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March 24, 2011

Conservative 2011 Federal Budget is ‘not enough, I agree

New Conservative Finance Minister Jim Flaherty  tabled a cautious budget that offers some targeted measures for seniors, parents and small business owners.

The Conservative 2011 Federal Budget is  ‘not enough’ reasons for Harper to stay in power, rather it is another Conservative  spit in our face as taxpayers, citizens. It looks more like an attempt to stay in power over any valid  fiscal remedies for the real major problems facing all Canadians. The budget is favouring Harper’s pet projects over Canadians’ priorities. “The needs of most Canadians are neglected due to reckless spending on Conservative pet projects” .  “Canadians should be warned: deep spending cuts that will affect the services they need are on the horizon. The government isn’t revealing where the pain is going to come.”

“The Harper government has yet again tabled a fiscal plan that doesn’t deal with the tough issues of the day. How will we deal with aging infrastructure and high youth unemployment, a shrinking workforce and uncertain pensions?  The government’s response seems to be that these are our problems, not theirs.””The ultimate test of a government budget is that it should make life better for Canadian citizens—on that measure, this budget represents a failed state,”Budgets are about choices, they reflect a government’s values and priorities.  Federal budget tosses crumbs to Canadians, bread to Harper’s pet projects

The New federal Budget increase for seniors or Canada’s poor persons, is  certainly ‘not enough’ and there is very little of tangible, positive substance new here—either on valid spending to create jobs or tax cuts. At most, it includes a lot of bits and pieces clearly  in a bad  politically opportunistic bid for the conservatives to falsely stay in power. It is a job-killing budget that provides little hope for Canada’s over 1.5 million unemployed. Clearly also  there isn’t much new in it to create jobs. It is a a budget that doesn’t provide anything for child care, affordable housing and nothing significant on health care, for Aboriginal Peoples or to reduce poverty.

 MEDICARE  pg (1)

Health Care

  • The main new measure here is a new non-refundable Family Caregiver Tax Credit of $2,000 proposed for 2012 for family members to take care of disabled dependents. After tax, this works out to $300.
  • The budget also proposes to forgive a portion of the Canada Student Loans owed by family doctors, nurse practioners and nurses who practice in under-served rural or remote communities. Doctors could get up to $8,000 a year in loan forgiveness up to a maximum of $40,000 while nurses would get half this amount.


The budget signals ongoing major shifts in the tax load: corporate tax revenues are expected to shrink to less than 13 per cent of federal revenues within five years, down from 16 per cent when Harper Conservatives came to power. Meanwhile, federal revenues from personal income taxes will rise to almost 50 per cent of total federal revenues: that’s up from approximately 40 per cent 25 years ago.

As in the past more than a third of the benefits from the Harper corporate tax cuts will continue go to highly profitable banks, oil and gas companies and other finance and resource sector firms.

The Harper Conservatives’ 2011 federal budget reads like a laundry list full of relatively small measures: extensions of some programs, a few new programs, half efforts, more boutique tax cuts, and tinkering with taxes and tax loopholes.

The budget it doesn’t address any of the big issues or priorities of Canadians in any substantial way: health care, unemployment, making Canada’s tax system fairer for Canadian families, or reducing Canada’s infrastructure deficit. At the same time, the budget signals steep cuts in federal program spending in order to pay for the cost of their corporate tax cuts.

 .. do get leaders who care about the citizens welfare firstly

 and fire all of the alcoholics


Harper now next had  lied when he said he and his government was rejected because of his bad budget.. Harper’s own  non parlamentary, non democratic dicatgorial approach was what  was rejected..


Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper is not a real Evangelical Christian

Once a liar always a liar too.


Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper now even has had many chances to show to us all what a supposedly good prime minister he was and it is now very clear that many times now and too often  he has failed to do so.. blaming any others  for his own shortcomings is ludicrous now still as well.
What ever happened to morality and honesty, decency? It is also very evident how many politicians who are mainly still self serving and they do  hypocritically do  try to hold others to their ethical standards , standards they themselves do not even now live up to as well, and they even do  falsely accuse others of doing the same wrongs they think it is all right for them still to do, such as lie.
It is too often clear as to how many corporations, politicians, civil servants, public servants   at the municipal, provincial, federal levels now are corrupt, and do lie, slander, they do even distort, twist the truth basically trying to win elections or to stay in power at all costs. It is  very despicable how many politicians.corporations still  do not only lie but they falsely think that because their own lies are now in the past they are forgotten and forgiven and they wrongfully deny any personal accountability, transparency thus. ..You can tell what a corporation or a politician is really like by not what they do, even say or the promises they say rather by what they do actually next, now, and once a liar and slanderer they will always be a liar and a slanderer next as well. A good tree brings forth good fruit and a bad tree brings forth bad fruit next still as well.
.. reality

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