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August 20, 2013

Imagine this our too often useless, immoral politicians get an extra paid 4 week vacation again?


Stephen Harper to seek prorogation of Parliament

Imagine this our too often useless, immoral  politicians get an extra paid 4 week vacation again? as if Canada has no major problem that needs their attention.. if they cannot see the problems they just need to read my posts here.. We firstly do need to regulate the police as well as all of the bad politicians.. And there is a need to regulate even the type of people we even do let into Canada now for sure.. Thieves, liars, tax evaders, trouble makers, people abusers, children abusers, drug users and pushers, terrorists, religious extremists, sex maniacs, violence prone people should all for a start too be kept out..

Public exposure and prosecution of the major guilty persons serves as the best solution, deterrent to all now still too. Professionals, Politicians, police included now too. Where are the Justice Ministers really when they are needed? Elsewhere? Where? at their happy hour Bars..

And extra  these paid vacations for the Members of Parliament were all brought to you by the same happy hour Prime Minister Stephen Harper who had put his bad friends into power, even into the senate now too..


Tom Mulcair  NDP leader says Harper is ‘hiding’ behind prorogation as the prime minister is afraid to face questions about the burgeoning Senate expenses scandal.


Although I have written on many topics, but  it seems like the readers do really like mainly these topics
1 Divorce and remarriage issues..
2: Alcohol and alcoholics
3: Medicare
“Medication errors led to severe harm or death in 36 Ontario patients:    In the first year of mandatory reporting, Ontario hospitals disclosed that 36 patients had suffered severe adverse events – 10 of them fatal – because of medication errors. Those errors included patients being given an excess dose of a drug or given it too often; having the wrong drug administered; or experiencing an unanticipated adverse reaction to a medicine. Medication mistakes led to the deaths of 10 patients and severely jeopardized the health of 26 others, leading to longer hospital stays and in some cases disability, says the report compiled for the Ontario government by the Institute for Safe Medication Practices” and just a tip of the giant iceberg of medical inadequacies..
4: Federal government
5 Provincial governments- Seems there is no province  that has a really great government too.
6 Municipal  governments Montreal, Toronto seem to be still very popular for citizens complaints..
7 Police, RCMP If you hired bad immoral cops in the first place you cannot retrain them to become good cops next too. Local cops tend to be just as bad,
8 Canada’s mostly bad telecommunication firms
9: Other
10: Justice
One has to be ignorant not to know that Canada faces  too often a Youth unemployment Problem.. the federal Minister of Education should be aware of that but we do not have one.. While in Canada many people go to University  in Germany most people go to a trade school instead, so Germany has the less youth unemployment and is one of the most prosperous country  too.
What really peeves me off about this pretentious Conservative Government is just me waking up in my old age  and seeing that  they do not really work,  as they  have not done nothing good about it most of this list yet too.
 “By our count, there were more than a dozen major things left hanging in the air when parliamentarians last warmed their benches. What really went on behind the scenes between Senator Mike Duffy and former PMO chief Nigel Wright remains a mystery. No one has identified the person or people behind the fraudulent robocalls that misdirected voters during the last federal election. The fate of Senator Pamela Wallin, whose improperly claimed expenses have been sent to the Mounties, is unclear. The relative happiness of backbench Conservative MPs is anybody’s guess, though apparently the PM’s new chief of staff has played diplomat over the summer. The government’s next move on Senate reform is in the air, pending the Supreme Court’s consideration of six questions the government asked about how to actually reform the chamber. The next Parliamentary Budget Officer has not been hired. The future of the Canada Job Grant, touted by the feds as a solution to the country’s skills gap, is in the air. The airplane that replaces the CF-18 fighter jet has not been identified. Europeans and Canadians still haven’t figured out how to trade freely. U.S. President Barack Obama still hasn’t made a decision about the future of the Keystone XL pipeline. A Canadian regulator hasn’t made its decision about the Northern Gateway pipeline through British Columbia’s interior. The government still hasn’t set emissions regulations for oil and gas producers. The government hasn’t entirely addressed how it will meet aboriginal Canadian demands that emerged from the Idle No More movement. And the prime minister hasn’t called byelections in a number of ridings that stand vacant. “

Many of  previous Prime Minister were known to be boozers also now  .. Paul Martin, Jean Chretien, Brian Mulroney.. and what do I thing about that? see


Hey  I get really peeved off since I took a more serious entry into provincial and federal politics.. they do very little to help Citizens.. the same old complaints tend to be ongoing. It seems all the elected officials of all the Political parties are still liars and thieves, they  use mostly  their offices to help  their Party get reelected, and to increase their own income.. and they think we are stupid not to notice it or to care about it too..  who is being fooled as to who they really are.. the officials themselves..


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