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January 28, 2013

We need independent choices for Canadians, not more false control for Canada’s Big Telecom.


We as Canadians do not deserve any of these immoral acts that will lead to price gougings brought to you by the CRTC, ROGERS, BELLS, TELUS ETC.,


” Rogers has struck a backroom deal with Shaw1 to take over systems crucial to delivering our mobile Internet and phone services – systems that were promised2 to create new independent choices for Canadians, not more control for  has joined experts and advocates to send a letter to our Industry Minister telling him to block this shady backroom deal and stand up for greater choice in Canada!

The Industry Minister is about to make his decision. We need you to add your voice right now for him to stop it. Demand choice over the future of Internet access by clicking here now.

The deal will allow our biggest mobile phone and Internet provider, Rogers Inc., to go around the spirit of Canada’s key digital policy rules4 so they can grow even bigger – and jack up your bill. The move will freeze independent choices out of the market and all but guarantee that Canadians have only three mobile telecom giants to choose from.5

Years down the road, if we do nothing, we will look at this as the moment when choice and affordability were killed in Canada’s mobile Internet and phone services. Please don’t let this happen. Industry Minister Christian Paradis can block this move by Rogers – but he will only do so if we all take a second to raise our voices now.

We know that Big Telecom’s backroom deals are killing choice for citizens. But the pro-Internet community has proven that we can push leaders to stop these shady deals. When we come together, we stop the cheaters and take power over our digital rights. But we must take action as a community now to make Big Telecom play fair.

With hope,

Steve, Josh, Lindsey, Diana, and Reilly—on behalf of your OpenMedia team

P.S. OpenMedia is a small non-profit organization working overtime to safeguard your access to the open Internet. 



[1] Shaw sells Rogers, Inc. an option to eventually buy its wireless licences. Source: The Globe and Mail

[2] In 2008, the government reserved a set amount of Canada’s wireless spectrum for new entrants, calling it the “the new entrant set-aside”. If the backroom deal goes forward Rogers, Canada’s largest incumbent cell phone company, will get control of this resource. Source: Industry Canada

[3] Find the letter here.

[4] Industry Canada clearly stated that only “new entrants” were eligible for the AWS wireless spectrum set aside in 2008. Industry Canada further stated that “changes made after the application deadline which create an Association with another applicant are not permitted, and any applicant who has formed such an Association will be disqualified from participating in the auction.” Source: Industry Canada

[5] Canada’s wireless industry is overwhelmingly dominated by Bell, Telus, and Rogers. Source: The Globe and Mail ”


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