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September 17, 2012

We know or should know about the too common grotesque abuse of the taxpayers in all governments.

where even the supervisors now can be part of the abuse.. and we need to continually be vigilant here. It was recently revealed in Alberta that the man who was hired, ironically, to keep a watch on the  expenses and costs of others, was living high on the hog with taxpayers’ money   Follow the money.. include the bad emplyees severance pay, costs of  re-hiring and pension payouts. Fire all those fpersons who have or do approve any outrageous expense claims, like lavish meals, gasoline, car allowance, car washes, car insurance, a new  windshield for his Mercedes and some six packs of beer for “meals at home.”

Sadly the Tax payers are still to often abused. And here I am not just talking about the long costly almost daily entertainment lunches with Wine and Beverages, and  those too often out of town, even out of the country mostly personal trips charged to the taxpayers. Or the city hall employee who while on paid services goes to the airport to pick up his mother in law, or the employee who takes the cultivated flowers from city hall for his own use in his own yard.


We need to call into question the sick spending practices of current  and former and the current   service executives, managers, supervsiors civil servants, cops too. Even the posting of all   expense records for all, board members, executive members, is not enough for the  Posting of the expenses of direct reports to all of executives is also now very important, since without that, some unscrupulous executives could ask their assistants to pick up the tab to be approved by them later.

Critics are calling for tighter oversight on how cabinet ministers submit their  expenses, saying they should at least be held to the same standards as MPs. The system in place for ministers is too lax, they say, and allows for  too many questionable expenses to slip through.”We’ve had a number of  spending scandals with ministers, so you’d expect the red flag to be raised and  have some measure of accountability,” But it seems to go on and on and on.” ” it sometimes seems as if minister’s expense sheets receive the rubber stamp. 
  Global News | Critics call for more oversight on ministers’ expenses

A taxpayer watchdog group says MPs should be forced to publish spending details online .Current rules outlined by the House of Commons Board of Internal Economy enable MPs to spend 3% of their budgets, or up to $10,734, on hospitality. Details of MP spending is not publicly available.


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