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August 3, 2010

COVER UP-B.C. federal tax collector implicated in charity tax fraud scheme


Federal tax collector from B.C. is one of the people implicated in a multi-million-dollar charity fraud tax scheme recently busted by the Canada Revenue Agency, according to internal government documents obtained obtained by The Vancouver Sun. On April 8, the CRA sent out a news release announcing that, as a result of its investigation, three people from Victoria were being charged with tax evasion after allegedly selling $7.6 million in charity receipts for as little as one-tenth of their face value.What the agency didn’t mention is that one of the people who bought those fake charity receipts was a CRA employee.  … three months before the CRA announced the charges, it discovered one of its B.C. tax collectors was a participant in the scheme who  worked in a CRA tax office in B.C.  When interviewed by CRA investigators, the employee originally denied being a part of the scheme, saying her only involvement with the charities was donating a few used items to them. “However, the investigation revealed that she provided the organizer/promoter with a cheque that was cashed,” the report states. Further investigation determined that, from 2004 to 2006, the woman claimed $35,000 in fake donations on her tax returns. As a result of the investigation, the woman’s prior returns were reassessed, with the $35,000 in donations disallowed plus additional fines for “gross negligence.” The woman’s name was blanked out of the copy of the report released to The Sun, as was the exact tax office she worked out of.  According to court records, the fake receipts — issued by CanAfrica International Foundation and the Canadian Foundation for Child Development — resulted in $2.2 million in unpaid taxes.  the CRA only advises the public of matters that are before the courts and the employee was not named in the court file   Read more:  .

The current mayor of Dawson City, Yukon, says he believes former mayor Glen Everitt’s 12-month conditional sentence for misappropriating town funds is too light.  The charge is connected to a total of $38,300 he admitted to have fraudulently spent when he was mayor between 1996 and 2004. Territorial court Judge Heino Lilles sentenced Everitt to 12 months of house arrest and ordered him to pay the $38,300 back to the town. Dawson City’s current mayor, Peter Jenkins, said everyone he’s talked to believes Everitt got off lightly. The Crown had called for a 15-month jail term. Victim impact statements from at least eight Dawson City residents demanded jail time as well.

  WHERE ARE THE POLICE HERE TOO WHEN YOU NEED THEM???   And accountability, openness, transparency are more Stephen Harper’s conservative government lies that need to be prosecuted as well.. 



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