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January 20, 2013

The City of Montreal’s new fraud squad


Follow the Money trail.. One of the oldest rule of journalism and why is that? Well according to Jesus himself now the love of money is the root of all evil.. and so it seems many of the politicians have entered into politics not to serve the good citizens but rather to try to get rich..

Montreal Mayor Michael Applebaum had recently now announced the creation of the $3-million-a-year unit that will investigate the majority of contracts awarded by the city.  But the Quebec Minister of Public Security Stéphane Bergeron says he was never even firstly consulted by the City of Montreal over the decision to create the city’s new fraud squad but only informed after the fact. And he rightfully  is concerned that the new unit set up to root out corruption in the city will firstly only duplicate the work of the province’s existing anti-corruption unit. The Charbonneau commission also now resumes public hearings   into corruption and collusion at the municipal level before tackling provincial government contracts.

For decades undeniably, at least 50 years white collared corruption has been wrongfully going rampant in the city of Montreal unchecked and the Montreal Police force, the Quebec Police force, RCMP  the past Quebec provincial Government, the federal governments, all had  failed to deal with these matters now adequately. After the new PQ Government started to address the issue .  Next finally  the City of Montreal decision to create the city’s new fraud squad  and even not to inform firstly even the Quebec Government is unacceptable. Now what is the real reasons now for the creation of this new  police force unit rather, the city of Montreal wants a heads up first of the police find anything so they can what bury it again? Or is the city of Montreal still hiding  anything’s it does not want the Quebec government to find out about? This seems very likely..  and yeah I know they all will still claim they are not guilty of anything.. like they have the last decades. So What!


None of the abuse of the taxpayers money is ever acceptable and any major abuse should not be only grounds for one’s dismissal from one’s job but it should also be a criminal, jailing offence always too….

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