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December 7, 2015


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Now the relationship between Russia and Ukraine is still deadlocked. The most immediate issue between the two is the fact that Ukraine is a county of thugs and thieves still.

The  problems will go unresolved for some time, even the standoff over eastern Ukraine, which is likely to continue well into next decades.

The challenge to Russia’s interests in its own backyard by the initial expansion of NATO is responsible for this renewed Cold War mentality and belligerence from Russia. Pushing NATO as far east as geopolitically possible is reminiscent of the neocon fever dream that brought us the invasion of Iraq and the resulting chaos that followed.

Russia still has a major position in the world that they do seek to re-establish. Moscow is “engaging in a large-scale military modernisation project with the intention of projecting power into Asia” and “its relationship with China, Asia has deepened considerably”.

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