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October 25, 2010

Health reform, merely not just a political agenda

People lie to me all the time, professionals now too, Doctors, nurses, ombudsmen, lawyers, notaries, realtors, pastors, priests, cops, RCMP, Politicians, civil and public servants too.. None of it is acceptable too.
Uncaring, pretentious governments certainly  will still not solve the ongoing Medicare health care problems the last many decades now too   Many persons in Canada, Canada wide  are dealing with staff shortages, long wait times for surgery and overcrowded emergency wards, Even the Conservative government now has  had how many YEARS to address the  Health Care System problems. All of the the successive governments in the last 50 years have been failing in this are even year after year.
“People are waiting not just for months, sometimes for years, for hip and knee replacements and other surgeries. We’re just pouring money into a black hole. We need to look at the actual system itself and fix what is not working” “ Reform, reform, reform-that’s the word politicians are constantly using when it comes to paying for healthcare. What they mean of course is “reduce”. “When politicians talk about health reform, they are usually about to gut the hell out of it. This government’s previous performance regarding healthcare has been abysmal. They have cut and cut and cut. IMHO the only reform they intend for healthcare is to reform it into a private system. “
Health care reform that firstly means now having seriously a better supervision of all of  our Hospital adminstrators, doctors, nurses and now also holding them personally and criminally accountable for their errors, wrong doings. 
Citizens also now must have the right to sue the governments, and the Ministers, doctors, nurses, hospitals, administrators  for not meeting their own Health care obligations  even for their grossly inadequate provision of health care .
Many persons who are fed up with the APPARENT INADEQUACIES even in the socialized medicine would like us to believe that a private medical system is better… and that is mere wishful thinking.. for even in a private system there are too often the same inadequacies, even for the same reasons, the apparent lack of supervision of medical personnel and services, and   Profit-hungry hospitals are also overcharging consumers an estimated $10 billion a year in the US. Some deliberately work to keep bills indecipherable.  That’s what Nora Johnson found when her 56-year-old husband, Bill, underwent hip-replacement surgery in 1999. The cost of the operation was $25,000.   Knowing that her family would have to pay a percentage of the costs, she requested an itemized bill. $129 for a box of tissues. “Like the charge for newborn blood tests and a crib mobile. That stopped me in my tracks,” recalls Johnson. “As far as I know, my husband never had a baby.”  But making sure that you are charged correctly can be a daunting task. “That’s what Richard Clarke found out firsthand shortly after his father died in 2000. Despite the fact that he is a former hospital chief financial officer, Clarke admits, sorting through the bills took him a year. In the end he found $2,000 in errors. And, according to a 1998 study of hospital billing procedures, they go to extraordinary lengths to discourage patients from delving too deeply into their bills.”
Yes, you can buy medical insurance to protect yourselves financially against medical emergencies. But will the services, coverage be there when you need it? Nevertheless, experts still do next say reviewing your bill for overcharges is vital. “For one thing, if you are required to pay some of your hospital expenses, either as a deductible or a co-payment, overcharges will come out of your pocket.   What’s more, most insurance plans have a cap, meaning, “Money siphoned off by errors or fraud can chip away at your lifetime total,” says Tom Brennan, Blue Cross/Blue Shield’s director of special investigations. Your credit rating may be at risk too. “Hospitals have become very aggressive about collecting money,” says Nora Johnson.”
Now  we all have heard the phrase “here to serve”.. but dream on if you are dumb enough to believe that.. most people still are self serving to start of with.. The world is full of self serving persons and  Liars, who even  often lie to themselves too, there are too many persons  with a hidden agenda, sometimes not too hidden ones, such as self promotion, financial gains are too often amongst the top of their goals still. Most of us tend not to believe everything we hear, but most of us are still gullible and do too often get taken in Don’t Believe Everything You Read, or see, even if it is writing,  especially if it is a preacher or a politician it now seems.. not even too many of the so called professionals.. Not just in Churches, amongst the police, politicians, civil and public servants, I have never seem so many lying, mental people in one place like I have amongst the medical workers I have dealt with this year in  in Hospitals, convalescent, old age homes who really do delude themselves too often about their self importance and the positive role they are functioning in.  When a medical professional cannot see what they are doing now is simply  so wrong they themselves do now need real professional help too. 

