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May 3, 2013

It seems that politicians are out of control and control, change is necessary to protect us from these people


Quebeckers equally unhappy with Harper and Marois: polls  Globe and Mail-Jul 11, 2013 Quebecers approval of their federal government has been generally low  Mr. Harper came into power.


What the Parti Quebecois, suddenly, expresses serious concerns about Quebec corruption inquiry?   The Quebec voters are watching, listening and they really now do  not like the bad  smell coming from the PQ.   Premier Pauline Marois and her deputy are essentially now trying to  tell a judge to “watch her step” when  very damaging real evidence is also now being  presented that shows that the PQ party itself is corrupt. So Premier Pauline Marois is basically falsely now saying, be cautious when it comes to testimonies that  have anything to do with PQ.  Premier Pauline Marois’s comments are POLITICAL interference.  Premier Pauline Marois is attempting to steer the  course of an judicial investigation.  Premier Pauline Marois said NOTHING when Liberal were being  attacked at the Charbonneau Commission, but now that the PQ are being attacked,  it is a different story.  Premier Pauline Marois has shown her bias as to what is being said at  the commission.  Premier Pauline Marois will interfere when her party is being attacked.  This  is not right.  Premier Pauline Marois was the one who stepped out of line by  essentially telling a judge to “watch it”., she here has damaged her reputation and the reputation of the PQ party. ” Typical PQ backtracking.. First they say they won’t interfere and now they are  telling the commission how to proceed. Hmmm wonder why?” “The PQ’s were  pushing for this inquiry when the Liberals were in power…..    Now we have some “dirty laundry’ we want to hide ???  so back off ????  ” 


 The Parti Quebecois government now has falsely delivered a warning for the province’s  corruption inquiry to watch where it treads, as its testimonies  goes onto a  damning and unpredictable path.  This latest testimony has damaged a number of reputations — including that of a  Parti Quebecois stalwart and, most recently, a sitting judge.  The reaction in Quebec City is a far cry from that of the last few years,  when scandals overwhelmingly tarred the Liberals and the PQ, then in opposition,  would seize upon each allegation until a public inquiry was finally called. Just recently, the PQ extended the inquiry’s deadline after having made  anti-corruption measures the centrepiece of its first legislation in office. Its sudden expressions of wariness come while the inquiry shifts its focus  to provincial politics, away from the municipal scene — and it hasn’t been  pretty so far. A major witness this week explained how he gained influence in politics, and  ultimately won public construction contracts, by offering things like illegal  political donations and get-togethers with celebrities such as hockey stars. His testimony implicated politicians of different party stripes, and  different levels of government. In his latest claim, he even said Quebec Superior Court Justice Michel  Deziel once helped orchestrate an illegal political financing scheme at the  municipal level.


 When the PQ was in Opposition they yelled and screamed for this Commission as  the only way we would get to the truth.  But sometimes the whole truth hurts all political parties  and  they the PQ should rather still should shut up and let the Corruption Commission do it’s job.  The PQ  Government   falsely is clearly  trying to  intimidate the Commission to affect, silence the PQ negative  the outcome. For someone who criticized,  andd accused the Liberals of a lack of transparency and honesty Premier Marois and her  PQ certainly now haven’t led by a good example even.  If the PQ are so quick to bring out their  knives against only others  the same  Commission has much more digging to do here because there is something  PQ rotten definitely as well now being hidden. Now the PQ campaigned on a foundation of being the anti-corruption crew? Full  transparency is always desirable, then leave it to the courts to decipher, expose as  what truths  are in any of it.


Many persons now have grown  up listening to everyone saying all politicians are crooked.  Some even use to pass it off as a form of venting of the people against the government  but now it is not  it funny how its turning out to be undeniably true.  It seems that the Canadian politicians are out of control and control, change is necessary to protect us from these people we are supposed to trust. Based on Many stories in the media over the last few years it seems like Canada Wide the politicians at every level think they are above the law. Now there clearly is a problem with our government systems, human nature that allows them to exploit a weak system and why many crooked politicians that will exploit and cover up within the current systems? It seems like even the muzzled Government auditors can’t get the job done until its too late. Apparently these people too do need some sort of independent mechanism in place to keep an eye on all of the politicians in real time.

A former mayor of Blainville, who now sits on CBC’s board of directors, has been named before Quebec’s corruption inquiry in connection with party funding allegations. Pierre Gingras served as mayor of Blainville for 12 years. In 2007, he was elected as Blainville MNA for the Action  émocratique du Québec. In 2011, the Conservative government appointed Gingras to CBC/Radio-Canada’s board of directors for a five-year term.


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