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May 8, 2010

The political news story that will not just go away

Bank sued Calgary MP during candidacy  CALGARY (CBC) – Calgary Conservative MP Devinder Shory knew he was linked to a mortgage fraud investigation while he was running during the last federal election.  The Bank of Montreal sued Shory, a lawyer, on July 28, 2008, nearly three months before the federal election, according to a lawsuit obtained by CBC News. In its statement of claim, the bank said it sued Shory because he ignored repeated requests to turn over all records related to five real estate transactions he had processed on behalf of the bank. According to an affidavit from a BMO investigator, the bank demanded that Shory deliver five “specific client files on an urgent basis.” The bank repeated the demand in a followup letter dated July 18, 2008, and asked for Shory’s trust ledger for the same client files. When the BMO didn’t receive the records, it eventually sued Shory for his legal work on the files in which the bank claims mortgages were falsely inflated. As CBC News first reported, Shory is among more than 300 Albertans, including 16 other lawyers, sued by the Bank of Montreal in what is believed to be the largest mortgage fraud in Canadian history. According to the July 2008 lawsuit, Shory knew as far back as June 2008 that the bank was investigating his conduct as a lawyer on cases he handled. Shory did not respond to interview requests placed by CBC News to his offices in Ottawa and Calgary. A Prime Minister’s Office spokesman said Friday he had not seen the 2008 legal documents and would have no further comment.
It is very naïve of the leader, prime minister  of this country to think that this issue will go away and that  the opposition will let it do so. They clearly smell blood and a chance to expose this government’s, member’s inadequacies.
 The bank’s statement of claim says Shory and the other Malik lawyers “owed BMO a duty of care to undertake their duties with the utmost skill, care and attention in every respect as an accepted standard of practice of a reasonably prudent solicitor.”Instead, the suits says the Malik lawyers were negligent in failing to notify BMO that third parties — unrelated to the transaction and outside the knowledge of the bank — were in fact pocketing the proceeds of the sale.”In breach of these obligations to BMO, each of the Malik lawyers failed to take the appropriate steps, which failure enabled the Malik Group and the Malik Lenders to . . . wrongfully obtain mortgage financing,” BMO said in its statement of claim. The allegations have not been proven in court.  In Ottawa, opposition MPs demanded Thursday that Shory sit as an independent until his name is cleared. “Why did the government not call in the RCMP? Why is the member still sitting in the Conservative caucus?” Read more:        
Tue May 11, 9:57 PM  EDMONTON (CBC) – A massive alleged mortgage fraud based in Calgary has touched the ranks of Alberta’s Liberal party, CBC News has learned.   Lawyer John Casuga, the former president of the Calgary Buffalo riding association, is among the hundreds of Albertans being sued by the Bank of Montreal. CBC News has also learned the Law Society of Alberta disbarred Casuga on Nov. 26, 2009, for his actions related to the alleged mortgage fraud. Law society documents obtained by CBC show Casuga faced a disciplinary hearing on 26 citations including: The most serious citation against Casuga, 37, is that he “assisted a client in committing a fraud,” states the law society document. Casuga admitted to all of the citations, except the one involving fraud. The law society forwarded the evidence from its internal investigation to the Alberta Justice department to determine if Casuga should be charged criminally. According to Alberta Justice records, no charges against Casuga have been filed. The Bank of Montreal has accused Casuga, Calgary Conservative MP Devinder Shory, and 17 other lawyers of negligence in relation to legal work that the bank says resulted in the loss of more than $30 million through falsely inflated mortgages. None of the allegations contained in the lawsuit has been proven in court. The alleged fraud scheme involved the recruitment of hundreds of people mostly new immigrants whose names and credit were used to apply for falsely inflated mortgages.
 Imagine that the paid  RCMP openly admits now that for decades too it is pretentious, inadequate, incompetent, insufficient police force , when it comes to dealing with basic white collared crimes such as : Mortgage fraud, or Stock fraud, stealing from seniors. All it  the RCMP is qualified to do it give out speeding, parking tickets and to kill persons with the laser after all . It all is  especially hard for the clearly bad, inexperienced RCMP cause it takes real work. So how are they the bad  RCMP also dealing with computer fraud, money laundering by crooks, terrorists banking now too? they  do not for they expect others to do such as the banks investigators now  again too? Bad  RCMP management cannot hire competent persons for the RCMP cause it uses the RCMP Budget  money to give itself useless bonuses, expense accounts, etc?

EDMONTON (CBC) – Mortgage fraud is one of the toughest to spot and investigate, an RCMP officer with experience in the field says. Sgt. Conal Archer of the RCMP’s commercial crime unit says  “I think they’re very challenging [cases],”  “We have a number of issues. First of all, we have real estate agents to interview, mortgage brokers to interview, bankers to interview. And then we have a mortgage file to review and it’s a huge documentary evidence file that we have to review and it can take years to investigate.”  or to learn how to do it…

Useless as well Calgary Police say they haven’t decided whether a criminal investigation is warranted into allegations of one of the biggest mortgage frauds in Canadian history. Police do not want to work too hard, for too often  they have very simple minds and prefer the simple cases. Or rather no work at all.

Notice this the federal and provincial conservative law and order parties cannot get a handle or refuse to get a handle on crooked cops and bad lawyers too.. bad professionals .. wow.

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