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May 6, 2010

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We all in Canada do pay millions and millions, billions of dollars in taxes to our federal, provincial, municipal pretentious governments where too many civil and public servants, politicians in Canada undeniably seem too ready to abuse them, to cheat, lie, steal , pass the buck and to not help us the citizens rather. I do often write. send thousands of letters on justifiable, valid causes to them and I have often not seen one decent reply, acknowledgment, never mind any good actions on them as well from these still mostly pretenders, liars who tell more and more lies. They do the same thing mostly to all other Canadians now as well and none of that is acceptable still too.
Tax payer’s money abuses, false expense account statements, stealing, tax evasions, obstruction of justice, cheating, lying, drunkenness, impaired driving, pornography, Adultery, VERBAL, PHYSICAL ABUSES, are all ESPECIALLY unacceptable for any civil and public servants. People in leadership office do have to face higher penalties as an example now too. It is clearly established, accepted fact by most people that those in leadership civil and public servants cops, teachers, ministers, politicians included are always to be exemplary in behavior, conduct and they do need to maintain their high standards even out of their working hours, thus to do so they are also to be exemplary judged, prosecuted for their own wrong doings with a higher standard over those of us ordinary folks.
Not by my choice I have been in Hospitals, emergency wards, convalescent homes with my father too many times this year and I can say without a doubt that many of the hospitals, most that I have been to in Montreal, Calgary are liars, pretenders, imposters, really do not provide full adequate medical services to all, especially to seniors. Unacceptable.
In case you did not notice it too often KNOW IT ALL Nurses have a hard time following orders still and toooften and patients do sufer as a result. A patient at the convalescent home Montreal Manoir Verdun is in severe pain, and is allowed to take pain medication as needed, the nurse is told of his need, but the cold, calloused, indifferent nurse she replies she is on her one hour lunch break and she openly refuses to give it to him, another nurse is summoned by a nursing assistant from another floor to come and give him his pain pill. This is not the first time she neglects the patient’s needs, rather it has been a too often occurrence with her.
In the Montreal Verdun hospital the patients ward does not have air conditioning but where the nurses work it is air conditioned by room window units. Visit the 3 floor for a great example. A sick elderly patient who is often cold, catches a cold easily too, was in one of these rooms for a blood transfusion and the nurse in charge was asked to temporary close the air conditioning for a few hours, but the selfish, self centered nurse next refused to do so because she would have to work under warm conditions. Whose welfare was more important? The Patient got sicker as a direct result too. How will the clearly pretentious, useless Ombudsman reply here?
I can say that for many decades in Canada too many bad, unrepentant persons, big bad crooks, liars, thieves, abusers have often taken the ostrich approach of my revelations of their wrong doings on the internet, figuring if they ignore it, so will everyone else and I will disappear, go away.. how naive. Here I am decades later still rightfully complaining they should be fired, put in jail even. And do tell me again what the difference is between a too often bad liberal or a bad, no good conservative is!
Over the last Half of century I have met and have personally dealt with many elected ministers, pastors, politicians, administrators and they tend to be generally in 2 separate camps, the good and the bad  
Now close to 65% of the country had voted for political parties other then Conservatives and that they now also should have some serious say in the workings of the federal government. Now why would I be falsely impressed, satisfied now with anyone doing merely a pretentious, inadequate job even if they can be cute, good looking or whatever too? Bad managers, bad management, resulting chaos, abuses are far too common in our governments, and Medicare as well. The sole fact that I do have to post these well known truths for all to read now is an absurdity, absurd in that the governments paid members do still hesitate to do anything about it already cause they do not care, for they are over paid clearly.

