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August 3, 2010

The adequate Treatment for Canada’s failing health system, Jail


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HALIFAX – NS Health Minister Maureen MacDonald,  ” frankly, any incident of abuse is one too many, and we need to consistently continue to monitor and do what’s necessary to protect people who are vulnerable.”  “Now there were 20 incidents of abuse — including 15 involving staff — at nursing homes from Oct. 1, 2008 until this June. In all, Health Department investigators probed 61 complaints of abuse. The cases include physical, emotional, sexual and financial abuse. There were also seven nursing home cases and one residential care facility case that were classified as “neglect,” where the institution involved failed to provide proper care.There were  30 cases of abuse between September 2007 and September 2008 — the first year of the province’s Protection of Persons in Care Act, which requires all abuse in nursing homes to be reported. ,”
ABUSES EXISTS. If they were hiring appropriately trained staff and providing ongoing staff training and support, including criminal PROSECUTIONS AS WELL  you’re not going to have this many  reported incidents  IN HOSPITALS, OLD AGE HOMES. The Ontario Excellent Care for All Act,  requires that all errors be reported directly to hospital administrators. in Hospital acquired sicknesses, Deaths as well. The review found.. Surprise, surprise Professionals do lie, cover up, make false denials still! serious concerns with the hospital’s error reporting policy.     
Many abuses, errors, deaths, bad   incidents are still undeniably unreported. Ask me about it I saw too many.  When a Montreal Verdun Hospital doctors, nurse often says to the  patients as I have witnessed   I cannot do anything  to help you, go to your own doctor when you go home and tell him about it, that is not providing adequate medical aid.   Just the tip of the iceberg.. and bad Hospitals, bad doctors, bad administrators like this one abound in Canada in reality.. unacceptable. Fire them all.. Public exposure and rightful prosecution of the bad, guilty persons serves everyone’s best interest, the bad persons included. Unacceptable still
The adequate Treatment for Canada’s failing health system firstly is criminal prosecution and jail for the bad doctors, bad nurses for failing to help the sick people adequately and having enforced, Real management, supervision of doctors, nurses, medical and hospital workers.   
Ontario pathology overhaul ordered.  Recommendations flow from report into surgical errors in Windsor.  The review was particularly critical of the work of one pathologist in particular, Dr. Olive Williams Dr. Barbara Heartwell, removed the breast of a woman who did not have cancer. Heartwell blamed the mistaken mastectomy on an error in Williams’s pathology report. In this case, the pathologist was incompetent and produced false or misleading reports. Dr. Heartwell was unfortunately a victim of a media frenzy, but I am glad she can continue her good work for the community – 
“The medical profession is vey good at protecting its own and always has been…  Doctors seem to be able to make many mistakes but b/c they are doctors it’s ok. We just have to accept that they know what they are doing. If we find out they were wrong, they just blame it on the tests. Never their fault. Do you know what they call a med student that graduates at the bottom of their class? Doctor. People in the lowest positions are expected to perform usually without mistakes e.g. take Wal-Mart staff who make mistakes are routinely fired for these mistakes and some are minor while surgeons who are supposed to be the near peak of our professionals make tragic errors and very little punishment follows them. Professionals are paid extremely well while lowly labor staff are paid a fraction but expected to perform at higher levels. This is from my experience working in over 20 types of industry. Before anybody makes any comments I have earned my degree in engineering and physics, some of the most incompetent people I  have every worked with are so called educated people…. just because your a doctor does not make you a good one ……. it’s really sad but once one gets sick and needs treatment they do not get it  sad to say but this happens a lot more than people think or is being reported….. ”  

Almost since my first job after graduating from university I had learned that people are not to be trusted, need to be supervised, and corruption still exists in construction, universities, Hospitals, municipalities, governments, corporations, amongst professionals and politicians as well


Canada  health-care system is a wholly public one,  but in reality the majority of Hospital medical system is administered mostly privately by doctors, medical professionals   and most medical services are delivered privately  where most    doctors for example, are essentially independent contractors and many of the Nurses are agency nurses now too. .  Also  “New governance models should be considered to improve both system effectiveness and accountability.” Most  Doctors tend to make very  poor managers themselves so I do not respect most of their related recommendations or that of their societies. One of the favourite approaches   of too many of our politicians in our country is to lie, become indifferent, pretentious  to the people who elected them, but also to say one thing to the news media in English and another in French. Also if we can’t count on doctors to give us the straight goods even  when it comes to health care, on whom can we count?   No one but ourselves.

