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November 2, 2013

Canadian Federal Conservatives Delegates


Canadian  Federal Conservatives Delegates In Calgary debated hundreds of new and future Conservative policies but the policy resolutions passed   included:

Harassing Telephone Calls  , Digital communications, including text messages, would be considered harassing telephone calls under the Criminal Code.

—The government will resist domestic or international pressure to delegitimize firearms ownership

—Those convicted of more than one serious crime would serve their sentences consecutively, something the government is already looking at doing.

—Allowing faith-based organizations to bar groups whose views they disagree with from using their facilities.

Euthanasia – The policy resolution seeks to reaffirm the party’s position against euthanasia.

Canada’s Broadcasting System –Canada’s national broadcaster is once again slated to have their funding cut. If passed, the policy would see the CBC lose all public funding, which the government believes would reduce unfair competition held by private companies.

–  A motion condemning sex-selective abortion passed with overwhelming support among delegates

Sexual Exploitation in Canada –The policy would reject the increasingly commonplace idea of legalizing prostitution, and condemns human trafficking. It also aims to create a national strategy to criminalize the above actions in Canada.

Freshwater Fish Marketing Act  –Fisherman would have more freedom to sell their products if this resolution to repeal the Freshwater Fish Marketing Act ever made it into government legislation. The move would end the current monopoly held by the Freshwater Fish Marketing Corporation.

Public Service Excellence- This policy calls on the government to make sure public servants benefits and pensions are in line with the private sector. This would likely result in reduced benefits allocated to public servants.

Labour  – the Conservatives want to eliminate mandatory union memberships. According to the policy, forced financial contributions limit the freedom of Canadians.

Rights of Workers –The policy would give union members the power to decide where their money is being sent. Right now, a portion of their dues are used to support political or media dues, something the policy would allow union members to opt out of.


“Among the new Conservative party policies:

– Canadians should not be forced to join unions and pay dues. This is the start of an effort by Conservatives to persuade Harper to introduce a contentious “right-to-work law,” similar to those in some U.S. states, that critics say are a thinly-veiled attempt to destroy unions.

– Federal public service unions and those in federally-regulated industries should tell their members how much of their dues go to political donations, media organizations and other political activism. Union members should be allowed to “opt out” of the portion of their dues that go to such activities.

– Federal public service pensions should be brought in line with those in the public sector, likely meaning they are either slashed now or the rate of future growth is cut. Treasury Board President Tony Clement spoke in favour of the motion and promised it will be an approach he soon takes to the bargaining table to seek concessions from federal unions.

“For too long, there has been this major gap in wages and benefits between the public and the private sector,” said Clement. “This is not sustainable, it’s not right, it’s not conservative, and it’s not in the public interest.”

– The Conservative Party will not support any legislation to legalize euthanasia or assisted suicide. This was a motion that sparked strong debate on either side, with one delegate warning that legalized euthanasia would give doctors “the right to directly and intentionally cause your death.”

– The party “condemns discrimination against girls through gender selection” – which means it opposes abortion in cases where the parents don’t want to give birth to a baby girl. British Columbia MP Mark Warawa, who put forward the motion, was blocked by Harper’s team on Parliament Hill when he tried to discuss it in the Commons earlier this year. But Conservative delegates passed his motion easily.

“Right now in the world there are over 200 million missing girls because of the practice of using ultrasounds to find out if it’s a boy or girl,” Warawa told delegates. “Girls have equal value as boys, we should not be discriminating against them in any form.”

– The party pledges that a “Conservative government recognizes the legitimacy of private ownership of firearms and will rest any domestic or international pressure to the contrary.” After the last election, the government moved to kill the long-gun registry, and more recently, it drew sharp criticism in September when it failed to sign an international treaty to regulate the global arms trade.

– The party, whose members have often complained of bias in the CBC, believes the best way to “control” the network is for the government to establish “distinct” budgets for the TV and radio arms of the corporation.

– To properly punish criminals who are convicted of more than one “serious crime”, they should serve their sentences “consecutively rather than concurrently” so that they would spend more time in jail.”

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