $500 slap on wrist Toronto Star When he was re-elected in 2006, Prime Minister Stephen Harper named him chair of the Conservative caucus.

Tories bristle when asked to explain Rahim Jaffer’s ‘slap on the wrist’ Globe and Mail (blog)

Tories should take Jaffer lesson to heart, dump minimum sentences: experts The Canadian Press

Poor optics on Jaffer sentence Ottawa Citizen


 so next the drunk cops will be let of the hook too ehhh
Rahim Jaffer and Helena Guergis have become the poster couple for political entitlement. Jaffer, a former MP and one-time chair of the Conservatives’s national caucus, was under intense pressure Wednesday to explain how he dodged impaired driving and cocaine possession charges in a plea bargain that earned him a $500 fine for careless driving. And the appearance of preferential treatment in his case was linked to that of his wife, the junior status of women minister who was allowed to board a plane last month despite throwing a public, obscenity-laced tantrum at Charlottetown airport.  Guergis issued a written statement apologizing for speaking “emotionally” to airport and airline staff while catching a plane. She conceded her conduct — allegedly yelling at employees, trying to force her way through a security barrier and grousing about being “stuck in this hell hole” — was inappropriate. Get rid of this couple they are an embaressement to all Canadians!!

December 23, 2009

about time that a Life sentence in Jail meant a life time in Jail.


I am really rightfully still no fan of the too often pretentious, inadequate Canadian Courts and the related bad, often lying Attorney generals, Solicitor Generals as well
I continue to be amazed that almost no one any more is being prosecuted for perjury, lying to or  in the courts, It is like the judges themselves  know that even the judges and lawyers are liars too often themselves and if they prosecute the other liars they next would have to deal with themselves as well.
It is also really  about time that a Life sentence in Jail meant a  a life time in Jail. Most of us already seem to know that to many Judges are too lenient on the real criminals, those persons  guilty of rape, sexual and physical abuses, robbery, major tax evasion, violence, and major economic, white collared crimes too.. All the convicted the criminals should pay back all they now have stolen as well, yes they should be deprived of any keeping any of the benefits of their wrong doings too.
It is also time that all bad, crooked cops now also get what they really do deserve, real punishment, job dismissal as well
It seems very perverse too that  the only courts that are efficient and do not hesitate to prosecuted, punish the accused offenders are the revenue generating traffic tickets courts.

It is an undeniable historical  fact of life that if you try to tell the bad people what they do not want to hear, or what they do not want others to know they next often will try to suppress your right of free speech, by any means, by your false oppression now as well, and that yes includes crooked persons, bad cops, bad politicians, bad elders, bad pastors.. even in a democracy. 

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