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May 26, 2010

Majority Canadians, Parliament Snubbed by the Conservatives again


As if any Canadian does not think that their Member of Parliament has a right to represent their best interest in all areas and to review all areas, all the members of parliament now too, the Conservative present approach is another insult to all Canadians concept of transperancy, accountability and governance.   
OTTAWA – The minority Conservative government is again insulting an already aggravated majority Parliament, this time by refusing now also to allow any of the  ministerial staff to testify at any committees. The new policy is another abrupt change in tack for this too often  obstinate  Conservative government.  Canadians don’t really care to listen to any arguments here, they were promised transparency and accountability and so they rightfully always demand it  in all areas of governments now too.  Prime Minister Stephen Harper has just given the citizens more reasons to hate, despise the Conservative government.
“Prime Minister Stephen Harper has poked his rivals in the eye over the prorogation of Parliament and the withholding of documents related to Afghan detainees” already as well.  So now another showdown is shaping up over the right of Commons committees to call whatever witnesses they want to see. The new debate erupted as Harper’s director of communications, Dimitri Soudas, was scheduled to testify at a committee examining political interference in access to information requests. Government House Leader Jay Hill told the Commons on Tuesday that political staff were being instructed to turn down requests to appear, and ministers would account for their actions.” :”Already, the Commons ethics committee is rightfully calling the move an assault on its parliamentary privilege and wants all of the desired witnesses formally summoned. Those who ignore such a summons could be found in contempt of Parliament.” “The committee had been scrutinizing the case of an aide to former Public Works Minister Christian Paradis, who had personally blocked the release of access documents to The Canadian Press. At the time, Paradis placed the blame for the interference squarely on the shoulders of staffer Sebastien Togneri, even stripping him of his oversight of access requests. “What my employee tells me here is that he really lacked judgment,” Paradis told The Canadian Press in February, adding that Togneri would submit to an investigation by the Information Commissioner. At no time did Paradis say he was accountable or responsible for Togneri’s actions. Paradis, now Natural Resources minister, has most recently refused to appear at the government operations committee to answer questions about alleged illegal lobbying by former Tory MP Rahim Jaffer. In that case, Togneri had been pressing bureaucrats to meet Jaffer and his business partner to discuss a renewable energy project. Paradis’ office did not immediately respond to a question about whether the minister would now appear at committees.” ANY Minister also CAN APPEAR appear at the government operations committee on behalf of one of his own staff FOR ministers are both accountable and responsible for the actions of their staff, unlike public servants who are responsible for their own areas of administration. CONSERVATIVES  MPs may claim yo be right from a constitutional standpoint . A Conservative “Government can make the case, but I don’t think Canadians are in the mood to hear that case, and I don’t think Parliament is in the mood to hear that case,”  for “Politically, it’s going to be hard to sell.”
…Every single post from a government official or someone hired by the government MUST be clearly identified.The government correcting misinformation is one thing,the government posting anonymously is another thing altogether…to quote Woody Allen…”I believe there is something out there watching over us…unfortunately it’s the government!”… …There is a saying that goes…”You can discover what your enemy fears most by observing the means he uses to frighten you”…
What are they trying to hide? Democracy, truth, accountablity, transparency have gone backwards under the Conservatives.
Tory filibuster seeks to block hearings on G20 policing  Globe and Mail -Anti-summit protesters clash with police in downtown Toronto, Ont June 25/2010. Windows were smashed throughout the downtown core. Conservative MPs on the committee repeatedly requested speaking time to object to holding an inquiry now, and the Tory chair refused opposition demands for a vote. Opposition MPs together can out-vote the Tories on the committee. Opposition parties accused the Tories of ducking scrutiny of their role in the matter, saying Canadians deserve a federal review of the conduct of security forces and alleged civil liberties violations. “When you have 1,000 people, the biggest mass arrest in Canadian history happen, someone’s got to be accountable” “There is not a person … who does anything but condemn the violence that we saw. That’s not the issue here. The issue is the directives that were given and how this thing got so out of control,”
Majority of G20 activists Canadian: border agency National Post

National. Opposition MPs fight for G20 hearings Ottawa Citizen

Toronto Sun – Winnipeg Free Press – Montreal Gazette – (blog) – Wikipedia: 2010 G-20 Toronto summit preparations
 Harper’s staff, civil and public servants do not reply to the citizens letters any better over the lieberals too
 Prime Minister Stephen Harper basically still is just another lieberal opportunist who often still lets his power hungry  ethics slide down and  also the Harper Conservatives hate women by not paying them equal salary to the men still too.
 When Stephen Harper’s Conservatives came to power in 2006, they took to calling themselves Canada’s better New Government, claiming  to signal  a break from the discredited Liberal way of running the country. Now accountability, openness and ethics would prevail in government. HA HA HA, and  that did not last long.
Now Harper Conservatives government has been stone walling  the  security documents from the eyes of Parliament, and citizens, stone walling the auditor general’s request to audit MP’s expenses and falsely refusing to allow ministers’ aides to testify before committees. We even have Tony Clement, the Industry Minister, flogging products to China on behalf of a private company over needs of the citizens who elected him? Looked at the phone, internet, gas price gouging prices lately?  Mr. Clement  he dos not have a clear political interest in being seen to help any constituent or the citizens? 
Under Harper  the RCMP is just as bad as under the Lieberals too
“The longer they remain in power, the more the Conservatives have let their moral standards slide. Favoured treatment for friends of the party. Seats in the Senate for big donors. An easy ride for cabinet members who are favoured by the Prime Minister” for they are not  any different from the Liberals they replaced! Read more:

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