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April 8, 2014




RECENT PROVINCIAL AND FDERAL ELECTIONS HAVE CONFIRMED THAT QUEBEC DOES NOT WANT TO SEPERATE FROM CANADA. Both the federal and the provincial separatist parties have been decimated, removed from Power and both leaders even lost their own ridings seat. The federal Gilles Duceppe and  the provincial Pauline Marois. The Quebec separatist vote crumbled, to the benefit of the NDP Party and  Couillard’s Quebec Liberals. PQ loses power after only 18 months in office

Nineteen months after they were ousted from power, the Liberals in Quebec will form the province’s next majority government. The Quebec Liberals won Monday’s provincial election with a majority government is a devastating blow to the sovereignty movement. With most polls reporting, the Liberals had won some 70 of the 125 seats up for grabs, compared with 30 for the PQ and about 20 for the third-placed Coalition for Quebec’s Future.  Parti Québécois leader Pauline Marois, after leading her party to a crushing defeat and losing her own seat in Roberval, announced late Monday that she was resigning her post.

“To avoid a repeat of 2007, the PQ launched its Charter of Values proposal. It was a bid to reclaim the conservative francophone electorate outside Montreal.For a while last year, the charter put Mr. Couillard in an awkward spot, as the Liberal leader was unable to unite his caucus and struggled to define a clear position. However, the charter appears now to have backfired on the PQ. The PQ’s use of the charter might have been a case of dabbling in wedge politics in the worst possible way. Québec solidaire spokesperson Françoise David was re-elected in the riding of Gouin, defeating controversial PQ candidate Louise Mailloux, who had been accused of being anti-Semitic because of her belief that kosher and halal certifications were hidden religious taxes. ” 2014 Quebec election

Is it still important that Philippe Couillard’s seems to be BFFs with Arthur Porter, the disgraced McGill University Health Centre director, who is currently sitting in a Panamanian prison in connection to an alleged $22.5-million kickback scheme at the MUHC?


Wife pleads guilty to laundering money for former spy watchdog Arthur Porter

The wife of Arthur Porter, the accused fraudster and former head of the federal spy watchdog, has admitted to laundering millions of dollars stolen from the public purse.



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