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June 3, 2013

Reasons Your House Isn’t Selling

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Spring is finished, Summer is here Housing Sales is back. Most  People want a home for July 1st Possession too
“The market is starting to hum again—even roar in some areas, with demand outstripping supply.” as the realtor  would lie to you..  A new report  an Association of Realtors shows that sales of existing homes   saw the most growth in years”
When you are buying it is called a Home,. and when you are selling it is called a house deliberately so you will not get attached to it. It is always House selling market?????
According to the Realtor it is always a good time to sell your House or to buy a Home.. especially for them, as they earn a commission hopefully.. so most of them it seems will even lie to get your listing, lie as to what they will do, and lie about the reasons still most houses do not sell within the listing period..
And what you did not know everyone lies, but some tell much bigger lies, more unacceptably too. By the way self regulation of professionals tends not to work, it is just another word for masturbation.. and politicians are reluctant to do much good about this anyway.

But still a stronger Real Estate market still  isn’t a guarantee that you can even sell your house. There will always be reasons Realtors have not sold your home and reasons some people won’t buy what you’re offering.

Having trouble attracting a buyer?
How to overcome some common obstacles to a home sale
If you chose a bad real estate firm and even worse now chose a bad incompetent, lying Realtor you are already facing a great set back.. Hiring the wrong agent. If you’re selling your home you need to choose a real estate agent that not only knows the area and the housing market well, but has the marketing skills to make your home stand out. You just cannot go with any old firm or agent, or with what your friends tell you to do, you have to do some real work, research firstly here too  Looking to chose a Realtor.. call a local firm a, talk to the manager and ask for his best Realtor, ask him how many homes he sold in the last year too..  But wait after you chose the best Realtor, he more she might be selling homes faster cause they are giving them away, lowering  prices to a fire sale.. you do not need a Realtor now to give your home away.. Some Realtor try to lower you selling price so they can buy your home and sell at a large profit… even 30 to 50 percent;

If you’ve really been having bad luck with Realtors and  bad on the market, you may want to visit with your neighbours and take a take a good, long look as to what their homes are like. According to numerous housing experts, the most common reasons your house isn’t selling are the following.


1. You’re pricing it too high or unrealistic for the area, model of home, local amenities . “Without question, the No. 1 reason a home doesn’t sell is price, is it has not been properly valued.. ”   “Sellers want to have as mooch income form their house and tend not to objective about the realistic value.”


2. Your house is kind of run-down and needs to be spruced up.. Repaint the whole hose inside and outside, and throw out a lot of that cluttering junk you collected over the years, empty your garages.. “Most times  it’s as easy as doing some fresh landscaping and a  fresh coat of paint ,”  Most  buyers are busy are lazy, are looking for properties where they can ‘unpack’ without doing a lot in renovations or decorating. Most home owners still families would prefer to spend their weekend relaxing rather than redecorating.

3. Your house isn’t run-down, but it looks like it might be, it shows there is major repair need, . “ The signs of water damage, roof or wall leaks, roof repairs and other areas clearly needing repairs,, busted screen doors, needing repair  will be a huge turn-off to potential buyers. 


4. The realtors says You are inflexible not just in your pricing but you are showing your house off enough?  Great looking homes tend to sell within a week, and not amount of extra Open Houses, homes visits will sell a poor home, rather they offer the Realtor an opportunity to aquire more contacts for themselves only. Unless there’s a good reason, don’t ask your agent to be present for all home tours. It makes scheduling hard and many agents prefer to have privacy with their buyers as they look through a house.


5. The Realtor isn’t  advertising your house properly. It costs money to advertise in the newspapers, the place most people go to buy a home still, and the Realtors’ boss refuses to give him or her money to advertise in the newspapers.. so you lose.. limiting your house’s listing  on websites takes a lot longer to sell ..


6. Your house is poorly located ? No Problem. tell all your neighbors you are selling your house, ask them to see your home, they can tell their friends who may want to move into the area  about your home..

Like I said there is no easy short cut to selling a House quickly.. it takes real work.. Do not trust anyone.. check it out for yourself too.. It is true that most people will not buy a home directly but only from a Realtor as they prefer a professional third party negotiator.



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