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January 28, 2013

Montreal Mayor and Former city manager named as being corrupt at at the Charbonneau Commission inquiry

Remember when some and many others falsely  said they and the others were not guilty at the Montreal City Hall

“ Michel Lalonde, the head of a prominent Montreal engineering firm, testifies at the Charbonneau Commission  that Robert Abdallah, The head of Montreal’s executive committee, the director of its public works department, the man in charge of financing the city’s most powerful political party – and now the former city manager  was involved in a system of collusion that allowed select companies to win municipal public works contracts in exchange for major cash donations and illegal kickbacks. 

Michel Lalonde, he also confirmed that he handed a cheque for $10,000 to Union Montreal political staffer Martin Dumont at a fundraising breakfast in 2004. The event was held in support of the “yes” campaign during the city’s 2004 demerger referendum, and then-Montreal mayor Gérald Tremblay was in attendance, Lalonde said. During his own time on the stand, Dumont maintained that he was given similar cheques from a number of engineering firms at the breakfast.

The engineer  Michel Lalonde, said his company gave thousands of dollars in illegal cash kickbacks to officials in Ahuntsic, Saint Leonard, Rivière des Prairies and Montreal North, among others.

At one point, Lalonde said, Ahuntsic borough manager Éric Lachapelle asked him for Montreal Canadiens season tickets – a request he quickly granted.

The cash donations always flowed more freely when Montreal was on the verge of a municipal election, Lalonde testified. In the months prior to the 2005 municipal race, for instance, he said RDP mayor Cosmo Maciocia asked him for $60,000 to support his campaign. Lalonde claimed he handed it over, as did several other firms.”
  • Lalonde said he gave $60,000 to former  Riviere-des-Prairies-Pointe-aux-Trembles mayor Cosmo Maciocia at his  request.
  • When Maciocia left politics, his successor, Joe Magri, also received $15  000.
  • Lalonde testified that the borough of Ahunstic-Cartierville also sought  payoffs and Canadiens season tickets as the price of doing business in the  borough.
  • In Saint-Leonard, former Liberal MNA and borough mayor Michel Bissonnet  apparently asked and received $2000.
  • In Montreal East, Mayor Yvon Labrosse received $5000 in illegal  contributions, Lalonde claimed.
  • In Montreal North, Lalonde said he sent $2000 to Mayor Gilles Deguire, a  former police man.
  • He also said he gave $1000 to Ile Bizard Mayor Richard Bélanger.

Lalonde said cash-hungry Union Montreal fundraisers still wanted more,  however, so Lalonde was forced to give $20,000 to the cash-strapped 2005 World  Aquatics Championships in exchange for contracts.

Lalonde’s payoffs extended well beyond Gerald Tremblay’s Union Montreal,  however, and beginning in 2008, he started paying attention to the opposition,  held by Vision Montreal.

Lalonde claims he was approached by a Vision Montreal fundraiser in 2008,  and eventually gave $25 000 cash to Benoit Labonté, who at the time was running  with Louise Harel.

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Enforce existing laws and put all civil & public servants, MPs of all the parties in Jail for any taxpayers money abuse

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Clearly some are even more guilty  over others.. so will they next go to Jail or not?

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