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September 22, 2012

We all can readily know that the RCMP, Police do not like us to use our right of free speech

Over 1/3 of the RCMP officers IT SEEMS  still cannot be trusted to be honest, tell the truth, respect the laws now.. that is really unacceptable..   


THE FACT THAT no one within the RCMP had a comprehensive list of all of the Mounties who’d been disciplined, became undeniably  after CBC News asked for basic data between 2005 and 2008 that included offences and findings by internal adjudications boards. The CBC News submitted the request in November 2008. It was delivered four years later in November 2012. An officer who handled the file offered an embarrassed apology, and explained the delay was due to the list having to be created from scratch. The head of the RCMP admitted that Canada’s national police force neglected to keep tabs on hundreds of cases of serious misconduct committed by Mounties across the country for years. Commissioner Bob Paulson acknowledged that an access to information request by CBC News inadvertently revealed that not even senior leaders in the RCMP could say with confidence whether incidents of misconduct that include assaults, impaired driving and fraud were a problem in the force. Jan 13, 2013,+col1,+col2+from+1BK5KcWmvML7O_4ViyYXeVkEWKJzcF5MfZUfQI-Y

BAD BAD BAD RCMP failed to track internal misconduct for years UNACCEPPTABLE 


A rare criminal libel investigation was launched by the RCMP against a New Westminster resident this summer relate to alleged defamatory statements made online against a clearly bad, immoral RCMP officer mired in a scandal over sexually explicit photos and other wrong doings. The B.C. Civil Liberties Association,   together with media outlets is rightfully questioning why a criminal investigation was needed when defamation issues are normally handled through civil channels. Kinda of excess.. police brutality rather..


Have you also not noticed that the bad cops and bad politicians they tend to behave like those world wide terrorists who abuse and deny others their right of Free speech, like the Jews in Israel and the Muslims, the fundamentalists, cause they are all alike, demonic..


No one is above the law.. starting with the cops now too… they too are too often lazy, buck passers even..  and their self regulation is still mostly masturbation only.. I have yet to see one of my complaints about bad cops properly dealt with by anyone now too..


The mostly self serving, money hungry police forces in Canada, for they are not serving the public’s best interest for sure , the politcal watchdogs rather, they have  seem to often to have hired thugs, alcoholics, incompetents, even for their managers and so they too often tend to do a real bad job, even  in my experiences as well, and also yes  they realy are also too often cost ineffective as well as we saw in their operation of the gun registry even, and they are too often discriminatory, even racists, and if you make such negative remarks openly to them the police will tend next to try to intimidate you by trying to force you to shut up, or threatening to close your mouth for you, or threatening to lay a criminal charge against you, or by the unlawful use of their authority. I know this firsthand for they had visited my home least 6 times in objection to my public computer posts, they do not have to visit my home as all I write about them is openly found in federal and provincial cabinet minster’s offices, on the net, and in the Canadian news media departments.. and when they first do say they want to talk to me I openly do tell them I will insist that the news media be present at any and all such discussions, and they readily leave me alone. Yes I am no fan of even one abusive cop and I do not accept any of their abuses rightfully quietly.


 In regard to the   mostly self serving, money hungry police forces in Canada, this is not an isolated fact.. the police are very materialistic in my own direct conversation with them now too.. and seek often means to get rich, legal or otherwise..  and we hear many examples of this on the news.. The “Niagara Regional Police are investigating a few of their own officers for smuggling cheese into Canada.. The alleged scam involves jamming cases of “brick” cheese — used as a common pizza topping — into their vehicles to smuggle across the border. With U.S. cheese being as little as a third the price it is in Canada, drivers are making $1,000 to $2,000 a trip, according to numerous sources…  Canada Border Services Agency officials say anyone — officer or civilian — caught smuggling large shipments of cheese into Canada would be in violation of the Customs Act for failing to declare, and pay duties on, the controlled goods…   As well, CBSA says it would be a violation for failing to have proper permits and licences from both the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade… The accused officers either face police act charges (internal discipline) for either discreditable conduct or neglect of duty or Criminal Code charges of breach of trust if any were found to have intentionally plotted to avoid customs and duties ….   charges are expected soon against a few officers who are alleged to have been involved in the movement of caseloads of cheese from the U.S. to sell to Canadian pizzerias and restaurants…  The cheese-smuggling investigation stems from information gathered from a U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) arrest in April of Niagara Regional Police Service Const. Geoffrey Purdie in Buffalo on charges of conspiracy to smuggle more than half a million dollars in anabolic steroids and other drugs into Canada. Jeff McGuire, Niagara’s new police chief, has  only confirmed the suspension of Const. Purdie due to allegations of drug smuggling. “He’s been suspended with pay, and our professional standards [group] … are conducting an investigation … but we first have to allow the American investigation to continue and be completed,” McGuire also confirmed the suspension of an officer from Purdie’s Fort Erie detachment following Purdie’s arrest, but he would not discuss why.