Canadian health care ranks second to last compared with seven industrialized nations, according to a recent report by a private U.S. foundation that monitors and researches international health-care systems. The Commonwealth Fund studied the health-care systems of Canada, the U.S., Australia, Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand and the U.K., and found that only the American system ranks lower than Canada’s.
It is still a criminal act now for any doctor, nurse, hospital administrators, medical supervisor not to provide medical care to any seniors. How many have been prosecuted for this in the last year?
Still mostly pretentious Governments health administrators are still themselves too often ignorant of what it means to work in a hospitals, even about the medical and personnel inadequacies and the staff, patient’s related stresses now too, and what it takes even to eliminate unnecessary waits for all types of medical care in the last many decades too. Provincial governments. Hospitals too are not only too often pretentious but too often still do lie when they claim to be fully equipped to handle readily all medical problems in Montreal too. All provincial governments must “meaningfully address” procedures falling outside the five priority areas of diagnostic imaging, sight restoration, joint replacement, cancer radiology and cardiac care for far too many Canadians still experience long waits for their needed medical care and they often are kept in the dark about the wait they can expect to face. Emergency centers now at Hospitals are geared to check for heart problems and cancer mostly, immediately through blood tests, medical tests but not much else it seems. Hospitals rely on even too often pretentious, incompetent nurses, medical students, interns mostly for the initial screenings it seems rather than on the senior, experienced doctors too. And more more than half of all patients wait longer over medically acceptable times for other non major medical problems as well, even before anyone even starts an acceptable treatment. Major strides are still very much needed to be made overall not just in the five priority health-care areas including a broader range of specialties.
My very senior father has an incurable, painful disease and he needs proper pain management in Hospitals, old age homes and rather often he still does not get it. Now today I was lied to again by a Nurse. She lied she had given him his pain medication even when I was with him during the supposed event. I am too often lied to by the Nurses who seem to have a need to be shown as always being right, that they have done the right thing. When you consider most of us lie every ten minutes, it should be no surprise that too many nurses now are also major liars. Unacceptable.
It is also really really unacceptable that Personal Cleanliness in Hospitals and Hospital food, medical services isn’t always that great still too.. VISIT A HOSPITAL AND INCREASE YOUR CHANCE OF DYING TOO. Study shows sharing a hospital room increases your risk of picking up infections. SHARING A BATHROOM WITH A SICK PERSON IS REALLY, REALLY DANGEROUS.. NOT JUST SHARING THE ROOM… Some nursing staff next says that 45 patients for a dozen Nurses is too much too handle, for an incompetent pretentious nurse, one patient is too much. And please do note this reality the biggest hospital complaint of really sick patients is the lack of competent nurses on duty 24 hours per day.. Now less than a hundred Canadians will die in one year due to car accidents, but thousands will die due to a hospital acquired infection? Hospitals provide babysitting services and not rather real medical care it seems too often.. wait till you get to the hospital and find out next firsthand what it is really like too.  

“Thursday, January 07, 2010 10:26 PM My elderly father age 88, who today is in the LGH says to me today even that he is under great pains in chest continually , especially when he tries to walk to the bathroom even.. but the same Hospital, Doctors, nursing staff do often refuse to give him adequate pain pills cause they are supposedly too costly and the Quebec Government does not pay for it too? And what this also is Medicare is really like now? pretentious care, a mere baby sitting service? Unacceptable still too. “
JAN 18,2010 I would gladly keep you regularly informed ABOUT HOW THEY ARE TREATING MY FATHER AND ALSO THE ELDERLY PATIENTS AT THE LAKESHORE GENERAL HOSPITAL IN MY OWN WITNESS NOW TOO. I waited for weeks for the ombudsman to call me back at the LGH, and she did not, so I next called her.. she next had promised to address these concerns.. seeing is believing. I await her results. I care about the good welfare of all Canadians now.. do you? Public exposure and prosecution of the guilty persons works best and serves everyone the best, that means going after the bad Hospital directors, bad doctors, bad supervisors, bad ombudsman, bad, lazy, no good hospital staff now too, bad politicians, bad civil and public servants.. Doctors, Nurses, medical support staff are human, they too sometimes try sometimes to get by with a minimal amount of personal effort, and so as result patients do not always get their proper medical care. A very good rule is never to go to a hospital alone, doctors are afraid of loud mouthed witnesses who can cause them to be sued for mal practice and cause their mal practice insurance rates to go up significantly.. so sick people with close family members who talk to the doctor tend to get better care.

