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March 15, 2011

No surprise God implements justice on Politicians as well



Former premier Gordon Campbell steps down as MLA Vancouver Sun –   Premier Gordon Campbell discusses his political career during an interview in his office at the BC legislature in Victoria. Former premier Gordon Campbell is stepping down as an MLA effective … 


End of an era for Campbell  Gordon Campbell left government Tuesday when he resigned as MLA for Vancouver-Point Grey. In what shape the former premier left the province, however, remains a matter of perspective. Anti-HST strategist Chris Delaney said Campbell failed to communicate his vision for the province to British Columbians.“Over a period of years that he was able to stay in office, he dismantled B.C. Rail, he began to dismantle B.C. Hydro and did the same with B.C. Ferries,” he told QMI from New York. “Had he fully told British Columbians of his vision, I don’t think he would have been elected.”Political pundit Dennis Pilon said a legacy of low wages, a class of working poor in a wealthy province and record-high rates of child poverty must also be considered.“No one can take away from the fact there were various things mounted by this government that they pulled off,” the University of Victoria professor said. “Now people have to ask themselves ‘were those accomplishments worth it?’”

CKNW News Talk 980 – The Province – – National Post
Ryan Foster writes:  “A great day for BC as the worst, most corrupt and wrong-headed Premier in BC history is finally completely gone. Hallelujah Praise God.”
No lie about it. He had deserved to go even a long time ago even when he got arrested for drunk driving…
why did it take so long to do so..
Time many others go now ASAP as well
OTTAWA – In an  unprecedented double rebuke of the minority Conservative government the Speaker of the House of Commons Peter Milliken has ruled the government breached parliamentary privilege by refusing to fully disclose cost estimates for its tough-on-crime agenda, corporate tax cuts and plans to purchase stealth fighter jets. He also ruled that International Co-operation Minister Bev Oda breached parliamentary privilege by misleading MPs about an altered document.
The Opposition parties calla for Minister of Natural Resources Christian Paradis  to resign over revelations that  that two more of his staffers tried to block the release of access-to-information documents specically Sebastien Togneri, and the Minister of Public Works, where Togneri was employed under the former minister Christian Paradis. Public Works has since changed the process so now there are no more face-to-face meetings between bureaucrats and minister’s aides. The political staff are no longer allowed to know the category of requester, whether news media or opposition MPs.  The RCMP is supposedly investigating  a Tory staffer for political interference in access to information which has exposed the unacceptable secretive practice of flagging sensitive requests for scrutiny by ministerial aides. Canada’s information commissioner, Suzanne Legault, was highly critical of a so-called “purple file” process at Public Works where an access request in 2009 from The Canadian Press was tagged sensitive, put into a purple-coloured folder, labelled “media,” then handed over to Sebastien Togneri, a political aide to then-minister Christian Paradis. In a face-to-face meetings with compliant bureaucrats, and in terse emails, Togneri ordered the release package withheld, then heavily censored, even though he had no legal authority to do so. Legault recommended the current minister, Rona Ambrose, call in the Mounties to consider whether charges should be laid against Togneri, who had uit government last September under fire for other alleged breaches. Ambrose agreed.  Public Works Minister Rona Ambrose said in a statement  that her department has implemented the recommendations made by the information commissioner in this matter. This, she said, is “consistent with our government’s commitment to openness, transparency and accountability.”But next A spokesperson for Ambrose later refused to release a copy of the report that was received in February.   A great start for the Public Works Minister Rona Ambrose  but what about a great finish as well?   
 Conservative MP Stockwell Day isn’t going to run again in the next federal election is good news too.


RCMP probe exposes red-flagging of access requests Toronto Star – OTTAWA—The launch of an RCMP investigation into a Tory staffer for political interference in access to information has again exposed the secretive practice of flagging sensitive requests for scrutiny by ministerial aides.

RCMP asked to probe former Tory staffer for interfering with info request Montreal Gazette

Mounties to probe Tory aide who blocked information requests Globe and Mail – Toronto Sun – The Mark –

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