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April 6, 2011

If you are a senior do not see a doctor alone


I have had the unfortunate task of too many times of being a personal security guard, a witness, a facilitator with senior patients  while they were in the hospital,or in old age homes or with their doctors.. and what I have seen now is too often pretentious medicine, doctors and nurses now  too doing as little as possible cause not only do they still get paid out of sight next is out of mind.. and cause the pain of others tends not to hurt the doctors.. I can say that the medical services drastically, exponentially improves when I do make I known that I do fully expose, and prosecute all bad medical services I do see. By the way I am realy tired of those pretend, incompetent doctors, the nurses who have such a basic rudimentary medical   knowledge that it even

tends to be useless, and they tend to go overboard with it as well…. so they too often have  have become pretenders, imposters, fools..

it all  tends to be very useless….  and that is always unacceptable.. always do have a loud mouthed witness for a threat of a law suit tends to make doctors and nurses work better..  a lot better..


Tories will let health care fail, Layton warns as he rolls out plan in BC  Globe and Mail –  NDP Leader Jack Layton says Canadians should be very worried about leaving the renegotiation of the federal health accord with the provinces in the hands of Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party.

Canada’s health care system in jeopardy under Conservatives: Layton Toronto Star


……………….. Manage better now the health care system

David Dodge is again urging an “adult conversation” about how to confront rising health-care costs, warning that even in an optimistic scenario the quality of care will suffer without some combination of deep cuts to other programs, higher taxes or patients footing more of the bill.“The prognosis is not good, even if we are incredibly successful in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare delivery,” Mr. Dodge, now a senior advisor at Bennett Jones LLP in Ottawa, co-wrote with colleague Richard Dion, a former Bank of Canada economist. “But the spending disease must be managed. It is now up to Canadians to have an adult discussion about how to manage it.” Indeed, not only does Canada face higher spending by patients and employers for health services that aren’t insured by the provinces, the authors argue that the country will need to decide on some combination of unpalatable options. Namely, finding other services that can absorb deep cuts to maintain current healthcare standards, raising taxes to finance rising healthcare costs, tolerating poorer-quality care and longer wait times, or Canadians contributing more out of their own pockets, through co-payments or by governments covering fewer services. “Even under an optimistic scenario,’’ the report says, “private citizens will have to devote an increasing share of additional income to private health insurance, direct out-of-pocket expenses on healthcare services, and long-term care, assuming no change in the private-sector share of total healthcare financing.”

Now we all tend to hate bankers and have so little view for them especially even when they now evn do say that our Chronic Healthcare Spending is a Disease that is critical so all Canadians must make a tough decision to save the medical standards in our health care by privatizing it. An Ex-central banker now even warns on the need of curbing Canada’s public  health  care spending.  But don’t be mislead by this crap the problem is not that medicine has become costly the problem is that it is not being managed cost wise as well. what we need is not more useless doctors and nurses but firstly realy to get the existing doctors and nurse working better. More money in this too often medicare cesspool of what they call  a buck full of holes is  not the answer.. rather do plugs all of the holes first.. and that is real economic sense as well.

.. all bad doctors and bad nurses need to go to a jail

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