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January 14, 2013

Its time to ban and disband the RCMP and replace them with a real Police force,

Quebec shale-gas opponents have come under RCMP police surveillance..  SO MUCH FOR FREEDOM OF SPEECH. …

you cannot trust me

“Its time to ban  and  disband the RCMP and replace them with a professional policing force, accountable to the same laws as every other Canadian, and accountable to their communities. Its clear, and we get reminded almost every day, that the RCMP has no clue about what professional policing is, what accountablity to the law is, and what accountablity to the communities they serve in, is. Get rid of them, do it now, and make sure that no one what has ever worked for the RCMP be allowed to ever work in a law enforcement related job, or with vulnerable groups.:”

” I’m of the opinion these guys in the RCMP  management, GOVERNMENTS,  are still living more or less in the unrealistic past and they still have no concept how to modernize the force.  They cand do l order studies to be done but then disregard the valid suggestions made.  They’ll hop on any new trend of the day ie: hire university graduates at elevated pay (a bust years ago), reduce the physical requirements, adopt overtime (which blows their budget out the window and reduces policing due to cost) hire women who are not suitable for policing to fill their quotas, hire special classes of people and then try to pound these people into their own RCMP police mould that still just doesn’t work. And they wonder why they are having problems.  Once upon a time they used to hire people who wanted to serve and protect … or … maintiens le droit … now they hire anyone who will meet their government imposed quotas to be representative of a   cross secton of the population … but not any good police men  … and women … God save us from them all now.. …


THE FACT THAT no one within the RCMP had a comprehensive list of all of the Mounties who’d been disciplined, became undeniably  after CBC News asked for basic data between 2005 and 2008 that included offences and findings by internal adjudications boards. The CBC News submitted the request in November 2008. It was delivered four years later in November 2012. An officer who handled the file offered an embarrassed apology, and explained the delay was due to the list having to be created from scratch. The head of the RCMP admitted that Canada’s national police force neglected to keep tabs on hundreds of cases of serious misconduct committed by Mounties across the country for years. Commissioner Bob Paulson acknowledged that an access to information request by CBC News inadvertently revealed that not even senior leaders in the RCMP could say with confidence whether incidents of misconduct that include assaults, impaired driving and fraud were a problem in the force. Jan 13, 2013,+col1,+col2+from+1BK5KcWmvML7O_4ViyYXeVkEWKJzcF5MfZUfQI-Y

THE BAD BAD BAD RCMP HAS EVEN  failed to track internal misconduct for years UNACCEPPTABLE

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