To say that my elderly father has been rather getting poor medical treatment at the McGill, Montreal West Lakeshore General and Verdun Hospitals is a completely undeniable understatement! In both of these hospitals the nurses often had failed to give my father proper pain medication on time now but guess what? they did not hestitate to drug him even to sleep with moraphine when they had a heavy work load.. so he would not be a bother to them

I can say without a doubt that if you want to receive better over the common just poor medical services in Canada you do now have to fight for it, you have to complain loudly about the poor services you got. Unfortunately complaining about the bad governmental or police services does not help for it seems they are permanently corrupt, inadequate.
Bad behaviour by many Canadian politicians is turning off voters. Bad behaviour by too many bad Canadian police is also turning off many Canadians. Now add to that bad civil and public servants rather too often pretentious outputs. Include the bad doctors and Nurses who do not provide adequate medical services to all citizens, seniors included. Next realize the fact that serious patient’s pains are not even being properly managed in hospitals, elsewhere. Leads us all to conclude they really still do not care about the citizens concerns, needs. I know for an absolute fact that my own Liberal Members of the Legislature, and Member of Parliament are pretentious, inadequate for a decade now too. The federal and provincial cabinet ministers tend not to be any better, for they all seem to be mainly still looking after their own false interests at the tax payer’s expenses still.
Canada is definitely not one big Country, but consists of many little countries, or regions that seem to have their own provincial, territorial laws, priorities, their own hidden agendas. The West, the Maritimes, Quebec, Ontario included. The federal government itself rarely it seems takes the proper lead, leadership now too.
Yes some of the Canadian concerns Canada wide are very similar:

– Follow the money trail, one of the oldest rules of good journalism, it will tell you how effective the ministers now really are too. How do they abuse your tax money?
– For example Consumer protection including the cost of housing, the cost of living, food and clothing included, the cost of insurance, Phone Bills, and the costs of transportation, gas, heating.
– Next there is the continually serious concern about the actual availability of Medicare, and hospitals as well especially when you are seriously ill, plus the valid concerns of having the adequate convalescent homes for the elderly, sick.
– Then there is the cost of taxes, in reality and too often everyone pay taxes, and yes they are still too often wasted, and that includes too many hidden taxes now too. Public and Civil servants are rarely known for being well managed, or cost effective, rather they are known as being troublesome, wasteful, expensive, over indulged as well. Especially even the Police, RCMP it seems.
– Then there is the problem of too many crimes, that one tends to be concerned only when one encounters it, abuses, illicit drugs, thefts, stolen cars, white collar crimes, frauds, identity theft. Here one finds out how too often inadequate, pretentious are the justice ministers and justice systems are now too. Too many crimes exists cause there are still also unacceptably too many bad cops with thier too many bad managers now too.
– The physical, mental, verbal, medical abuse, or neglect of any person, minors or elders included, is still a a criminal act and more criminals would find themselves now next in Jail if more people did know the laws on the subject now as well. Elder abuse is physical or psychological mistreatment, medical neglect, or financial exploitation of the elderly intentional or unintentional. Abuse usually becomes more frequent and severe over time. Any Neglect that results in physical or psychological harm is considered an abuse

Now enough is enough.. we always still do need proper governments, proper ministers, proper civil and public servants doing their jobs in all areas. It seems now also very funny to me that valid recent statistic on the number of people dying in Canada annually with cancer, heart attack, alcoholism, drug abuse, hospital acquired infections, etc are not available readily indicating that the governments don’t really care about the citizens good welfare.

Speaking of the too often bad civil and public servants in Canada… On a September day in 2001, Paul Norman Delorme, then 37 and a known child molester with a predilection for little girls, followed a 7-year-old girl into the women’s washroom of a Tim Hortons in this city, where he did exactly what his sexual deviancy made him prone to do. What made the case particularly outrageous ? and later the focus of a $3.6-million lawsuit by the girl’s family ? was that Delorme was allowed to enter the restaurant unescorted, along with three other psychiatric patients, while Brockville Psychiatric staff waited outside in their vehicle.

