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June 28, 2011

The sad unacceptable tragedies in Canada’s too often perverse medical care systems

We do in Canada have now 2 separate levels of governments, federal and provincial ones monitoring our Medicare, health care systems and neither one still  really cares about all of the citizens good welfare clearly visible by their own mismanagement and indifference. None of this is ever acceptable too!
You really mostly do find out how bad Medicare is when you do need it, yes when you go to use

Look also now at this perversity even the main governments now do not even have an accurate, reasonable full record of the number of sick persons, citizens in Canada and as to how many of them do have diabetes, cancer, heart diseases or whatever. So how can they plan ahead or manage the Health system properly then? They cannot, they do not!

For that matter they do not even have record of the major cause of vehicular accidents in Canada per year now as well. The useless police who do the traffic accidents reports refuse to do this record keeping. But guess what they all likley do have a full record of the amount of money generated by the parking and speeding tickets in every major city and province.. what a false priority now here too.. None of this is ever acceptable too!


And the other tragedy is that in spite of their too often lack of their competences, unprofessionalism they the bad doctors and bad nurses they all still do get paid for it fully even , and are rarely chastised. None of this is ever acceptable too!

Medical Errors and neglect still too often do abound in Canada in our medical care system. Doctors do too often still neglect their sick patients, like the drive by doctor who looked into a sick patient in passing through the door as he was walking down the hallway, and the doctors do even prescribe wrong medications, use a trial and error approach while too often as I have witnessed as well the nurses do give medications to the wrong patient. Many patients even get a hospital acquired sickness as well. None of this is ever acceptable too!
The sad also still very unacceptable tragedy in Canada’s too often perverse medical care system is that not only do the  hospitals, hospital administrators, doctors, nurses too often do  fail to reveal, to disclose all of their medical care  errors, but  they still are too often poorly supervised, left on their own. None of this is ever acceptable too!
Even when the hospital deaths are recorded a patient who goes to the doctor or a hospital for their medical treatment and there they next really do not get their proper medical care and they do as a result die an early death at home that death is merely recorded as an ordinary death..
Why? cause too many people falsely do not care still if someone else dies.. especially the paid  hospital administrators and paid governmental officials , paid political leaders included. None of this is ever acceptable too!


. Liars and incompetents  is what we seem to have mostly still for managers in many of our Hopsitals and governments. None of this is ever acceptable too!


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