 There are also serious gaps in the continuum,  particularly in the lack of prescription drug coverage for those without private insurance or who are ineligible for public programs, inadequate mental health services and a lack of continuing care which includes long-term care faculties and home care. Yes despite the millions of dollars that are spent on health-care every year, the system is under-performing in key areas such as timely access, and that it is “not delivering value for the money spent.”
All Canadians are not getting value for their tax money placed in the health-care system and the health-care system  needs to be “massively transformed,” as  the underlying principles of the Canada Health Act ” which include universality and accessibility ” are not being met since they are not enforced by the federal or provincial governments. “Our system of publicly funded health care is founded on the promise that all Canadians will receive needed medical care when and where they need it. Far too often the promise falls short,”   Especially  with its shortcomings, the present system will not be able to meet future needs.
We always do need a sustainable health-care system  now and  the most vulnerable populations are least able to access and navigate the systems  especially where there is uneven coverage of health services outside of the hospital setting. for overall, accessibility of services is still a major problem because many Canadians don’t have a competent , adequate family doctor and are waiting far too long for procedures once they next have entered the system.

Yes  “absolutely” the wait time targets should reach beyond a handful of priority surgical procedures such as cancer, heart attacks…The Canada Health Act is meant to ensure that patients have access to medically necessary physician and hospital services but  the provinces do falsely by their poor management of Medicare, doctors, nurses too  fail to live up to their responsibilities here.

 Putting money into pails full of holes, paying pretentious and too often useless medical workers is a waste of time. Privatization of the system will not help since the problem always has been the clearly, inadequate, lack of supervision of the medical workers. Masturbating self regulating of the medical professional is ludicrous for almost no  medical personal still do  feel real negative consequences for their poor inputs, and where all tend to  still get paid for their bad works too.


A Quebec hospital is investigating the death of a diabetic man who died while sitting in a wheelchair in the waiting room at a Montreal emergency department.  André Desjardins, 64, went to the Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital on Sept. 30 by ambulance after complaining of severe pain. He already suffered from high blood pressure and was a heavy smoker, in addition to having diabetes. A doctor at the hospital saw him but Desjardins was sent back to the waiting area. As his pain worsened, family members pleaded with staff to let him lie down on a stretcher, but none was provided. Instead, hospital staff put him in a wheelchair, where he spent an estimated seven hours waiting for futher care before he died, said his relatives. Making anyone in a medical crisis wait for care in an ER makes no sense at all, and reflects Quebec’s chronic problem with emergency care, said patients’ rights advocate Paul Brunet. “We had the ultimate failure of the system with the death of this guy. We shouldn’t have to wait in an emergency ward. We should stop accepting that,” said Brunet, who heads Quebec’s Conseil de protection des malades. “Evidently that patient was gravely ill, and certainly should have been taken care of more seriously than he was.” The hospital has apologized to Desjardins’ family but won’t comment further until its internal investigation is complete. Quebec Health Minister Yves Bolduc said Tuesday that Desjardins’ death is unacceptable and regrettable, but denied that it had anything to do with the hospital operating at over-capacity. It’s not the first time a patient has died waiting in the Maisonneuve-Rosemont ER. Last February, an elderly woman suffering from Alzheimer’s disease died after waiting two hours on a stretcher in the Maisonneuve-Rosemont ER. Later reports found the hospital’s emergency ward was operating at 200 per cent capacity that day.

Arrest the Health Minister, Hospital director, the Quebec Ombudsman,  and the main Doctor at the Hopsital, emergency room for criminal neglect of a sick person,, after all they know about the problems for a long time  and they did nothing good about it.

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