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May 17, 2010


and it is becoming a too common occurrence now as well! Almost nine out of 10 Canadians want to know how MPs and senators spend $537 million of public money every year.   

Hypocritical Police and Conservatives want more policing over the Canadian citizens, the same persons who wrongfully firstly do not want to give us a detailed list, copy of all of their own expense accounts  and do note that too. Let the police rightfully start with the rightful better policing of themselves  and next deal  first with  our too often stealing, crooked, lying politicians, civil and public servants who also do steal  and now first also go after all the alcoholics who abuse their spouses, drive impaired … the cops included..  deal first with all all of  of   the persons who abuse any seniors.. and we now do need more cops rather in the hospitals arresting also all of  the bad Health Ministers, bad  doctors and bad nurses who fail to provide adequate medical aid to seniors, others etc

Auditor speaks to cops in N.S. expense probe The Canadian Press – HALIFAX, N.S. – Nova Scotia’s auditor general says he spoke to police while conducting a second, more-sweeping forensic investigation into the expenses claimed by members of the province’s legislature. Lapointe’s first audit was released in February and it examined a three-year period from July 2006 to June 2009. The audit revealed questionable purchases from constituency expense accounts, including big-screen TVs, an espresso machine, custom built furniture, computers, digital cameras and even a video game. Lapointe’s latest audit is a more specific examination of a group of legislature members, which he said he launched after receiving new information. “It was a number of different sources — people who got in touch with us and forwarded us information,” Lapointe said.
Last month the NDP government introduced legislation that would create, among other things, a new commission to oversee the spending of the house and an audit committee that would include two non-members of the legislature appointed by the province’s chief justice to oversee spending.
Do now note the refusal of the House of Commons to allow auditor general Sheila Fraser to conduct a similar audit of federal MPs.
 MPs’ expenses must be public Calgary Herald
Globe and Mail – Winnipeg Free Press – Toronto Sun – Toronto Star
And we all rightfully do wonder why our federal Members of  Parliament refuse to be audited now as well.. Well?

Tasha Kheiriddin: MPs’ refusal of audit request an absolute disgrace National Post (blog)   ‎May 16, 2010‎ Well guess what – if you are a taxpayer to the government of Canada, that is exactly what you are being asked to do by your local Member of Parliament. …

We all want to know how our money’s spent   Montreal Gazette – Gilles Duceppe – ‎May 11, 2010‎ The Halifax Chronicle-Herald reported last week that the board’s members have already decided, informally, to refuse Fraser’s request. …

Fear driving expense flap, expert says   National Post –  MPs who are refusing to release their expense accounts to the Auditor-General appear to be “scared s—less” of scandal, a political scholar says, even as two MPs call for parliamentarians to open their books on how they spend taxpayer dollars.


Civil and public servants managers know how to play the came. The financial audit can show that the money spent was within budget, of course some of the money was wasted, diverted, not cost effectively used, used to buy the unnecessary things as well.. Audit not the same thing as effective cost management!
OTTAWA – Industry Minister Tony Clement is under fire for taking part in a promotional video for a private company trying to rustle up business in China. Liberals and New Democrats are demanding Clement be fired for using his position to shill for a private enterprise. And they asked the parliamentary ethics watchdog Thursday to investigate whether the minister broke conflict-of-interest rules or ministerial conduct guidelines. MPs and legislative members are not elected by private companies nor are they here to promote or to help the private companies, they are here to help the citizens firstly still. This is a very typical unacceptable abuse of a local constituent office resources too
Here rather is what a federal MP should be doing more about.. Alarm sounds over feds’ murky water data The Canadian Press –  OTTAWA – The government has only murky information about Canada’s water supply and it’s putting Canadians’ health and the economy at risk, an unpublished federal report warns.


As politicians in Ottawa continue to fight with the auditor general over their expenses, a snapshot of already-public information shows a Vancouver Island MP is one of the biggest spenders in Canada. While most Vancouver Island federal politicians have spent roughly the average among members of Parliament, Conservative backbencher James Lunney of Nanaimo-Alberni racked up the fifth-largest bill of the 312 MPs in 2008-09, according to the most recently available Individual Member’s Expenditures report. Lunney charged $564,728 worth of office, travel and supply costs to taxpayers. His salary, like those of all MPs, was not included in his expenses. That makes him the third-biggest spender among B.C. politicians, and the third-largest in his party.  Federal politicians bill taxpayers in two categories:  An office budget, which includes salaries for staff, extra BlackBerrys and telephone lines, hospitality and gifts, travel within the riding, advertising and letters of greeting to constituents, and leasing costs for a constituency office.  A “goods and services provided by the House” category, which includes 64 return trips a year between Ottawa and a constituency, reimbursement for accommodation and meals during travel (within a limit), basic telephone lines and BlackBerrys, newsletter and household mailers, office supplies for both Hill and constituency offices and furniture.



Budget watchdog wants to pore over $1-billion summit security bill Globe and Mail .  Parliament’s budget watchdog is turning his careful financial eye to the massive $1-billion security bill estimated for the next month’s G8 and G20 summits.


The NDP wants Auditor General Sheila Fraser and Parliamentary Budget Officer Kevin Page to probe the “incomprehensible and inexcusable” costs, Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff accused the government of “reckless spending” and massive disorganization.  The money is being spent by the RCMP, the Public Safety Department, and National Defence. More than half will be spent by the RCMP. Solution? a cheap one too, Do merely  start the exposure exemplary firing all   bad civil and bad public servants as well.   Start firing the bad  managers 

Summit costs audit requested by Liberals

Toews questions whether G8/G20 summits justify massive security tab Vancouver Sun

Toronto Sun – National Post – Montreal Gazette – Toronto Star

and if that is not bad enough how about your personal privacy invasions?

The Conservative Government under Prime Minister Stephen Harper has been caught monitoring political comments on Internet chat rooms, and employing respondents to correct the commentators, and their “misinformation”.  Considered a “pilot” program by the Federal government, the monitors were also employed to respond to the postings in favour of the government’s position on the issue. Richard Rosenberg, who is president of the BC Freedom of Information and Privacy Association feels that the government is infringing on Canadian citizen’s rights of privacy and free speech as guaranteed under the Constitution.  “The government has a lot of power, that it feels the need to monitor public bulletin boards, or places where people express views and then to respond to that, seems to me going beyond a reasonable action the government should be taking.” he said.  To Rosenberg’s knowledge this is the first time a Canadian government has spied on it’s citizens without a warrant.

Most browsers leave fingerprint that can ID users Register The vast majority of people surfing the web leave behind digital fingerprints that can be used to uniquely identify them, research released Monday by the Electronic Frontier Foundation suggests.

Tracking Web users without using cookies CNET (blog)
How your Web browser rats you out online Ars Technica
Tom’s Guide – Econsultancy (blog) – Lifehacker –



Who is responsible and what are the problems? – On Sunday, May 16, residents of Walkerton, Ont., gathered together to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the infamous water crisis that killed seven people and sickened nearly half of the community.

Ten years after Walkerton, drinking water still at risk: report National Post
 Victims of Walkerton now crusaders Montreal Gazette
Owen Sound Sun Times – Globe and Mail – Toronto Star – 580 CFRA Radio

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