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June 3, 2015

Doctors receiving falsely kickbacks


You all can easily know that I have said before here that one the things that makes any health care system bad is the much too many  money hungry doctors..

Too many Doctors are mainly selfish, self centered, want to get rich fast


Meanwhile  Quebec’s anti-corruption task force suspects Porter and four high-profile  executives involved in the construction of the McGill University Superhospital  were part of a massive fraud conspiracy.UPAC issued arrest warrants Wednesday morning for Arthur Porter, Pierre  Duhaime, Riadh Ben Aissa, Yanai Elbaz , Jeremy Morris. UPAC confirmed  Wednesday that Elbaz – the former associate director general of the MUHC – is in  custody and will be charged Thursday. Duhaime — the former CEO of SNC-Lavalin – will turn himself in to Surete du  Quebec headquarters Thursday morning, He has already been charged with fraud. Ben  Aissa — another former executive at SNC-Lavalin — has already been arrested  and questioned by police for his possible role in other plots. All five are wanted for fraud, conspiracy to commit fraud, and related charges.


Now Some medical pot producers paying fees to MDs for patient referrals: company, A major producer of medical marijuana says doctors and specialized clinics are receiving kickbacks from some licensed pot producers in exchange for sending them patients, a practice the company calls unethical and a violation of professional.. Where else  are they receiving falsely  kickbacks now too?



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RCMP officers missed an opportunity to stop gunman before he entered Parliament



The   Mounties will scrutinize spending of the Senate’s top leadership along with that of several other past and sitting senators. They include Senate Speaker Leo Housakos, recently named to the top job by Prime Minister Stephen Harper; Conservative government leader Claude Carignan; and Senate Liberal caucus leader James Cowan. All three were among 21 pegged by auditor general Michael Ferguson’s report as owing money.   So the RCMP  wants to review findings on all 30 senators flagged for questionable expenses should  also start of with it’s own personnel as well.


It does not take a report written a year later to confirm I was right  about the bad RCMP, Security in Canada.


  Fire the bad cops And don’t try to give us all  the crap that any  bad police officers can be next still retrained, reformed .. the police themselves tend not to believe that any of the bad guys can be reformed    “The RCMP they are gaining a reputation for being more incompetent each day. What is  meant is that they are losing credibility as a police agency.   They should be called the RCIP, Royal Canadian Incompetent Police”


RCMP officers missed an opportunity to stop gunman Michael Zehaf-Bibeau before he entered Parliament because a radioed warning of his approach came out “garbled,” RCMP Assistant-Commissioner Gilles Michaud said Jun 03, 2015 after the release of four reports into the Oct. 22 attack.  The report on the RCMP’s deployment on Parliament Hill, conducted by the Ontario Provincial Police, also cites a lack of “operational preparedness,” including planning, training and resources.  The report stresses the approach to security and protection on the Hill is “highly inadequate” and concludes the shooting was a “grim reminder that Canada ad the RCMP itself s ill-prepared to prevent and respond to such attacks.” The reports come as the cost ineffective  RCMP is set to assume control of a new Parliamentary Protective Service and take over sole responsibility for security in and around Parliament Hill.


A garbled police radio transmission failed to immediately alert RCMP officers that an armed Michael Zehaf Bibeau was storming Parliament Hill on Oct. 22, 2014, an Ontario Provincial Police report has found.

A woman with a baby carriage first alerted a female RCMP officer on the Hill about a man with a gun, RCMP Assistant Commissioner Gilles Michaud told a news conference Wednesday.

As the terrified woman attempted to seek shelter in the back of the officer’s cruiser, the officer tried to radio others about Zehaf Bibeau, who had forced his way inside a ministerial limo and was driving towards Centre Block.

However, the officer’s radio message came out “garbled” and no one understood what she was saying, Michaud said.

Another officer saw the limo approaching, but did not realize that Zehaf Bibeau was inside.

The gunman then made his way into Centre Block, where he was shot within seven seconds of entering the building, the OPP report says.

Zehaf Bibeau was shot 31 times, including two shots that would have been immediately fatal, according to the review.

The House of Commons and the RCMP released the redacted versions of the OPP report Wednesday. The names of all the officers and civilians involved are redacted in the OPP report.   The belief of many Parliamentarians is the RCMP officers on Parliament Hill are unhappy with their assignment and are only posted there temporarily.

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