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January 20, 2012

Once again the Big firms like Rogers tend not to respect the laws..

OTTAWA — Rogers Communications Inc., is breaking Canada’s Internet traffic management rules by deliberately slowing down certain online traffic, the country’s telecommunications regulator said Friday. In a letter to Rogers posted to its website Friday, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commissions said it is “of the belief” that the telecom giant is in breach of the rules governing how Internet Service Providers control the flow of traffic on their networks. “Within two weeks, I look forward to you either presenting us with a rebuttal of our evidence or providing us with a plan to come into compliance with the (Telecommunications) Act,” writes Andrea Rosen, CRTC’s chief compliance and enforcement officer. “Failure to provide a meaningful rebuttal or an effective plan will result in my recommendation to Commissioners to hold a show-cause hearing.”


So who realy protects the Canadian citizens from the too often bad, immoral  firms in reality, now  holding the much too many crooked   firms to accountiablity but if there is any justice  it takes years to do so.. and for decades then not much good  tends to happen ..


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