Do I really believe that the right of free speech, to now complain in public exists readily, easily in Canada? Not on your life! I already firsthand do know for for decades that the bad cops do not like me to use my right of free speech, neither the bad Premiers, bad Prime Ministers, bad pastors, crooks, etc., and yes now still they will falsely oppose it. That is an undeniable historic fact too.

Canadian Citizens themselves do now elect the federal, provincial, municipal elected members and so next what do too many of our elected members falsely, willfully do, they use the tax payers money, the constituent resources mainly to promote themselves, their party, and big business not rather to mostly help all of the citizens now themselves and this is really always unacceptable. They try to help the big business directly hoping to get a large bribe, donation from them of course too.

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The police, the courts and the Governments these days are not very popular in Canada, at the federal, provincial, municipal levels, for they tend to be pretentious, wasteful, costly, too expensive it seems. Mismanagement, bad management of personnel resources is clearly still a key factor now too. If you do read my posts, and I do know that many news reporters and politicians do so now, you will see that I am very consistent, I tend to reflect the views of the typical Canadian citizens who are fed up with the too often bad pretentious governments at the federal, provincial and municipal levels, and their also related bad civil and public servants, all who too often seem still to wrongfully abuse our tax dollars en masse. So I am also very much openly upset with the too often bad pretentious cops, justice ministers and judges , the bad pretentious health ministers and consumer affairs ministers, politicians etc, and I do even express it rightfully clearly and loudly to all and even why!

So called Christians even TOO often now as well still do practice tax evasions, fraud, not just some of our elected members. Not wanting to pay any death estate taxes, they do often transfer, sell the properties, money to their sons and daughters before their retirements, death. Mere hypocritical practice of their religion now as well. Jesus himself had said we need to pay taxes.

But so called Christians are not the only one who play dirty now..Liberal MP Judy Sgro received taxpayer funds to rent an apartment that was owned by her children. Judy Sgro , a Toronto MP and a former cabinet minister, had transferred ownership of the condominium she owned to her three adult children in 2006. The York West MP Judy Sgro has acknowledged paying $22000 to rent a downtown Ottawa condominium from her children. The paid rent was increased tp give her children more money too. The Liberal MP has surely proved members of Parliament should allow auditor general Sheila Fraser to review all of their expenditures. By paying rent instead of taking about $10,000 a year in “secondary residence expenses,” she was able to get about $12,000 more a year from taxpayers. Common rules forbid MPs from entering into contracts with members of their immediate families or parents.

Too many building property managers still do hire persons for cash, are being paid under the table, to do their building maintenance works too.

Col. Williams being sued by alleged victim The Canadian Press – BELLEVILLE, Ont. An eastern Ontario woman is suing Col. Russell Williams for an alleged sexual attack. The 21-year-old plaintiff, identified only as Jane Doe, claims she has been suicidal and dealing with drug and alcohol dependencies since being attacked in her home on Sept. 17, 2009 She says in the suit she was terrified Williams would kill her or her infant daughter when Williams allegedly broke into her Tweed, Ont.-area home and tied her up, blindfolded her, forced into sexual acts and photographed her over two hours. The $2.45-million lawsuit also alleges Williams’ wife was involved in the fraudulent transfer of Ottawa real estate in a effort to defeat Jane Doe’s claim against Williams. The suit alleges the real estate transaction took place on March 26 — some six weeks after Williams was criminally charged in two sex assaults and the killings of two other women.

OTTAWA – MPs are refusing to let the auditor general have a look at their expenses. The Board of Internal Economy — Parliament’s secretive management body — issued a rare news release today stating that $533 million in annual spending will remain hidden from public view. MPs from all parties sit on the board. Auditor General Sheila Fraser asked almost a year ago if her office could be allowed to take a peek at all expenses claimed by MPs and senators. Recent examinations of politicians’ spending habits in Newfoundland, Nova Scotia and Britain have exposed some sensational examples of waste and greed. Access-to-information laws don’t apply to MP budgets and their expenses are only subject to a financial audit that doesn’t show what money is being spent on.

