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February 13, 2015

Canada unable to guarantee proper usage

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Putin the Hero


Canada goes out of the way to help Ukraine and gives satellite imagery to Ukrainian military but  at the same  Canadian government is unable to insure that  the satellite pictures supplied to Ukraine  would only be used to help Ukraine take defensive measures and not offensive operations such as targeting the Ukrainian rebels opposing forces.


These satellite imagery that would give Kiev’s forces new high-resolution battle intelligence in their long-running conflict with Ukrainian rebels,   separatists.


RADARSAT-2, a satellite launched in 2007, is operated by Richmond, B.C.’s MacDonald Dettwiler and Associates for the Canadian government and is used for everything from coastal surveillance by the military to mapping and keeping track of sea ice, crops, pollution and ships.


Canada’s Defence Minister Jason Kenney said this week Canada would be willing to provide training to Ukrainian troops, etc.,


The reason still  they  are in this big mess in Ukraine is because…

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