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July 4, 2010

Canada a Police state?

and who says it is not? The dictatorial Politicians who send their watchdogs against the citizens. Do not have a false impression that the Police are here to serve their masters, the citizens in Canada, for firstly they serve themselves and next they solely serve their political masters who make their police budgets .

People in leadership office do have to face higher penalties as an example now too. It is clearly established, accepted fact by most people that those in leadership civil and public servants cops, teachers, ministers, politicians included  are always to be exemplary in behavior,  conduct and they do need to maintain their high standards even out of their working hours, thus to do so they are also to be exemplary  judged, prosecuted  for their own wrong doings with a higher standard over those of us ordinary folks.

Fact! Free speech right in Canada is controlled and is mainly for the cops and the establishment and  if you did not know that already too,  Police state is in, freedom went out as even Toronto, Canada went  into the  police state security modes. Did we really need all those cops there now? What could they not have done it all as well with half the numbers? Just cause there are a few bad guys amongst the citizens too, not just in the civil and public services, it  is still not a  false excuse to now again oppress, deny the citizens their nights..

The false abuse of a minority rights is an unacceptable rightfully majority rights abuse still.

Police State Canada. The G20 Summit: Peaceful Protesters Arrested at Gun Point. A Blatant Violation of Fundamental Rights.  What is clear is that the despotic governments, police used any excuse  pretext to stage a coup, essentially shutting down the right to public dissent. 2010 G20 police state mass aggression in Toronto. One of the most disturbing results of the participatory inquiry, at a systemic level, is that these cops aren’t just pigs. The targeting, intimidation, and terrorizing of protestors – treated like “the enemy” in a war – was, like with all recent anti-globalization protests, systematic. The patterns described by the thousands of victims (from psychological intimidation to broken skin and rape,  ) are identical. These are no ordinary pigs. These thugs had to be trained to execute these manoeuvres against civil society. It is the modus operandi of US anti-democratic terrorism to train the military hit squads of client states (for example in Latin America) to search out and destroy civil society: union leaders, activist teachers, independent media, community organizers, etc. Exactly the same tactics are being used against activists and organizers in Canada. The cops are trained to view activists, not as the much needed societal agents that they are, but as “the enemy” that must be destroyed. Pre-emptive arrests, bogus charges, ad-hoc interrogations, imposed restrictive undertakings, and much more.  These cops are not just racist (all-ists) individuals because of their particular personal circumstances. Their language and actions show that they are trained into a military culture where protestors and activists are the enemy and are to be rooted out and intimidated away from societal participation. They aren’t just pigs. They are anti-democracy commandos.
People were held for up to 35 hours with a single meal.  Inadequate water, as little as an ounce every 12 hours.  Facilities over-capacity. Major delays in processing.  Inconsistent charges.  People put in solitary confinement.  No pillows or mattresses to sleep.  Unsanitary and unsafe living conditions.  Police intimidation of released detainees. Non-stop light exposure/loss of natural light rhythm/sensory deprivation.  Exposure to extreme cold.   Sexual harassment of women and Gay people.  Youth as young as 15 in adult cells.  Denial of legal counsel.  No phone call.   Belonging stolen/damaged.  Threats of assault/harassment.  Obviously illegal civilian arrests.  No access to medication or medical treatment.  Abandonment and more police intimidation. G20 security  jad budget provided money to make all of the cops happy and not the citizens
This documentation of the treatment of the G20 detainees — “protesters,” by-passers, photographers, journalists, people in the wrong place at the wrong time, including their own homes! — reveals what the mainstream media, from newspapers to broadcasting, is carefully avoiding, namely that  their treatment by the “force” (the real Black Block, one could argue) was beyond the pale and akin to torture. It’s come to this: specially trained police are fully capable of and willing to subject anybody and everybody to totalitarian style degradation, subjugation and abuse. (Who trained them?) Wherever you are and whoever you are, you could be next, as there is no escape when “the plan” springs into action.  See what Stephen Harper’s governance (if you can call it that) has brought us.
They know exactly what they are doing. There was no spontaneous “over-reaction.” There were no cops “out of control” – the obvious fact is that were always in control. This was a very strategic operation from beginning to end.  The decision to allow the Black Bloc to do its destructive work without any intervention at all was strategic as the police and their political masters knew the media would play their pre-assigned reactionary role and focus on the destruction of property.  I can’t think of a better wake-up call for all of us than the wanton violation of civil liberties and democracy that happened on the weekend. Calling for an independent investigation, demanding civil liberties be respected, denouncing the governments involved, raising money to defend those falsely charged – all of this is necessary. But it is not nearly enough.
This police response is probably the greatest single assault on political rights in the Canadian state since 1970. In October 1970, using two kidnappings by the Front de Liberation du Quebec (FLQ) as the pretext, the federal government invoked the War Measures Act, sent troops onto the streets of Montreal and had about 500 people arrested, including labour and community activists, journalists and artists (most of whom had no connection to the tiny FLQ). The total bill for security for the summit was well over $1 billion. There was nothing spontaneous about the police actions. Police have been planning for months, and that planning clearly included the infiltration of activist groups. The G8/G20 police state regime is not exceptional, but is a warning of the direction Harper, the cops and the security services will go if we do not stop them. Protest against this police state regime is important.

A week after more than 900 protesters were arrested or detained at Toronto G20 events, protests were held in several Canadian cities Thursday to draw attention to the way police handled demonstrators. “The level of police repression and violence,” said Danie Royer of the Anti-Capitalist Convergence (CLAC), an umbrella group running the Montreal event, was “unprecedented in the history of Canada.” In Toronto, several thousand people took part in a peaceful protest at Queen’s Park that later moved to Dundas Street near the Eaton Centre. Many on hand were those held by police last weekend and who have alleged police brutality, including denying detainees water, food and phone calls, and packing upward of 40 people into a single cell.  In Winnipeg, some 100 people showed up to protest what they feel were human rights violations by police during the summit.Former Winnipeg mayoral candidate Kaj Hasselriis called protesting “an important part of our democracy.”  The End Police Brutality protest was held in conjunction with other protests in front of police headquarters throughout Canadian cities

About 200 people gathered in front of Ottawa police headquarters on Elgin Street on Wednesday to protest against police violence during the G20 meetings in Toronto. Many of the Ottawa protesters were also at the G20 demonstrations and said they witnessed or experienced police brutality. Demonstrators marched from City Hall to the Edmonton Police Service headquarters Saturday, in protest of police actions in Toronto during the G20. The aim of the “March to Demand Justice” is to send a clear message a police sate is just more unacceptable police brutality against the citizens.
By the way how much did the Police, politicians, themselves now steal from the security budgets, an undeniable too common Canadian practice it seems as well,
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