Face it AS WELL 60 percent of the persons who go to the hospital get another free disease in Canada and yes thousands, many next do die from it.. Now it is not the patient’s deaths who disturb the doctors and nurse now.. they have grown cold and callous to it.. but they hate the people who shit in their bed.. it is a big dirty job to clean it up.. it is real work they do not like. It seems that is what most civil and public servants, politicians do not like, doing real work.. they always do try to avoid it if they can.


Face it if your own mother was depressed and / OR she now did not want to eat, the Hospital and/or Convalescent staff would let her die, for they are under orders by the Quebec government not to feed her or help her.
Since I clearly, openly do not write to win political or any popularity support I know you will also find some shocking truths in my expose of Canadian Life in reality even how the immoral, cheap Quebec government wrongfully allows elderly patients to die by not force feeding them or providing them any depression counseling OR ADEQUATE MEDICAL HELP
Here is what I find amazing, I live in one of the largest cities in Canada and in the local hospitals I still rarely can find, and talk to a really competent dietician or pharmacist. TOO MANY GENERAL PRACTITIONERS DOCTORS ARE NOT COMPETENT DRUG DOCTORS, OR DOCTORS OF INTERNAL MEDICINE. Convalescent homes tend daily now to dispose loads of pills to their seniors and yet they tend to not have an adequate pharmacist or doctor on their staff to check the pills side effect, as I have recently even found out firsthand too.
Imagine that the paid RCMP openly admits now that for decades too it is pretentious, inadequate, incompetent, insufficient police force , when it comes to dealing with basic white collared crimes such as : Mortgage fraud, or Stock fraud, stealing from seniors. All it the RCMP is qualified to do it give out speeding, parking tickets and to kill persons with the laser after all . It all is especially hard for the clearly bad, inexperienced RCMP cause it takes real work. So how are they the bad RCMP also dealing with computer fraud, money laundering by crooks, terrorists banking now too? they do not for they expect others to do such as the banks investigators now again too? Bad RCMP management cannot hire competent persons for the RCMP cause it uses the RCMP Budget money to give itself useless bonuses, expense accounts, etc?

EDMONTON (CBC) – Mortgage fraud is one of the toughest to spot and investigate, an RCMP officer with experience in the field says. Sgt. Conal Archer of the RCMP’s commercial crime unit says “I think they’re very challenging [cases],” “We have a number of issues. First of all, we have real estate agents to interview, mortgage brokers to interview, bankers to interview. And then we have a mortgage file to review and it’s a huge documentary evidence file that we have to review and it can take years to investigate.” or to learn how to do it… so why is it the same RCMP in Montreal can do it but not the RCMP in the West again? Let me hear again the false excuses, lies..

Montreal man charged in $5M mortgage fraud CBC – Thu May 13, 9:18 PM RCMP have arrested a Montreal businessman they say may have been responsible for mortgage fraud totalling more than $5 million. Robert Manuel Moniz, 37, was arrested Thursday morning and faces 53 charges, including fraud, forgery and uttering forged documents. Moniz is alleged to have persuaded his victims to lend him their names to help him buy properties in the Montreal and Laval areas in return for a few thousand dollars and a promise he could boost their credit ratings. So far, police said, they have identified 19 fraudulent transactions. They said they are looking into almost 100 others that occurred between March 1, 2007 and July 12, 2008/

