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November 13, 2013

Scandalous politics reality

The media – statecraft, elections, parliamentary debates – is primarily concerned still about the  endless mistrust and outrage, revelations’ about individuals, their personal failings or corrupt practices, on the individual misgivings that lead to more  systemic corruption..or the enemies of the state..and of the people. Such as ‘ the bureaucrat,’ ‘the politician,’ the ‘city worker,’ the ‘urban elite,’ ‘the suburban bumpkin,’ ‘the drug dealer’ , the ruling class, patriarchy even the white supremacy.. These personal scandal push politics more into a conservative direction. Thus politics is often reduced to morality contest while the subordinate even systemic corruption remains intact. The Names and personalities may change but  negative policies and negative overall structures of power are not changed. Corruption was permeated  the whole tree, it’s roots even,  but only a branch and merely for show is cut off..
Neoliberalism and neoconservatism are not really about the concern for the  citizens own good welfare, not about ‘saving taxpayers’ money.’   nor what is really best for the state, nor about the economic fiscal discipline in general as it is more of a political tool, in fact  more   about gaining control of the top echelons of the state in order to discipline or destroy firstly the opposition, and also secondly some of the Sate branches (those involved in redistribution, progressive taxation or limiting property rights), even to expand others (those involved in policing, warfare, and handing out patronage, PPP contracts and corporate bailouts) and to also reduce the range of manoeuvre of future governments (by shrinking the revenue base of the state). The subject of Debts and Deficits, Fiscal responsibility have their good political platform uses supported by those who more rights for the  investors and property owners, and not the citizens per say. During their election campaigns, both Harper and Ford made much of their commitment to ‘transparent’ and ‘open’ government but next Unfolding revelations show the opposite, revealed them as liars rather.. The arbitrariness in one’s political decision-making personalizes politics and breeds more  Scandalization of Politics. A political style that celebrates the brutality of the dominant and their symbols (war heroes, the monarchy, brawling hockey players) is difficult to control. It easily morphs into the kind of domineering outbursts and abusive habits, class warfare,  on display   by both Harper and Ford   such as their opposition to substantial social equality and  racist views, ‘breaking the rules’ of government , anti-democratic centralization of power, cultivating a public hatred even of the  indigenous peoples, low-income women, cyclists and environmentalists,   racialized class and gender inequalities,  which  has been known for many years .
“What is worse, scandal evokes desires to ‘clean up the mess’ by means of authoritarian intervention. Problems with elected politicians? Bring in the RCMP or the Police Chief to restore order. Yes, the very RCMP whose legitimacy is actively in question because of their role in cracking down on political protests and clearing the path of resource companies when First Nations attempt to defend their land, as the Mikmaq of Elsipogtog have been doing. Yes, the same Toronto Police force that, Rinaldo Walcott urges us to remember, “constantly stops, questions and cards black people and aboriginal people with less evidence of suspicious activity than warrant documents concerning Ford and Lisi reveal.”  But never mind, why not propose the Police Chief for mayor anyway? In Jesse McLaren’s words: “the media praise of the police chief … shows how a drug scandal amidst the 1% can still reinforce the 1%,” ] and, in the process, further demonize the many people of colour in North Etobicoke who became ‘collateral damage’ in the paramilitary drug raids (through which the police retrieved the ‘crack tape’ featuring Mayor Ford).”  
Nevertheless be sure your sins will be found and shouted from the housetops , especially those  persons at the top.. as this sells newspapers..
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