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June 21, 2011

Alberta ‘s RCMP fiasco as well.


Anyone who has been even  to a traffic court especially in Alberta can too often visibly see that the justice system, the police, judges, prosecutors are all stacked against the accused citizens, for the justice officers are in cahoots… it is perversity and professional abuses.

On Nov. 7, 2009, Kropielniski stopped a suspected drunk driver on the main street of Bonnyville, a town of 6,000, about 200 kilometres northeast of Edmonton.Kropielniski arrested 21-year-old Eric Oullette, an oil-field worker from Cold Lake. Oullette blew 0.14, nearly double the legal blood-alcohol limit and was charged with drunk driving.Oullette admits he was unco-operative with Kropielniski and repeatedly goaded the officer by criticizing the quality of policing in the town.There is no sound on the video, but Oullette can be seen sitting on a chair in a detachment hallway. He gestures once with his arm toward Kropielniski who is standing over him, effectively facing the wall-mounted camera.Kropielniski suddenly grabs Oullette with both arms and pushes him sideways off the chair to the floor. He then appears to hit Oullette’s head against the cinder-block wall, then picks him up by the front of his shirt and pushes him up against the wall. The two men are face to face.“He’s trying to intimidate me, trying to get me to agree with him.” Oullette said. “And I must have said something wrong. He pretty much loses it on me.”While an auxiliary constable grabs Oullette in a chokehold, Kropielniski delivers two elbow hits to Oullette’s head. Oullette is then bent double by the two officers.“Basically, I was just trying to stay on my feet, because if I hit the ground I don’t know what is going to happen,” Oullette said.once local Bonnyville prosecutor Jeff Rudiak viewed the tape, he dropped the drunk-driving charge. In the prosecution of Bonnyville RCMP Const. Shawn Kropielniski for the assault of Eric Ouellette.the RCMP continued to support Kropielniski and a criminal record would not affect his continued employment with the force.After accepting the joint submission, White sentenced Kropielniski to a one-year suspended sentence. Despite two charges of assaulting prisoners in custody, the RCMP put Kropielniski back on active duty in Bonnyville. But after CBC began its investigation, Kropielniski was assigned to desk duty, where he remains while he awaits an internal disciplinary hearing. “The police are professionals.They’re supposed to have more self-restraint and be more in control of their emotions than the average citizen.“So if they’re not, and the department of justice of the province of Alberta views this as a minor matter to be minimized instead of to be presented honestly to the judge, then I think that is a deep concern. The problems may not be just one rogue RCMP officer and one incompetent or duplicitous Crown attorney. The problems may be more systemic.” Schaefer said Alberta Justice clearly applied a double standard in this case. If a citizen had committed such an assault, “there would be very serious consequences.” University of Manitoba Prof. Arthur Schaefer, an expert in justice ethics,

… The RCMP legend again  has gone down the toilet. and so have the justice ministers..

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