Useless also as well Calgary Police say they haven’t decided whether a criminal investigation is warranted into allegations of one of the biggest mortgage frauds in Canadian history. Police do not want to work too hard, for too often they have very simple minds and prefer the simple cases. Or rather no work at all.
The Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals said perhaps stricter laws and better data would allow the industry to determine just how big the problem is.” Mortgage fraud is not a common type of crime but when it does happen, it can be for significant amounts,” said Jim Murphy, president and CEO of the CAAMP, “Unfortunately what does happen, particularly in the fraud-for-profit, is that it can be very, very sophisticated.” Murphy said there are two types of fraud: fraud-for-shelter, where an individual misrepresents income to qualify for a mortgage. But fraud-for-profit, which has been in the spotlight recently, is often far more complex. The association wrote to Justice Minister Rob Nicholson asking for the Criminal Code to be amended to include stiffer laws, but the federal government hasn’t shown much interest in updating the code
RCMP computer report ‘designed to hide,’ Liberal MP says
– Ah yes .. restoring our faith and trust in the RCMP. And we need to give Vic Toews, Peter Van Loan and Stockwell Day all a big “high-five” for their prudent oversight of this department.
– Sigh .. the incompetence we see exposed every day now just seems to defy credibility. And the spectacle of the G-8/20 is still to unfold. Sorry to repeat, but .. sigh.
– Perfectly in line with the Harper “hide it at all costs” approach !
– It’s a shame, really, to see a police force that was once so respected to become the obnoxious, wasteful, and arrogant beast it is today. I respected the RCMP as a youth, but that is no longer the case.
– RCMP you can apologize every time but we know u don’t mean it.
-This is an example of a police force gone wild. It is answerable to no one. It is about time we bring these police forces under control. They seem to want more powers by the day. No way. If they got their way there would be a curfew from dawn to dusk and we would be asked at every turn “your papers please”Read more:
and the RCMP was no better under the Liberals for decades now too…

BC RCMP officer charged with assault – ?May 28, 2010? A BC Mountie appears in court next month to face a charge stemming from an alleged 2008 assault. (CBC) A Fraser Valley RCMP officer has been charged with assault causing bodily harm in connection with an alleged on-duty incident more than two years ago

– God, it never ends.
– Our communities are under siege by these uniformed thugs!
– Sadly, we are no longer surprised.
– the wheels of justice grind slower all the time… when they grind at all.
– Next comes a “suspension with pay”. You remember the old name for that, don’t you?
-We used to call it a paid vacation.
Read more:

In case you did not notice it I do not accept any physical, verbal, mental, human rights abuses by anyone of anyone and I rightfully do instead demand their full, open exposure and public prosecution now as well and no matter who they are, Prime Minister, Premier, MP, MNA, MLA, MPP, Doctors, lawyers, cops, pastors, etc.. Public exposure and prosecution of the major bad unrepentant persons serves every one’s best interest for if the evil persons are not punished, they now do not feel personal negative repercussions for their own bad acts towards others they for certainty will not stop their wrong doings still. In reality many persons too often need to be shepherded like the goats, sheep, ostriches , bulls, and them now being overly assertive, aggressive is just as bad as being overly submissive, slave. or imbalanced, extreme, As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten: be zealous therefore, and repent..(Revelation 3:19 KJV)

Now as you all do know there are always good and bad churches too. Now why is it too often that I have observed that when the local politicians are obviously crooked en masse so are the local churches.. is it due to the fact a crooked church has no influence on the others?

Let me here also say that my posts do often make a great difference, not only does it give many news reporters topics to further dwell on, and they tend to be proof that I at least had given the wicked persons beforehand a chance to repent.


Too many police officers are now too often guilty of their most serious neglect of public trust and their duty. The related truth is that neither an independent police investigation, a new police commissioner, a promised provincial or federal investigation, or just more politicians promises too often still will not bring the much needed justice. Also all of the governments can prohibit the initial and further employment of any known racists for any jobs, and can punish them for their racists acts, views. Speeding is not the main cause of car accidents, impaired driving is, but too many cops are alcoholics it seems who wrongfully do sympathize with drunks and as a result do not arrest drunks all year. Police managers continue to promise the reforming of bad cops and the bad cops keep killing, abusing innocent persons. The possible retaining of bad police officers is always anyway a false myth. What thus is always needed is the real dismissal, criminal prosecution, of the guilty cops. So where is it?

Bell IT SEEMS is still undeniable guilty of bait and switch, false misleading trade, advertising practices.

One of the too many false reasons too many patients die in Hospitals is that almost none of the medical staff feel any personal, real, negative repercussions themselves. That also includes the too many bad cops we seem to have now too, and bad civil and public servants too, bad politicians..
One of the best way that I have discovered to get to know what a person is really like, is work with him just for one whole day,.. and what you now saw next.. lying, bullying, control freak..


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