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April 14, 2011

Free News on the internet where the CBC was one of the best

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A new study has found most Canadians think the internet is their best source for news, but they would not be willing to pay up if websites started charging them to read their stories online. When asked whether TV, newspapers or the internet provided news and information that was most interesting to them, 52 per cent of respondents said the internet was the best source.   The University of British Columbia survey of nearly 1,700 Canadians reveals 81 per cent say they won’t pay to read news on the internet, and 90 per cent would find free alternatives if their preferred news websites started charging for content.

The news on the TV was, is  free and so this study should come as no surprise..


..  keep up the good work but Canada is a professing Christian country yet the CBC falsely promotes gays and unacceptable talks very little about Christianity even which for the last 200 years has rightfully opposed gays..


Canada is a professing Christian country yet the CBC bashes the Christians and  falsely promotes gays and unacceptable talks very little about Christianity even which for the last 2000 years has rightfully opposed gays and gay marriages.. The CBC is FALSELY anti Christian or  why then  is the CBC giving so much publicity, programming rather  to the  Jews, Muslims too as  even the CBC spy series X Company is full of  Jewish Propaganda, where they have to bash US ALL  with the Jews being persecuted over and over on our heads , but  how many non Jews, the Christians  were killed by the NAZIS, Jews  and are still being killed by the  Muslims today.  DOES THE CBC HAVE A MAJOR  SHOW ON THIS TOO . CHRISTIAN PERSECUTIONS? NO!



Wow! A judge disagrees with the RCMP’s own findings


A Saanich, B.C., police officer was “grossly negligent” in the shooting death of a Victoria man, a B.C. Supreme Court judge has ruled in awarding the man’s family $354,000 in damages.

Saanich Const. Kristopher Dukeshire shot Majencio Camaso, 33, three times as he charged at the officer carrying a steel pipe and crowbar in July 2004.

Dukeshire had arrived at the man’s home in the community near Victoria in response to a 911 call from his wife, Theresa Camaso, who told police that her mentally ill husband had threatened to set their apartment on fire.

An external RCMP investigation of the shooting found the use of force reasonable and no criminal charges were laid against Dukeshire.

Theresa Camaso launched a lawsuit against the three Saanich police officers who had responded to her 911 call, former police chief Derek Egan, the District of Saanich and a paramedic at the scene.

Justice Grant Burnyeat disagreed with the conclusions of the RCMP probe, writing in his ruling that, “Dukeshire breached the duty of care owed to Mr. Camaso when he did not use the least amount of force necessary to carry out his duties.”

Burnyeat said he found Dukeshire’s actions “grossly negligent.”

see also

……Let me be clear as to what I think about the too often no good RCMP and bad politicians as well.. they all do need to be fired, replaced, removed permanetly ASAP..

… so now where are the good justice Ministers???????

Questions raised after boy Tasered Toronto Star – – ‎Apr 11, 2011‎ Officials say the boy, who is believed to be the youngest person ever Tasered in Canada, was living in a group home at the time of the incident, which occurred last Thursday. The Taser is designed to incapacitate a person by delivering a high voltage

Police use of Taser on boy, 11, questioned

Probe into use of Taser on BC child draws fire RCMP watchdog to launch probe into boy’s Tasering News1130

Toronto Sun – Vancouver Sun
Can we trust any of the police to do an honest review here ??
.. not again

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