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February 13, 2013

Time for us all to fight to lower police costs Canada wide, RCMP included

Police  Managers, Politicians,  Police  Unions, the Police themselves are  Facing  Nation Wide Outrage , Public Anger, as  Canada wide there is an UNDENIABLE  problem in how the police do their jobs. Police officers do not only need to maintain the respect and good will of citizens to do their job effectively, they also depend on that good will in political battles over salary, pensions and benefits, in which they have been far more successful than other public employees in recent years.  The lack of trust of police by the minority community is also unacceptable.  When Police enforcement goes bad, the police and the police unions historically close ranks around suspect officers   Police PR and Police cover-ups will not do.  It is important for the police unions,  Police managers  to become honestly self-critical about police conduct and to not blindly defend each and every egregious incident by officers. And the criminal justice system should be doing what it was supposed to do,  carry out real, valid police justice.
It is an undeniable fact that the New Conservatives had said elect us and we will next show you an honest government, accountable, transparent as well but as we all tend to know next that was a big lie now too.. They clearly are not part of the  solutions to the much too many corruptions ongoing in Canada but clearly rather a part of the problem in that they and the RCMP for sure have failed to properly address the much too many  corruptions..
Yes, we all can easily know that corruption has even plagued Quebec ( not just Ontario too)  at multi levels in City Halls. Hospitals, etc., from the top down to the bottom and for a very long time over 50 years.. Obviously nothing has changed.. because the watchdogs did nothing good about it.. the police, RCMP included also were, are themselves as bad as ever here.. the fiascos go on and on.. Money generating Speeding and parking tickets were their main Police occupations it seems.   It is sad that Job preservation was too often the false reason why most of the ostrich  employees also had went along with the vast corruptions instead of opposing it.. all it took for evil to triumph was for the good people to do nothing about it. 

” Turns out that every aspect of Quebec public service is completely corrupt. Unfortunately, it is not just the city of Montreal that needs more investigation, it is:

– the SQ for giving themselves illegal bonuses and shutting down investigations that touch the “gouvernement national”.

– The MUC police force, and their contracts between Yvan Delorme and BCIA

– Union Montreal. It appears that at their fundraisers, they sometimes keep part or all of the money.

– We can look forward to “the corruption float” this Sunday which will be led by Montreal’s new mayor mayor Michael “I swear I am not under investigation” Applebaum.

PS: Merci to the SQ for tipping off the mayor about current UPAQ investigations.  Obviously nothing has changed..”

“Spending on policing has increased steadily while the volume and severity of reported crime have both been on the decline” even or has the police falsely rather discouraged the reporting of the crimes firstly?
Two police officers have been judged to be in breach of 4 code of ethics clearly  criminal charges. Why were their names not released?  and what if  when the same  police officers punch  someone it an ethics violation but if a citizen does  do the same, its an Assault conviction with a criminal record?

OTTAWA — A new report by a respected international human rights watchdog has accused RCMP officers of abusing aboriginal women and girls in northern British Columbia.

Human rights group says RCMP, native relationship ‘dysfunctional’ -A number of women interviewed by Human Rights Watch researchers alleged that RCMP officers used excessive force in arresting them, mistreated them while they were in custody and, in some cases, physically or sexually assaulted them. Many of the aboriginal women he spoke with did not trust police and felt little confidence that any complaints would be addressed. He said he was surprised to find that the fear of police expressed by some of the women was comparable with what he has seen in post-conflict situations in countries such as Iraq and Libya.


Ottawa Mountie, held on child abuse charges, faces: Three counts of aggravated assault. Three counts of assault with a weapon. One count of aggravated sexual assault. One count of failing to provide the necessaries of life. One count of forcible confinement.


RCMP has a bullying problem, watchdog says. Commission chairman Ian McPhail said about 90 per cent of the complaints involved bullying. Only four per cent of the complaints dealt with sexual harassment, A national police force where abuse of authority is possibly a systemic problem means a really bad Police force!  and  the simple perception of a continual pattern of poor treatment of employees is enough to rattle all public confidence in   RCMP and severely already tarnished the force’s reputation. Instead of them all talking about the problems, do something How about some real solutions to problems within the RCMP?  Real Accountability instead of cover-ups and transfers, real punishments now too, Punishments that fit the crime  plus no more two or three year plus investigations into wrong-doing.  about the RCMP.

The former commander of the RCMP detachment in Merritt appears in provincial  court in Kelowna , charged with the theft of drugs from a police evidence  locker.


it’s time the RCMP looked at the questionable spending practices – their own and the others …

The Public Safety Minister Mr. Vic Toews gave a speech the last month in which he questioned the spiralling costs of policing. Most policemen and their managers  are still really cost ineffective It is really Time to fight to lower police costs Canada wide, the RCMP included even by an clearly, enforced effective cost control framework ensures that no one rewards themselves at public expense,  that  ensures that the public is getting the most for its money, ensures  that all expense and travel claims are appropriate and handled with a high level of transparency and accountability.  And here too an example needs to be made of all those who abuse the expense account or sign off on illegitimate expenses by even make such acts criminal plus having the guilty individual return the stolen money. Thousands or millions of dollars abused are an enormous amount of money, and to not have adequate, stringent cost controls in place by now  is an unacceptable  failure of any  leadership on all the part of the governments , ministers, mayors, administrators . 
By the way the people who make false expense statements are also guilty now of tax evasion
Follow the money trail, the oldest rule of good journalism and why is that so? as the love of money is the root of ell evil still..  He or she who cannot be trusted to handle money cannot be trusted to handle anything else now too.People in leadership office do have to face higher penalties as an example now too. It is clearly established, accepted fact by most people that those in leadership civil and public servants cops, teachers, ministers, politicians included  are always to be exemplary in behavior,  conduct and they do need to maintain their high standards even out of their working hours, thus to do so they are also to be exemplary  judged, prosecuted  for their own wrong doings with a higher standard over those of us ordinary folks.
Now “it’s true that police costs in general, and police salaries in particular, are out of control. Total spending on police services nationally has doubled since 1997, reaching $12-billion. While the average Canadian income has grown by 11 per cent over the past decade, the average police salary has grown by 40 per cent. Policing is doing to municipal budgets what health care is doing to provincial budgets: threatening to consume them.” Both need better cost control management too..
Police chiefs from across Canada are being urged to look at radical new approaches to public safety as they struggle to meet growing demands to keep their budgets in check

The cost of policing cannot continue to rise indefinitely in Canada, or cities will end up bankrupt. Pools, camps, parks and libraries will have to close. Police in England and several U.S. cities have already undertaken drastic and innovative reforms to transform the delivery of law enforcement for a modern era  This has not yet happened in Canada. But there is no time to waste.

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