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August 11, 2010

Canada Pretentious Medicare

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1 We can all easily know that Canada has a Medicare system that is now supposed to provide free, full medical services Canada wide to all persons irrespective of age, gender, position in life. In reality now this pretentious Medicare system firstly does not deliver it’s responsibilities Canada wide.. 

2 Secondly no one in reality enforces the health act, not the federal government, not the provincial governments.
3 Thirdly the Medical professionals themselves here do act as God and they are the ones solely who decide who lives and who dies, and who gets treated and who does not as well.
4 Fourthly generally no one gets punished for not delivering the health act, or for their wrong doings here too.
5 It is amazing that the Quebec health and social services minister,  especially even my local Lieberal elected member of the Quebec Legislature now too as well as the Justice Minister and the police too they all  have still to properly act on the matters even to reply adequately, properly to one of one of my many letters to them  and  when will they?  It is still a criminal act now for any doctor, nurse, hospital administrators, medical supervisor not to provide medical care to any seniors. How many have been prosecuted for this in the last year?
All unacceptable!


Now who enforces the Health law in reality, and who rather  tries to pass the buck.. who buck passes? Health Canada and who else?
From: “Medicare HC” <>
Sent: Wednesday, August 11, 2010 1:57 PM
Cc: <>
Subject:  [0000434D-1006-00009042]
Thank you for your email of July 30, 2010, concerning health care services for seniors. Under the Canada Health Act, the provincial and territorial governments are required to provide medically necessary hospital and physician services to their residents on a prepaid basis, and on uniform terms and conditions. As the administration and delivery of health care services are primarilyunder provincial and territorial jurisdiction, your decision to share your concerns about the quality of the health services your father received with  the Quebec government was the correct course of action to take.
To: “Medicare HC” <>
Cc: <>
Subject:  [0000434D-1006-00009042]
But what good did you do about it now still for so far, as the whole world can read on the internet that the last 6 months still I got no visible,   direct positive results from the Quebec government or the federal government , the police too on any of this, even  that I have detailed to you in writing even many times. We pay taxes for such poor services still too?

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