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February 16, 2013

Canadian Medicare belongs to the people who paid for it, Bonafide Canadians



Too many new arrivals in Canada they do lie,   scheme, plan ahead to abuse our generosity, even commit tax evasions too.. and the money they save goes to their own bank accounts or abroad too all of which is also unacceptable…

The Canadian governments, Canadian Medicare, the Canada’s immigration system, the Canadian system, they are not supposed to be a safety blanket for any of the yet non Canadians citizens. No such thing as free Medicare.. some one pays for it.. Canadian taxpayers. Canadian Medicare is for real Canadians and their immediate, direct family.

I agree with many Canadians who do say that the Canadian Taxpayer has been undeniably pounded much too often with both social welfare and even medical costs by non-Canadians, thieves, liars and cheats now too.

According to some statistics, apparently annually or much too often many visitors or false immigrants, immigrants who live abroad but do not pay taxes too, come to Canada to be medically taken care off, some even go home to their country with a promise to pay the bill, which often never happens.

A great number of countries require that all visitors first must have a medical travel insurance so should Canada. Canada is not obligated to do so.. At a time when millions of Canadians do not even have a family doctor.

But if a spouse is a Canadian citizen the whole direct family should get Medicare now still

I do not think it is unreasonable to limit access to people who are not Canadians. We have no obligation to pay for someone else’s supposed poverty. Funny how the people who have no money for instance can still affords to travel and by the things they want too. If they have really no money let them go to the Red Cross. Or let them take out a loan some where and pay for the medical services. Or get a Cosigner where the cosigning is guarantor who will reimburse the government for all of the medical expenses that the person they are guaranteeing utilizes.
While a permanent resident visa application is in process, the sponsored person must stay in status and reside with the sponsor, Guarantor, in Canada, and once accepted if they next do receive any social welfare, pension supplemental, they cannot next travel abroad now too. Falsely many do. If they can afford to travel abroad, they are still rich and thus  do not legitimately   qualify for any social welfare, pension supplemental.

If the  applicant leaves the country, even for a short vacation, they are not granted re-entry, as that may effectively end cohabitation between the spouses and thus it will terminate status in Canada. Since they now fall outside the basic requirements, the application should be refused. Forfeiting the $550 fee they have paid to apply for a permanent resident visa.

Some people who never worked in Canada or paid any taxes here they do demand and they falsely do get social welfare, pension supplemental now as well.. Not acceptable.

There are many of us who never get to go abroad and yet some new arrivals, do now next  even still take a vacation abroad, such as to Bulgaria, and what they now still falsely still do want our tax dollars to cover any and all of their medical expenses, because they have decided that is what Canada should do? Dream on.

It’s funny how some people make immoral acts,  choices and expect a government to change its  policies to suit .. Not acceptable.


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