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January 6, 2013

Why the issue of snow cleaning the roads and sidewalks is so important.

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It is absolutely absurd that hundreds of thousands of persons, taxpayers now  are made to stay off the road, sidewalks, anyone made to stay indoors even for days or a week because of either the past municipal wastes, abuses, budgets cuts, the still no good roads or  city hall managers who now have failed to have the roads and sidewalk cleaned properly, immediately. Oh yes, people also do get hurt and countless of lives are lost even due to slippery roads, sidewalks,  car accidents too as a result.. Snow clearing is not an option  but an immediate necessity still too.. Fire all the bad related managers rightfully and ASAP


Alberta highway open after crash that hurt 100 , The QEII Highway south of Edmonton has reopened after a series of crashes that injured 100 people . The aftermath of the chain-reaction crashes closed the highway — the main route from Calgary to Edmonton — until late Thursday night. About 85 to 100 vehicles were involved in the crash near the town of Millet. About 80 people were treated at the scene by EMS and another 22 were taken to area hospitals.  RCMP said that the most seriously injured person was a man who was struck by a semi-truck while he was standing outside his vehicle after a collision.  About 45 heavily damaged vehicles had to be towed.  .


and how much of this was still firstly due to poor snow clearing on the roads… all of it



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