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May 17, 2011

Ever notice how Hospital ombudsmen, Self regulation society, health ministers they tend not to reply to your letters of concerns


Now for over one year I have been writing to the appropriate federal and provincial parties , such as health Ministers, Ministers for seniors, Hospital Ombudsmen, health boards, ombudsman ABOUT THE DEFINITE INADEQUACIES I HAVE SEEN IN TOO MANY LOCAL MONTREAL HOSPITALS and I even posted my complaints on the net, in all that time did one person every reply, adequately deal with any of it.. not at all. all these realted definate political  liars seem only to be caring about me only when it is election time.. Unacceptable.
More competent doctors are needed and not more useless nurses or more beds
But guess what I did get 2 letters of reply from the Prime Minister office of Stephen Harper at least in regard to bad Bell Canada and also about my retirement pension..
..reality bites

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