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April 1, 2011

It should be an election issue – the Bad phone companies


At reelection times they all do make promises, and once elected they even do make some laws, but they also do tend to  pass the buck next generally as well. That is the unacceptable general problem with Canada’s pretentious politicians,  consumer affairs Ministers, Health and justice  ministers, Civil and public servants, the RCMP police included too often now as well who like to dump, dumb you, leave you on your own as quick as possible. Civil and public servants, and Phone cell companies employees are all very much the same,, they seem too often to lie claiming they will do a good job to get a pay but when it comes to delivering the work effectiveness promises they start to quote established polices.. buck passing excuses.

The consumer abuses by   Bell, Rogers, Virgin, Telus, Primus  etc. they all should be an election issue..

Majority of Canadians they just want  all pricing to be fair — and Bell, Rogers, Telus, Shaw and Videtron etc., so far have been anything but.

  The present truths about Canada’s  phone, cell phone, internet communication businesses


Truth 1  The federal government including the CRTC and the Consumer affairs, industry Ministers do  not consistently regulate, monitor, supervise     Canada’s  phone, cell phone, internet communication business, major telecommunications firms and their employees as well for their false, misleading advertisings, blatant lies, abusive of the customers, nor specially  for their too often bad, immoral, pretentiously lying service departments and the CRTC itself does not all even investigate, prosecute the immoral company representatives who lie, mislead the customers.
Truth 2 Dealing with the service departments of the internet providers, cell or phone companies,in obtain a new service or cancelling an existing services  too often is one of the worst personal experiences as these firms tend to be vague, uncooperative, unhelpful, and seem to place deliberate customer obstacles in the way. In the last year I  have personally dealt with Rogers, Primus, Bell, Virgin mobile and none of these firms customers services were acceptable.These firms have the ability to make the customer services department to be helpful, cooperative, friendly, informative, to be simplified  and to expedite  matters instead they seem undeniably to like to confuse issues, put obstacles into the customer’s ways too. These sales customer representatives tend to talk to me falsely as though they themslves now are qualified, lawyers, judges and do sate that their own interpretation of the laws, contract is always right and this in reality now is far from the truth, not in reality in accordance with the applicable federal and provincial laws too.
Truth 3  Canada’s  phone, cell phone, internet communication business Industry too often mislead the customers by claiming that their industry is regulated and they would not even exist in business if they had  cheated, lied, for the government would not let them, but nothing can be further from the truth now as well. For they also do lie  when it claims that it tends to follow their own High  industry standard, for they themselves tend  not regulate their own  bad employees, as their self regulation tends to be another form of masturbation.The industry standard also now generally  is one it seems of lying to the customers, the potential customers, working at obtaining and keeping the customers at any costs,immoral acts included.
For example many of the major internet supply firms too often too they also now  do  tend to claim , advertise the fact they do have the highest  internets speed , and a simple truth is that they all cannot make a similar statement for sure.
Truth 4  The phone, cell phone, internet communication companies individually like to lie, mislead the customers by claiming that their too often abusive, one sided contracts now  are all legally bind, even if they already do break even existing  federal and provincial laws even. The rather too often hypocritical INDUSTRY often still ask the customers to hold to their own definitions of the contract rules while they themselves too often undeniably do not hold the normal rules of decency and ACCEPTABLE standard.
Truth 5   Furthermore each firm has its own standard but not always applicable  contracts that vary significantly  between the firms as well that too often are not detailed firstly to the customers beforehand as well during the initial contract stages
 My being used to producing engineering designs, reports, cost control reports I am used to put it into writing but I am next realy surprised how many persons in the governments, telecommunication industry find an excuse not to write back, ask instead to talk to me by phone, cause they do not want any evidences of their wrong doings in writing firstly. Just for example ask your phone company to send you a copy of your specific contract, your latest agreement details with them  and you will see jowl they are all reluctant to do so now. While they will even on the phone promise to do so they will next not do so generally. These people too often do know that they can lie on the phone without facing negative consequences, SO I LIKE TO FOLLOW UP ALL PHONE CONVERSATIONS, AGREEMENT  IN WRITING TO THEM 

With Bell backing down on Internet billing, it just might not become an election issue…  (but it probably should be) Toronto Life – ‎Mar 29, 2011‎  Bell announced a new pricing plan that would allow independent Internet service providers to buy wholesale access in large chunks without having to pass on the caps and overage charges Bell was insisting on. The hordes of angry Internet users who were outraged about the CRTC’s decision on usage-based billing (UBB) chalked up a minor win yesterday. Bell announced a new pricing plan that would allow independent Internet service providers to buy wholesale access in large chunks without having to pass on the caps and overage charges Bell was insisting on. (The previous policy could have been summed up as “do what we say and thank us for the privilege.”) Many observers, however, say it’s not enough.

