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September 18, 2013

Politicians or Poliliars?



Honesty and good communication skills are the top qualities Canadians think ideal and successful political leaders should have, according to a new survey by Nanos Research. As parties begin to plan for the 2015 election campaign, personality politics and how Canadians judge each of the federal leaders will be a major part of the plan, says Nik Nanos, and the research suggests honesty, good communication and strong beliefs trumps making the best decisions for a political party every time.

Once elected next they all lie the same..
I am not the only one who has notice that the new Conservative, under Prime Minister  Stephen Harper did not keep his original promises of an open government, accountability and lies instead.. many others have noticed the same thing.. his ministers also too often tend to lie, do not keep their promises..  they next had undeniably became like all the bad liars, bad political parties before them too..
Now are they Politicians  or Poliliars?
So was it accidental the same Prime Minister appointed more liars also  to the senate too?


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