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March 18, 2013

Great Quebec Liberal expecations are headed for a great fall

 As usual some of the major  Quebec English News media is openly these days shouting about , counting on the new Quebec Liberal leader Philippe Couillard to be a savior for the Anglophones,And they the Anglophone news media are falsely even censoring negative citizen comments about the Liberal leader and the Liberals now too.  
As we know in the past and definitely in the future  the Liberals were useless, twits when it came to exposing and supporting Anglophone speaking rights in Quebec, and dealing with the vast Quebec Corruptions even at the McGill super-hospital contracts. The really bad  Liberals  including  Philippe Couillard, a Liberal party favorite,  even  a BAD  former health minister,  downplayed the extent of his ties to his colleague, a very controversial federal  appointee, Arthur Porter, He and Porter were once appointed by Prime Minister Stephen Harper to the  committee that monitors Canada’s spy agency, and they also ran a consulting  business together. Porter, a former hospital administrator, now faces fraud charges in  connection with a scandal-plagued contract to build the large McGill large hospital Now here is what I find disturbing  for 5 years Couillard partnered with Porter  and  he did not see how corrupt Porter was, either  Couillard is incompetent, or he has the same bad values as bad Porter! Philippe Couillard thus also  had  allowed the Quebec province to go down in a mess, corruptions.
 Philippe Couillard, who is returning to politics after a five-year absence, firstly also  must seek a  legislature seat immediately.. 
THEY THE QUEBEC LIBERALS  STILL REALLY do not deserve to be a governing party ever. I am not a politician, but as an ordinary Citizen I knew that Dr Porter was likely clearly corrupt, the MUHC corrupted, and the city of Montreal as well and I had objected to it.
And if Pauline Marois and her separatist  party fail to address the corruptions now properly, instead of sweeping it under the table as has been done wrongfully  for decades, they too  do not deserve to be a governing party ever
Both the Liberals and the PQ parties had sadly, wrongfully had failed to properly deal with English language laws already too..

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