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August 7, 2013

The ordinary citizen is demanded to sort the garbage, refuse into proper recyclable containers

Remember when the New Conservative  government had pre-election lied to us and had said elect us and we will be fully accountable and transparent.. well next we even know the Prime Minister Stephen Harper does not even give an account as to how much he spends and too  often in the happy hour bars now…
A penny wise but still hundreds of thousands of dollars wasteful applies to the governments, civil servants and their policies. Both Liberals and Conservatives have been crooked now..
The ordinary citizen  is demanded to sort the garbage, refuse into proper recyclable containers… but meanwhile, as we have often detailed in the news media continually, thousands of government ministers, civil and public servants for the last half a centaury even Canada wide too  have lied on their taxes, expense accounts now, have participated in corruptions, have taken bribes and in the last  year not even a handful of them have been arrested, put in jail. Why is this acceptable still?
Over a  year now I have  written in detail about the 2 corrupted subsidized residences,  which now are subsidized housing subsidized by both Canadian and Quebec taxpayers  where even half of the bad residents, solely all retired New immigrants reside , who had never even worked officially in Canada, did work  or do under the table,  but they all even get the supplemental federal pensions cause they are so poor, and many of them still even have undeclared income from out of the country , and many  do travel abroad annually too, and one even owns a new home elsewhere now too, and one presently is in Bulgaria trying to sell his tangible property there now.. yet still even to date they  are all still abusing the Canadian taxpayers.  The Quebec and the federal Government now clearly had refused to deal with it so far so,  and this is still really unacceptable Bullshit as they all do need to have better control really now as to how taxpayer’s money is being spent. Why do they refuse to deal with it? Cause they are obviously abusing the taxpayer’s monies still themselves.
Public exposure and prosecution of these guilty persons serves everyone’s best interest..

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