CANOE   BCE Inc. may have backtracked on its proposed usage-based Internet billing scheme but the flip-flop doesn’t change the fact that Canadians pay too much for metered web access, according to a leading e-commerce expert.–
 Zeropaid, a Canadian non-profit advocacy organization and outspoken critic behind the Stop the Meter campaign to stop UBB, says it is “pleased” with Bell Canada’s decision to back down.
 Bell , Rogers, etc are, after all, mostly federally unregulated companies,.. and these bad big businesses get the corporate tax breaks from the Conservatives too.. they should rather pay a higher tax..


“Canada’s Worst Cell Phone Bill” BELONGS TO BELL but it seems the other phone interent companies are not much better..


Virgin Mobile Canada As I have found many times in March 2011 even even weekly firsthand there is no reality between the cheap mere words of Virgin’s advertised statement for caring about the customer and next still the actual  very unsatisfactory poor Virgin Mobile Canada  customer service   provided when it comes to dealing even with a valid Virgin customer complaints.. next in six weeks now they all I had talked to at Virgin still were unable to cancel the original request of mine to my cell phone service or even to  give me a proper Virgin  finalized statement of account. and instead the Virgin customer care, the Virgin Billing and accounting departments  continued to bill me for my phone services and to disregard my requests and all of Virgin had even failed to correct their inadequacies towards me even  many times.. 


On 4/1/2011 12:37 PM, Virgin Mobile Canada wrote:  Hello, Paul! Marlee here with Virgin Mobile, helping you out and getting you on track as quickly as possible is what I’m all about, However, there are times when contacting support via telephone is going to be necessary. Our Member Care Team will be more than happy to provide you with any information regarding the canceled account. As per privacy policies I am not permitted to access or provide information from within an account via email. You can touch base with Member care by dialing 1-888-999-2321. Advisers are ready to help you out 8:00 am to 12:00 am EST. Monday to Saturday and 9:00 am to 10:00 pm Sunday. Thank you for contacting support via email. Have a great weekend.
VMC Team
 Paul [THREAD_ID:28512378]” . 
Virgin is clearly a  bunch of crappy liars and are all incompetent, pretenders, for  talked to their phone support by phone 5 days and all they did was, do lie.. they instead of cancelling my phone insisted on trying to make more money by not cancelling it.  I was promised last week by Virgin on the phone i would get my updated balance statement and the refund for my cell phone overpayment,  as well in the mail immediately mail by next week and so far I got neither.. You Virgin do all lie when you say you care about the customer and that you will service them properly even..
   So I now again phoned Virgin and Virgin now says in contrast that it will take up to 90 days for me to get my money back.  Virgin is stealing my money by not giving it back to me… next Virgin again promises by next week to have all of this issue resolved. Can you belive any of what they say for I do not..


Virgin Mobile Canada  screws up a simple cell phone and the related cell phone number cancellation procedure. Virgin Mobile Canada Customer services again  told me  today by phone that they have no power, control over the Virgin Mobile Canada billing , account procedures. statements. refunds, departments.. Now even months later from Feb 15, 2010 Virgin Mobile Canada  has not even kept any of their many last Virgin Mobile Canada promises to escalate my Virgin Mobile Canada billing statement, money refund  and on April 13, 2011 Virgin Mobile Canada BECAUSE  clearly is so incompetent they Virgin Mobile Canada that they do continually   do on the phone make useless Virgin Mobile Canada promises . Next Virgin Mobile Canada again informed me that  there is nothing else they can now even do for me cause they are the  Virgin Mobile Canada customer billing  inquiry representative and they are are only a basically useless, powerless Virgin Mobile Canada Customer billing, phone representative, and so they  Virgin Mobile Canada do not know when I will next get my due Virgin Mobile Canada credit,  my money,  my Virgin Mobile Canada cheque, my Virgin Mobile Canada final bill  in the mail, they Virgin Mobile Canada do continue to send me for moths the wrong bills, and it takes Virgin Mobile Canada 4 to 6  weeks to next  correct them so, but over 2 months had passed and they Virgin Mobile Canada have missed their original promised deadline too to do so.. so  they Virgin Mobile Canada continue to lie to me all the time.. they Virgin Mobile Canada do in writing promise you a good Virgin Mobile Canada customer service, they Virgin Mobile Canada claim they have got an award for 5 years for the best customers services, but the reality as I see it differs now  .. Now I get a new Virgin Mobile Canada promise i will get my Virgin Mobile Canada cheque 3 to six weeks from the first  week of April 2011 when my Virgin Mobile Canada account was now supposedly closed.. Virgin Mobile Canada they cannot  DO ANYTHING GOOD FOR ME HERE..The next  Virgin Mobile Canada final statement will only be billed to me on the 16 of April, plus it will take at least another 5 to 9 days and then it may be shipped to me? The Virgin Mobile Canada customer service by Virgin was, is stated to me today as being  the best in the world according to the last 5 years but my own undeniable witness and reality is that Virgin Mobile Canada statement itself as well is all crap. stating lies,  mere  useless words.. having to me no evidence of such a fact.






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