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September 7, 2012

For all ye Quebec bashers from Ontario too


1 Now  a person from Ontario complained to me directly that an insurance for an older car is significantly , significantly much higher, exponentially higher,  in Ontario over that for the same car in Quebec? Now why is that?  is the government of Ontario trying to help Ontario citizens or rip them off?

2 In regard to our too often 2 tiered justice systems I already know how crooked the police rather are too often even in Ontario, and even the  municipalities now undeniably are as well, both falsely living high on the hog, with their  ridiculous overtime and absurd expense account approvals, plus questionable purchasing practices…  and also their inacceptable abuses of the ordinarily citizens wrongfully, while wrongfully few cops ever get arrested for speeding or drunk driving now too.
You should also fully deal with that now

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