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May 8, 2015

The West and Ukraine are looking dumber and dumber , liars

Putin the Hero

The repeated lies and exaggerations of the western media about Russia , and Ukraine  is criminal, appalling.


NATO, Europe and America are going to risk the end of the world war for a corrupted, racist Ukrainian government.    The  Ukrainian oligarch, billionaires,  undeniably mostly Jews, are totally corrupt, and that includes the oligarch Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko .  The Ukrainian  agency established to fight corruption in Ukraine faces challenges, both within Ukraine’s government and from the country’s wealthy oligarchs.  People are being sucked into supporting an incompetent, corrupt, cruel Ukrainian government that most Ukrainians won’t tolerate,  a real moral dilemma too.  Yes  it is the extend of their outright lies, fabrications they do still undertake to make Russia look bad, the villain AT ANY costs that is unacceptable..  With the social media people have contact world wide and many can find the truth from many other medias.. It is funny how the…

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