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July 20, 2011

Another RCMP, Mountie charged with assault? too many rotten apples in the RCMP now!

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RCMP Constable Chris Emon was charged with assaulting a hospital patient and do note he has been charged with assaulting a restrained hospital patient but the same RCMP officer will still get meanwhile  his full pay etc.. ..
Meanwhile the BC Civil Liberties Association will present findings of their Small Town Justice report in Prince George tonight.

Three names top list for RCMP commissioner’s job Vancouver
– ‎Jul 18, 2011‎  Lt.-Gen Andrew Leslie is considered one of three top contenders for the job of RCMP commissioner.


The RCMP are a big joke these days….

Retired RCMP blood-spatter expert pleads guilty to perjury Montreal Gazette  Jul 25, 2011‎ Spenard, who was an RCMP officer for 32 years and  testified at the trial of serial killer Robert Pickton, had initially claimed the report was written by another police officer. But under cross-examination by defence lawyer Matthew Nathanson, he admitted to misleading the court.


Did the RCMP have grounds to spy on Northrop Frye?  – ‎Jul 25, 2011‎ The RCMP Security Service once spied  on famed literary scholar Northrop Frye, the Canadian Press reports. According  to newly released archival records, Canadian intelligence used a secret  informant to compile a 142-page file on the


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