A southern Ontario police force has charged one current and one former officer in a “large-scale” scheme to smuggle cheese and other food items into Canada. Niagara Regional Police say cases of cheese and other foods were purchased in the U.S. and smuggled into Canada, without declaring the items or paying duty.The items were then prepared for distribution to restaurants in southern Ontario. Police say the investigation revealed over $200,000 worth of cheese and other products were purchased and distributed for an estimated profit of more than $165,000. Niagara police Const. Scott Heron, 39, faces charges that include conspiracy to commit an indictable offence, false or deceptive statements, and acquiring or disposing of illegally imported goods.Police say Casey Langelaan, 48, who was a police officer at the time of the alleged offences, faces counts that include conspiracy to commit an indictable offence, and various Customs Act charges including smuggling.A third man, Bernie Pollino, 44, faces similar charges to Heron and Langelaan. All three suspects are from Fort Erie, Ont. Niagara chief Jeffrey McGuire suspended Heron and Langelaan from duty on July 26 in accordance with the Police Services Act. 

” ‘There are still good RCMP officers around”? You are kidding right, Not in the RCMP-or haven’t you noticed the killings, the assaults, the extortions, and the sexual misconducts? We need to replace this criminal gang posing as police officers with honest, professional, accountable to the law, and to the communities they work in, police.”

“ how about the Police Officers that find themselves on the wrong side of the law be asked …”What did you think would happen when you broke the law?” and pay for your own defense attorney….how about accountability? how about being held to a higher standard? how about doing your friggin job? Remember the oath to uphold the laws of this country? Pay for it themselves…period “

“if the average Canadian has to pay for his / her legal defense whether they are guilty or not so should the RCMP. they are not above the law and if they are charged with an offense they should have to be out of pocket for any costs and not the taxpayer because they make a better than average wage. i don’t know any employer who would step up and say “i understand you have been charged with assault, how about the company pays for all of your legal fees and we get you a nice easy desk job at the same rate of pay until it’s over?”. not likely and an every day guy would be out the door.”

“If those RCMP had to pay their own legal costs they would become much more accountable.Why should the public defend criminals and thugs because they carry a gun ????”

“They do the crime and we pay there dime. How the hell did Canadian law come up with that deal for any cop of any branch.”

“ My,my. The RCMP officers court cases are paid for by the government, which in turn you are saying the Canadian tax payer is paying for the defense of officers being charged with criminal offences. I think I spent my life in the wrong profession. What else is being paid for? “

“ I was recently in court filing a 810 application against the RCMP which by they way has many many road blocks. I spoke for an hour about activities unbecoming a police officer. The Judge ruled I did not show enough fear. hmmm” Their Respect has to be earned firstly.

“ The RCMP have conducted themselves as a gang for a long time now. We need to replace the RCMP with honest, professional, accountable to the law, and to the community they work in, police officers. We also need to make sure that no one who has ever worked for the RCMP can ever work again in anything related to law enforcement, or with vulnerable populations. We just can’t these RCMP officers infecting Canada’s good police departments. The sooner we disband and replace them, the better for everyone.”

All “Just another H U G E reason that those useless, overpaid killers should be disbanded.”

“Tax dollars should not fund any who find themselves on the ‘other end’ of the justice system if they can afford a lawyer. Legal aid should be there for those in need though.”


“The RCMP needs to be shut down permanently now. The RCMP is a danger to the public. The disgraceful, disgusting RCMP are not going to stop abusing members of the general public until they are stopped. This poor individual was fully restrained with a whole bunch of thugs (the revolting RCMP) ganging up on the helpless victim. This morally reprehensible behaviour is the mark of vicious cowards. As for their (the RCMP’s) so called explanation: what a lie! To make matters even worse the abuse victim can’t even hear properly.  This is just another shining moment for the vile, evil RCMP. Using the avenues available under the law get rid of the terrible RCMP and make sure no one who has ever worked for this horrible organization of police officers is allowed to work in policing again.”



Now throughout the province of Ontario, there were 95 pedestrians killed in 2010, a non existent amount compared to how many persons were actually killed or hurt by drunk drivers, so the police and the judge wants the whole province to slow down while driving, and what they also next likley will want to ban all vehicles on the road too ? all without still dealing more effectively, seriously  with the much too many  drunk and impaired drivers, who cause most of the traffic accidents, and  and fail still to deal with the much too many even cops who drive home drunk from the police taverns or the ones who are tigger happy.–36-of-pedestrian-deaths-are-seniors


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