SO WHO, WHAT ARE THE MAIN  CAUSES OF OUR INADEQUATE MEDICARE (CANADA)? Bad doctors and bad Nurses, bad Hospital administrators, bad health Ministers.. and Putting more money in an unsupervised bucket full of holes was a ludicrous management approach…

 and what are the solutions.. from the sole called experts.. more money? REALLY you got to be kidding now… 

Almost since my first job after graduating from university I had learned that people are not to be trusted, THEY ALL DO need to be supervised, even Professionals, cops, civil and public servants too now,  and corruption still exists in construction, universities, Hospitals, municipalities, governments, corporations, amongst professionals and politicians as well  WHEN IT COMES TO MY PERSONAL HEALTH OR ANYONE’S I RIGHTFULLY DO NOT ACCEPT PRETENTIOUS, INADEQUATE MEDICAL SERVICES. Or any neglect, abuses!  ABUSES EXISTS. If they were hiring appropriately trained staff and providing ongoing staff training and support, including criminal PROSECUTIONS AS WELL  they are not going to have this many  reported incidents  IN HOSPITALS, OLD AGE HOMES. The adequate Treatment for Canada’s failing health system firstly is criminal prosecution and jail for the bad doctors, bad nurses for failing to help the sick people adequately and having enforced, Real management, supervision of doctors, nurses, medical and hospital workers.     

The adequate Treatment for Canada’s failing health system, Jail 

Many abuses, errors, deaths, bad   incidents are still undeniably unreported. Ask me about it I saw too many.  When a Montreal Verdun Hospital doctors, nurse often says to the  patients as I have witnessed   I cannot do anything  to help you, go to your own doctor when you go home and tell him about it, that is not providing adequate medical aid.  
 Just the tip of the iceberg.. and bad Hospitals, bad doctors, bad administrators like this one abound in Canada in reality.. unacceptable. Fire them all.. Public exposure and rightful prosecution of the bad, guilty persons serves everyone’s best interest, the bad persons included. Unacceptable still
One of the too many false reasons too many patients die in Hospitals is that almost none of the medical staff feel any personal, real, negative repercussions themselves. One of the best way that I have discovered to get to know what a  person is really like, is work with him  just for one whole day,.. and   what   you now saw next.. lying, bullying, control freak..


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It is a sad fact of life that even in Quebec that unless you are murdered, violently treated, that when you are abused, robbed, slandered, mistreated, or whatever do not expect the pretentious governments to come to your help or the pretentious self servicing  police for generally you are on your own..The governments and the police mostly will not solve any problems because for the most part they are the cause of the continuation of most of the problems. They and their related civil and public servants  are liars and thieves who even falsely do  take the tax payers pay, money for managing the heath care system but next instead do almost  nothing good in reality..

Public spending on physicians has become the fastest-growing expense to Canada’s health-care system, a trend sparking growing calls for an overhaul to the payment system for doctors.”Doctors are paid for each consultation they provide or surgery they perform, which provides a perverse incentive to do more even when it may not be warranted, The incentive is to do the surgery, not necessarily to do the surgery on the person who really needs the surgery.”   

No one  really checks on the quality, essentialness, effectiveness  of the work provided as well..
It is impossible to say whether Canada’s medicare system is providing value for money because governments are making little effort to measure performance, the federal Auditor-General says.  Nevertheless, she noted that there are “significant gaps in performance reporting so, no, we don’t know if we’re getting good value for money.” For example, Ottawa will transfer $25.4-billion to the provinces and territories this year through the Canada Health Transfer. (That accounts for a little less than 20 per cent of the $128-billion in public spending on health care; private spending accounts for another $55-billion annually.) Ms. Fraser noted that those massive cash transfers come with no strings attached and little monitoring.  
So what then is really behind health-care inflation? The answer would seem to have more do with political decision-making than demographics. As Chris Kuchciak, CIHI’s manager of health expenditures puts it, provincial governments, afraid of runaway health costs, cut back in the early 1990s. Then, in the wake of widespread clamour over crowded emergency rooms and long waiting lists, politicians started pouring more and more money into health budgets in the late 1990s and early 2000s, he said. The fastest growing area of spending lately, by the way, is doctor incomes – projected to reach $26.3 billion this year – followed by drugs, now reaching $31 billion.

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