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February 12, 2015

Once again Ukraine goes back on it’s words, peace

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Putin the Hero


Ukraine has proven over and over again it cannot be trusted to have peace in Ukraine.


Ukraine had agreed to trade a broad autonomy for the east to get back control of its Russian border by the end of this year under a peace deal hammered out  in negotiations between Russia, Ukraine, France and Germany. French President Francois Hollande  said the announcement of a new cease-fire deal has come as a “relief to Europe.”  Russian President Vladimir Putin told reporters that the agreement envisages a cease-fire beginning Sunday (2200 GMT (5 p.m. EST) Saturday) as well as a special status for Ukraine’s separatist regions and provisions to address border concerns and humanitarian issues. The deal,  requires the Ukrainian parliament to give wide powers to the eastern regions as a condition for restoring Ukraine’s full control over its border with Russia. “But the concrete steps of course have to be taken, and…

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