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August 2, 2010


Young persons are more guilty over any adults? DUI included and since when? Don’t do what we do, do what we say is still  hypocrisy.
Most Police personnel caught drunk driving are falsely are not charged as well. “  Questions are being raised about why an RCMP sergeant in Saskatchewan who rolled his vehicle after having at least five alcoholic drinks was not charged with impaired driving.  So, if the government wants to crack down on drinking and driving, it should target all of the problem drivers. It’s not just about age, it’s about impaired drivers, cops included now too.  Many cops still drive home drunk from the police taverns after work
 An off-duty RCMP officer was arrested for allegedly breaking into a River Heights home while intoxicated will likley get off easy.
In the case of police, it is in everyone’s best interest that there is full, effective, independent, transparent and objective oversight. It goes without saying that an absence of effective oversight will inevitably result in the erosion of the community’s confidence in the police.”
All licenced drivers in Ontario  who have any alcohol at all in their system should face the prospect of losing their licence immediately for 24 hours is what the law should read… The new law is in addition to existing legislation under the Graduated Licensing System that requires all novice drivers, regardless of age, to be alcohol free at all times while driving.  Any individual convicted of violating the new law faces a fine ranging from $60 to $500 and a 30-day licence suspension, police said in a release Friday.  As of Aug. 1, novice drivers caught with any amount of alcohol in their blood will receive an immediate 24-hour roadside driver’s licence suspension.  Statistics show DRUNK drivers ARE ALL VERY likely to be involved in drinking and driving fatal and injury crashes.
As well, the Reduced Suspension with Ignition Interlock Conduct Review Program goes into effect . The program is intended to increase the number of driver interlock devices in vehicles of people convicted of impaired driving or failing a breath test.  The interlock device requires the driver to blow into the machine, which then determines if they have recently consumed alcohol.  If they have, the device prevents the vehicle from being started. tHIS DEVICE CAN BE EASILY BY PASSED BY HAVING SOMEONE ELSE START THE CAR FOR YOU.

The new law will also allow eligible drivers convicted for the first time of an alcohol-impaired driving offence to time their licence is suspended from the present one year, to a new minimum of three months if they meet specific requirements that include the installation of the ignition interlock device for a minimum of nine months, in their vehicle.
Research shows up to 75% of suspended drivers continue to drive despite the disqualification. 
Kevin Wiener, a 20-year-old Toronto resident, says he’ll fight the Ontario government’s new booze ban for young drivers. Wiener says the ban, which came into effect Sunday, is unconstitutional, and he’s filing an application in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice challenging it. The ban is based on age, instead of experience, he says. The law prohibits drivers under the age of 22 from having any trace of alcohol in their system when operating a motor vehicle. Wiener says new drivers who are older do not face the same restrictions as young drivers — even though some younger drivers may have more experience on the road. This is a form of age discrimination and it’s unconstitutional, he says
Do see also
So, clearly, we already have different laws for different age groups. But where are the special laws for the older generations who grew up when drinking and driving was “no big deal”? Where are the special sanctions for these “experienced” drivers who still think it’s OK to get behind the wheel tipsy?

Zero Tolerance Law Takes Effect For Young Drivers

Why do the police now do not go after the drunk drivers all the time and more effectively when it is the impaired drivers andnot the speeders who cause most of the car accidents, deaths still too. Canadian Justice is too often an empty one. The establishment cover ups for it’s own and prevails. Speeding is not the main cause of car accidents, impaired driving is, but too many cops are alcoholics it seems who wrongfully do sympathize with drunks and as a result do not arrest drunks all year..

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