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March 2, 2011

McGill University Montreal


Cleaning one’s own house first is in order even here too..  Too many McGill administrators, doctors are already known to be bad managers, money hungry while the university too readily takes our tax dollars now too and too allow falsely often abuses us too.. McGill is already very unpopular amongst the majority of Quebec French speaking persons.

Medical journals still publishing studies that fail to reveal funding: study The findings signal there are still significant gaps in proper reporting of conflicts of interest in medical research, said Brett Thombs, a professor in the psychiatry department at McGill University and an author of the study.

Major Drug Review Research Fails to Disclose Funding Sources BusinessWeek

Burying potential conflicts of interest Science News Influential research misses financial conflicts Reuters

Pharma Times – The Press Association


MONTREAL – One of the country’s most prestigious universities faces punishment for boosting tuition fees for its MBA program by nearly 900 per cent in an effort to keep it competitive.
McGill University began charging $29,500 annually for its two-year MBA program in September, claiming it was chafing under a provincial tuition freeze capped at roughly $3,400 per year.
Quebec’s education department has been battling the move, saying it undermines the key principle underlying the province’s university system: broad access.
The government finally announced Tuesday that the Montreal-based school would also be fined for its actions.
“It’s an exceptional measure,” Education Minister Line Beauchamp said in Quebec City. “We will have figures on the penalty (amount) soon.”
Beauchamp added that it was unacceptable for a Quebec university to charge such high rates for a regular degree program, arguing that it hurt the integrity of the university system.

Quebec, McGill’s MBA and too-low tuition fees  The confrontation between McGill University and the government of Quebec over the $29500 in tuition fees McGill is charging for its MBA program is not going to end well. Both sides are rejecting compromise. McGill says that in the real world $29500 is

McGill faces fine for hiking MBA tuition fees nearly 900 per cent Toronto Star

900 percent fee hike by McGill University fuels anger Sify McGill to be penalized over MBA tuition hike

Globe and Mail – Ottawa Business Journal

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