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September 20, 2012

It was the decent thing to do for Quebec’s first female Premier Pauline Marois



Marois scraps tuition fee hikes first day on the job Her first day on the job and Premier Pauline Marois didn’t lose any time scrapping former Liberal government policies: University tuition fee hikes were cancelled, a law restricting public demonstrations was repealed.  The elimination of tuition hikes marked a historic day for the province’s student movement. The Liberal plan to increase the fees sparked a four-month strike last spring with nightly demonstrations and social unrest throughout the province. Students campaigned hard to defeat the Liberals in the Sept. 4 election. Student leaders declared victory when Ms. Marois announced that tuition fees would be maintained at $2,168 a year without taking back additional money the Liberals had put into student financial aid in an attempt to make the increase more palatable. Ms. Marois said the measure will not cost more than $20-million in the current fiscal year.The Parti Québécois government also repealed the controversial law banning demonstrations, which opponents called a violation of the right to free speech and public assembly.

  Ms. Marois didn’t stop there. She announced the fulfilment of another election promise, saying that Quebeckers will be reimbursed the $200 health tax they paid this year when they file their provincial income tax returns next spring.


It is only common sense that all education should be free.. as educated persons are more likley to get a better paying job and thus pay more taxes too. Jean Charest and his liberals were too self centered to see that truth..

Now watch other provinces in Canada will follow as well..


Also Quebec’s new Natural Resources Minister has signalled she will move to ban hydraulic fracturing even as she ordered a new inquiry into the practice, a position that puts development of the province’s   resources of natural gas in doubt. “I cannot see the day when the extraction of natural gas by the fracking method can be done in a safe way,” said Martine Ouellet, a   former Hydro-Québec engineer and long-time defender of the province’s water reserves.  “We will impose a sweeping moratorium, both on exploration and on extraction of shale gas,” she said.   During the campaign, the PQ promised to reform the mining regime, which would be costlier to the industry, and to cancel the $58-million loan that the Liberals offered to the Jeffrey asbestos mine. It also wants to raise taxes on Quebec’s highest income earners. And it will ask the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec to invest $10-billion more in the economy.   Quebec said it will also close its only nuclear plant, Gentilly II, located near Trois-Rivières. Ms. Marois said the closing symbolized her government’s commitment to the protection of the environment and to a “rigorous management of our finances”.


The really bad  Liberals  including DR Philippe Couillard  who had  allowed this province to go down in a mess, corruptions THEY STILL REALLY do not deserve to be a governing party ever. I am not a politician, but as an ordinary Citizen I knew that Dr Porter was likely clearly corrupt, the MUHC corrupted, and the city of Montreal as well and I had objected to it. And if Pauline Marois and her separatist  party fail to address the corruptions now properly, instead of sweeping it under the table as has been done wrongfully  for decades, they too  do not deserve to be a governing party ever Both the Liberals and the PQ parties had failed to properly deal with English language laws already too..


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